Sunday, July 4, 2010

Parade fun! (image-heavy)

This morning we had our annual 4th of July parade downtown, even though it was the 3rd. Our town's population increases by 30,000 during this time of the year due to the rodeo and all of the festivities, and my family comes up every year to enjoy the parade. It's always such a fun time. I wrote about this last night, but Autumn's family was supposed to join us as well but Jason ended up having to work so plans had to change. Even though we were missing them, it was still a great day! My parents, sister, and her fiance Abe came up and we enjoyed a morning and afternoon filled with delicious barbecue food and treats.

Afterward I napped for most of the afternoon and then Hank and I headed over to Target and got a bunch of adorable things for Henry. I really love how excited Hank gets picking out stuff for him, and I really cannot wait until Baby H arrives and I get to see what a wonderful Dad he'll be. We had so much fun getting him cute stuff, and afterward we headed out to the theater to see Grown Ups with our friend Matt. I went into it with pretty low expectations. It looked like a typical comedy; light hearted and fun, and that's exactly what is was. I actually enjoyed it, minus some bad, bad acting from everyone outside of the main guys but overall it was a sweet little film and exactly what I expected.

I'm off to bed now, but here are some photos from today-

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

Hank and me (I look so pregnant here!)
looking pretty preggo!

my cute mama
cute mama

Mom and me :)
Mom and me


Hank's Dad, Hank and my Mom
Hank's Dad, Hank and my Mom

love her

red white and blue

at the parade

my pretty sister

patriotic cupcake!

Henry's parents ;)

"the kids"
"the kids"

is there anything more American?

sister, sister

my attempt at a belly photo
belly photo!

red eye that didn't want to be removed!

Hank and his Dad
Hank and his Dad


Dad and Hank

our patriotic set up
very festive

Hank and Mom

handsome hubby
handsome husband

perfect day

Paco, Danny and Hank downtown
Paco, Danny, Hank downtown

Whiskey Row
Whiskey Row

walking around the fair

pretty sky


  1. you are so cute. :) you're glowing, and you look so happy! what a wonderful day.

  2. What a fun little event! I love that both of your families came down to spend it with you. :] Happy Fourth!

    Love and Turtledoves,

  3. It looks like an amazing time, you guys look so happy & excited :)

    I think I need to go to a fourth of july parade some time, it looks like it's definitely worth a trip over the border!

  4. aw how fun!
    and you do look pregnant in that photo. :) congrats on the pregnancy and everything!

  5. looks like a wonderful time! just think, next year you will have an adorable henry in tow.

  6. you look so cute! i love your dress! glad you all had a great day.

  7. Totally random, but you have to see these little boy outfits on Etsy. Sooo friggin' cute![]=tags&includes[]=title

  8. Oh sanielle! This looks just wonderful. Obviously here in New Zealand we dont celebrate the 4th. I love how crazy patriotic everyone gets. its so wonderful. I want to spend a july in the USA just to experience. this!!

  9. girl, you STILL dont look pregnant! its crazy! :]

  10. Wahoo! looks fun. You're so cute!

  11. so spirited and fun!