Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer fun!

Today was such a lovely day. I've been swimming a lot this weekend and I love it so much! I bring my silly swim cap, don my one piece, and swim a million laps with my Mom up at the country club. Nothing's better, and it's such a great workout to do while pregnant! Earlier today though, I attended my friends' daughter's first birthday party! Little Miss Camryn turned one, and her ultra creative super-Mom Emily planned and hosted an amazing ladybug themed celebration. The Barnas are a really wonderful family that I met through my best friend Shirley. Shirley's long-time boyfriend is the Emily's hubby's brother, so we've all become one big group of friends as time has gone on, it's wonderful! I featured Emily and her husband Zack during my couples feature last Valentine's Day, and you can read that post by clicking here.

The party today was so wonderful. Throughout the day I stopped numerous times and thought about how amazing it is that THIS is life now. Many of us have gone to college (and even grade and high school together), and over the past few years we've been in each other's weddings, and now we're all having babies and enjoying days like today. I know this sounds incredibly cheesy but I almost teared up so many times when I thought about how beautiful it is to be able to celebrate such a wonderful little person's first birthday! My heart was so full of love and maybe it was pregnancy emotions, but I was such a ball of happiness today.

Here are some photos from the ladybug party! Happy birthday, Camryn. :)

the adorable invitation
cutest invite!

the birthday girl and her mama
baby and mama

cupcake tower

love these


cute centerpieces

Cam loves her new super soft bear!

One of my oldest and dearest friends Erin, you've seen her on this blog a lot if you're a regular reader. She is due exactly two months before me! Yay babies! :)
one of my oldest and dearest friends Erin and me

delicious food!
delicious lunch

"I'm ONE!"
"I'm ONE!"

opening fun gifts...

little tutu

our friend Kati is one of the most creative people I've ever met, and she created these adorable shoes for the birthday girl!
Kati's amazing creation for the birthday girl

ladybug hats for the kiddos and homemade cupcakes!

Camryn's wonderful Dad Zack lighting the awesome candle!
Camryn's Dad lighting her birthday candle


Barna family photo! Aren't they just precious?!
Barnas take two!

loving the cake!
so cute

loving the cake

one day this will be just her size! :)
one day this will be juuust her size!

annnd...the girls!
the girls: Tatum, me, Kati, Em, Shirl, and Erin <3


  1. What an adorable birthday for a little girl!!!


  2. That is adorable...glad to hear you had so much fun!


  3. wow what gorgeous decorations for a little one year oold! love it.

  4. Aww I love themed birthday parties! This is seriously so cute and her mama did a wonderful job planning it! All of the ladybug details are adorable.

  5. Beautiful celebration for a sweet little bean!

  6. such an adorable party! those cupcakes look yummy

  7. that is a cute party. the candle looks awesome!!

  8. That is the cutest little girl's birthday party! I love it!

  9. Oh my, that's the cutest little party I've ever seen! How creative?!

  10. I love the ladybug theme... super cute!

  11. Oh my gosh that is the cutest themed party ever. Now I can't wait to do that when the time comes!

  12. wow what a lucky little girl!!

  13. Awwww what a sweet little ladybug party, everything looked just adorable!

  14. that looks like the cutest, most fun shower EVER
    i love all those photo's.

    sorry i haven't commented in a while danielle, i have been reading though lady! always :) love your blog!


  15. What an adorable party! Congrats to your friend and baby girl Camryn :)

  16. Cuuuute! What a gorgeous party you had! It looks like great fun!


  17. Oh wow, such a pretty birthday theme!!! <3

  18. This looks like the cutest party ever!

  19. Thank you all so much for the sweet comments on Camryn's party, and of course, Danielle, for the sweet words. We had a blast with all of the planning, and enjoyed celebrating this incredible year with so many of our loved ones. xo