Thursday, July 29, 2010

Austin, Texas!

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So, today is a big day for a little lady by the name of Amber Joy! Obviously if you read my blog you know her, and maybe you even read her blog (, but today is MOVING DAY for her! The reason I'm posting this, is to ask if any of you have any recommendations of things she absolutely must do, must try, should experience in her new home of Austin, Texas! Feel free to comment in the space below, I know she'll love reading any Austin-related tidbits you may want to share. Thanks in advance, and love all of you!


  1. Austin's great! I grew up in Ft. Worth and have tons of friends who live there now.

    I instantly thought of this episode:

  2. oh my lord there are tons of things!!!! all the taco trailers and mexican restaurants!
    tell her to drive on south congress. she won't be dissapointed!

    TIF'S TREATS- cookies amazing cookies and they deliver!!! tell her to talk to Jace. i love the snickerdoodles.


  3. kerbey lane cafe- cowboy queso, and pretty much anything and everything music related. Oh- and Bartons creek.

    Austin is my favorite place on earth. Once my husband and I finish school we're moving there from Houston- which is my second favorite place on earth.

  4. I live in Austin, and I love it here! A few things she must do--
    -cupcakes (my favorite is sugar mamas on south first)
    -eatery trailers over on south congress
    -mount bonnell, the view is amazing
    -barton springs, great during the summer and lots to do and see!

    hope this helps!

  5. Austin's amazing!
    Walk on South Congress! (She should be really close if she lives in South Austin.)Thrift stores, lots of outdoor independent vendors on the weekends, etc.
    Food: Kerbey Lane, Hey Cupcake!, Magnolia Cafe, Cheer-Up Charlie's, Bouldin Creek Coffee House, The Parlor!
    Outdoor: Barton Springs and Lake Austin are my favorite!

    Have fun!

  6. Tell to try Rudy's I think they have the best Bar-B-Que!!!

  7. P Terry's Burger Stand is my favorite! They have an AMAZING veggie burger. Also within the burger them, have her try Phil's Ice House and Amy's Ice Cream, they're in the same building and both are delish!


    Live-long Austinite

  8. I've lived here for years and love it!

    1. Magnolia Cafe > Kerbey Lane
    2. Second Sunday Sock Hop at Shangri La
    3. Blues night at TC's Lounge on Mondays
    4. Barton Springs
    5. Bananarchy
    6. Alamo Drafthouse on Lamar
    7. Taco Deli
    8. Homeslice
    9. Blues on the Green at Zilker Park
    10. Wheatsville Grocery Co-Op
    11. 5th street Farmers Market
    12. P. Terry's

  9. So many places! I reside here now.. Food wise: Rounders pizza, Titaya's thai food, Thai Kitchen on Guadaloupe, Veggie Heaven, Trudy's for mexican, Habenaros (sp) on Oltorf, Mother's (organic vegan /vegetarian), Garrido's on 3rd and Nueces (Modern Mexican), also there are plenty of yummy little restaurants and dive bars along the east side. Fav bars to check out : Lovejoys (they make their own beers and have a great selection on tap), Jacalope (great beers on tap and awesome fries and pizza), Bender, Shangri La.. Always good shows downtown- music festivals to check out , ACL, Fun Fun Fun, SXSW ..
    places to swim- greenbelt which covers most of austin, hamiltons pool (gorgeous!), Barton springs (same temp year round, refreshing) and there are plenty of great bike trails around town as well. Alamo Drafthouse on Lamar is the ONLY place to go to see a film and have great food..$5 milkshake is a must try, as well as the pizza and wines! Plenty of thrift stores around every corner as well.. I've gone on enough but I could go forever! hope it helped!

  10. ohhh there is tons! kerbey lane cafe for sure, shopping and cupcakes.
    austin is a place of amazingness!

  11. Mexican Martinis at Trudy's!!!! :D

  12. every time I visit I have to go to Gourdough's...amazing GIANT gourmet doughnuts served out of an airstream, what more could you ask for?

    Also, Barton Springs pool is fabulous for cooling off and peoplewatching :)

  13. Austin is pretty amazing. A beautiful mix of urban life and nature. Vintage shops galore, live music every night, wonderful mix of people and of course yummy food & treats. Be sure to check out the Alamo Drafthouse on South Lamar( that's really the best one). Quack's 43rd Street Bakery in Hyde Park stays open late, nice place to hang with free wi-fi. Barton Springs is lovely but beware! The water is freezing cold all year round. The best frozen yogurt is Menchies on North Lamar next to Central Market. And be sure to venture over to the east side of town. It's not the nicest, but there are some great local shops and eateries over there. Enjoy!

  14. WOW! Thank you everyone so much for all the helpful hints!!
    xoxox A.Jow

  15. New follower! cant wait to read and lurk more!!
    love the tattoo, have only seen one other tattooed mommy blogger besides mysefl!

  16. I adore Austin. I live close, and it's so fun to visit and explore.
    Of course, there are amazing shows every weekend. Toy Joy is a super awesome store there, buffalo exchange is close to that. Hey cupcake! Amazing.
    Also, my friend has gotten amazing work done at True Blue tattoos, and the parlor is super cute/clean.
    South congress is full of awesome things!
    Barton Springs, and Lake Austin are awesome. Went canoing last visit for like 4 dollars and it was so beautiful and fun!

  17. Kerbey Lane Cafe! 24 hour diner, AMAZING food.

    Star Seeds Cafe is also a great 24 hour diner :)

    AND Toy Joy... :)

    All my favorite MUST go places when I visit!

  18. There's a ton of great vintage shopping in Austin! This guide has ALL of the best places and their information. Suh-weet!! I would marry Austin if it were a man.

  19. I just moved here, so I'm still learning myself!

    Since Mad Men is just starting up, I'm looking forward to Sunday dinner & screenings at the Alamo Drafthouse.

    I haven't done it yet, but everyone I meet here keeps telling me I MUST go tubing and swimming at Barton Springs.

    I love to go in this shop called Uncommon Objects on South Congress-- awesomely curated antique store.

    And I have been eating my heart out-- Uchi and Uchiko (which just opened), tacos up the wazoo (Taco Deli and Torchy's ranking pretty far up there), plenty of Amy's ice cream, a great crepe truck, and I've been chasing after Bananrchy but they never seem to be open!

  20. I live in Austin too. I'd say if I had to pick one place she must go it would be Taco Deli. Best. Food. Ever. We have also really been digging the Grove on Bee Caves Road. Shopping on South Congress can be fun, though lately we are at all of the baby boutiques around town :) Mozart's is great to enjoy a coffee or iced tea at - right on the lake, great atmosphere!

  21. Uncommon Objects on South Congress is a definite must. It's probably one of those most amazing stores I've ever been in.
    AND if you want cheap vintage clothes, go to Cheap Cheap. Everything is under $20!

  22. waterloo records!

    also, once she gets settled, tell her to hit up san antonio. its a fun city, only about an hour away. so much history there. its fun to walk around all the missions and along the river. and they have THE best mexican food.