Sunday, June 27, 2010

summer in Prescott


Prescott is one of my favorite towns in the entire world, and everyday of my life I feel so lucky that this is where I call home, and where we will raise our family. Hank's family has been here for three generations (baby Henry will be the fourth), and I think it's amazing to be steeped in such tradition.

It's funny that during junior year of college at NAU, Shirley and I found ourselves lost in Prescott. She had followed me up here in her car so I could drop mine off at the local VW shop in town, since there wasn't a shop in Flagstaff that my warranty included. We spent hours and hours driving around the back roads- how were we to know that Whipple St. turns into Iron Springs Rd., and Willow Creek turns in Grove?! It was horrible. But who would have known that just a few years later I'd be calling that quirky little town home.

I love Prescott because it is such a small town, having about 40,000 inhabitants (compared to Phoenix's 1.6 million). I enjoy the vibe our town exudes, I adore the downtown area, and especially how in the summer there are events every weekend. I always daydreamed about taking our kids down there on a blanket during the evening concerts on the square, walking the perimeter of the courthouse with our stroller, and enjoying quiet picnics on a weekend morning. Now that we are about to become parents, it's sunk in quite a bit more that this is the place where my children will make their memories, this is where THEY will call home for their entire lives.

Prescott is far enough away from Phoenix (120 miles) but close enough to still be able to go down and shop when the mood strikes. It's close to my family, but still feels far enough that we're making our own little life for our little family. I do hope that one day my parents and sister move up here, but it has been nice to have a place away from home that I've made our home. Whenever our friends and family come visit, they always remark how much they love it up north. The weather is cooler, we get all four seasons, and the summers are completely manageable, staying in the 80s at most.

This weekend was a typical Prescott weekend. Each year we hold a Bluegrass Festival where hundreds of musicians flock to our town to play on the big stage, and also enjoy a weekend with fellow enthusiasts and fans. Although there is a large stage set up on Gurley Street, it's common to see twenty or so small groups of musicians on the opposite side of the courthouse playing music. It's a fabulous weekend, full of good music and fun people, and this time I was able to enjoy it on Saturday, and also stroll around a bit today with Amber following our yummy brunch at The Dinner Bell.

Bluegrass Festival

Amber and me

summertime Amber Joy


my darling friend Crystal (you've probably seen her on this blog quite a bit, she visits us often!)

Crystal and Hank

one of the many smaller groups of musicians
small group of musicians

So all in all it was a great weekend, spent with my family and our friends. It was awesome to have my parents and sister come up on Friday, and we spent the afternoon eating lunch at Bill's Pizza with Hank's Mom, step dad and sister, and then of course had to do some baby shopping before they headed back down the mountain. It's been two days but I'm still riding high from the amazing ultrasound, and it seems like everywhere I look now I see adorable little boys. I can't help but think about our Henry. What will he be like? Who will he look like? My heart is so full of love for this little guy that I can't wait until he arrives and we can shower him with affection!

The weekend is almost over, even though for a teacher the summer is one huge weekend, and I have quite the to-do list for the evening, after we get home from dinner. Now the countdown begins for the 4th of July, one of my favorite times up here in Prescott! My family and Autumn's family will be coming up to spend the weekend with us and I cant' wait. I hope whatever you did over the past few days you've had a great time, and Happy Monday tomorrow, to all of you!


  1. Prescott looks like a really sweet town. After reading recent articles though I'm almost weary on ever crossing paths with it. I know not every one there is racist but if the town goes as far as covering up an elementary school mural (actually I'm not sure if they did go through with it) because different ethnicities are represented, that doesn't come off as very welcoming to me. Please don't take this as me bashing your town but do you feel like there is a racism issue there? Truly, I don't mean to offend in any way, just curious.

  2. Ah, disregard my entire comment before. I looked into it more (should have done it sooner) and it showed your community stepped up in protest against changing the mural. Shows just how great your home really is :)

  3. I actually DO feel that there is a racism problem in this town, just as I feel there is one in other towns in AZ, but I do feel that those people make up a small sector of the overall picture. Unfortunately, those people seem to have positions of power (either local gov't or schools), so their voices can be a bit louder. I was SO appalled at the whole mural thing, and a few other instances where I've felt our school district has severely failed. I'm proud that they stepped up and fixed it, but the mistake that was made in the first place still happened. At times I'm embarrassed to be from Arizona, from various reasons all involving racial issues, but I was happy that our town spoke up and didn't let such blatant racism have a place here.

    I appreciate both of your comments- I'm sure your first echoes the sentiments of MANY people, so I'm super happy you researched it a bit.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog! :)

  4. i love autumn's outfit here. sounds like a fun time in your town.

  5. Aww! What a great post! I love hometown traditions and memories. Where I grew up in Nixa, MO they have this city-wide holiday called "Sucker Day" - all of the kids get out of school and there is a parade. It's all because of the sucker fish, and a lucky girl can be the sucker queen and get a $500 scholarship towards their college of choice.

    All-in-all kind of dumb (since Nixa, MO is only 9,000 or less) but it's funny and a tradition every year!

  6. Prescott sounds pretty amazing. I think I heard it mentioned on TV recently and got all excited! Bluegrass fest's are the best too!

  7. i've said this before, but you should totally get a job at the prescott tourism bureau, haha. i love hearing about your town. it makes me want to move there, or at least visit. lovely photos too! <3

  8. This post reminds me very much of the city that I am from - Victoria, BC (Canada). It is booming with festivites in the summer, as well markets, street perfomers, and lovely weather. Doesn't it just feel fantastic to be from somewhere so vibrant!

    -Alysha Elizabeth

  9. Every time I read something you write about little Henry (and before you knew he was Henry) I tear up! It's really amazing, and I hope that I can exude that kind of love when I have kids!


  10. such pretty pictures this town looks so lovely :) x

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  12. That's funny you mention the VW shop...The first time I was in Prescott was with a friend to get her VW window fixed. We drove from Flag in the snow with the window down!

    Looks so nice this time of year :)

  13. I LOVE Prescott... like, alot! I really wish I could live up there (but pretty sure y'all don't need air conditioning and heating as much as phx does) but I try and visit as often as I can. :-)

    PS. I tagged you over at my blog!! :-)

  14. I visited Prescott for the first time last year with my family and we loved it. We recently moved to Flagstaff from Havasu and I love it here. I love the history in both towns and the culture. I love that year round my children don't have to worry about seeing things they shouldn't see. If we ever move again it would be to Prescott.

  15. It sounds like an amazing place, I love the idea of being close to home, but far enough away that you can make your own life. I wish I had that, but I think that if I moved to anywhere smaller than where I already live I'd go crazy! lol

    Your little video is adorable- I think you should definitely video blog sometime :)

  16. I love your blog i read it often, im a big fan of your tattoo tuesdays as i plan on getting several in the next year or so when i move to portland oregon. i appreciate the advice they give such as don't try to save money and get to know the artist. im new to the tattoo world (minus a butterfly on my 18th birthday) so thanx. congrats on lil henry!!! sooo exciting. i have a special question invlolving tattoos that i would like to see if you our your tatoo friend/community has advice on if theres a way i can ask in a private way like e-mail that would be great my email is

  17. Love your outfit! Looks like a great town! :)

  18. Your town looks so cute! We are going to be living in different countries every few years, but when we finally settle down, i'd love it to be a cute little town near to a big city. Best of both worlds!

  19. i recently drove through northern AZ and i absolutely loved it! Arizona has become one of my favorite states now. The people were so friendly and the state is just beautiful. Your town looks like a wonderful place to live.

  20. Prescott looks amazing! I wish I could afford to live there, but sadly we can't! Although not going to lie (in regards to the first few comments) I've noticed AZ to be the most rascist state I've been too. I was raised in CA and I've traveled all over the east coast. But this is just from my personal experiences. Its actually kind of weird considering that AZ is a pretty big melting pot. But like you said it tends to be the ones with more power who get out in the news more.

    Regardless of that, I still think its a beautiful town. Racism is all over and we pretty much just have to live with it.

    i <3 our little town and this post reminds me how great our little space is, even from a third of the way across the world.
    hope you're doing well, danielle!!

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