Thursday, July 22, 2010

San Diego Comic Con 2010

This weekend Hank and I are enjoying some time in San Diego at Comic Convention! Neither Hank or I are into comics, and in fact I'm not really into anything that's at the convention per say, but it's still fun to go walk around, check out the booths, and people watch! Plus, Hank is so, so happy to be here so it makes me ecstatic to see him so happy. He's a big vinyl toy collector (see and click on toys if you're curious) so this is a fun week for him, and I think it's the 4th year we've been here. Regardless of the convention, it's nice to catch up with friends we don't usually get to see, like Scott and Alex, and it's always a really, really good time.

Photos can tell a better story than I can at this point (I'm EXHAUSTED), so I'll let them do the talking. If you're curious about what exactly Comic Con is all about from Hank's point of view, you can always check out his extensively and continuously updated Flickr account by clicking here. I'll be back tomorrow with my weekly pregnancy update...this belly is growing by the day!

First things first! We had to make a Trader Joe's run to stock our room up with healthy snacks for the week. This is SUCH a good thing to do when traveling and definitely a habit for us. Rather than starting our day off in a bad way with a quick, unhealthy breakfast somewhere I/we just grab a bar or fiber cake and some fruit on our way out the door. Saves money and gives you a great beginning to your day! It's also nice to have things to munch on during downtime.
snacks in our hotel room!

en route to the convention via the shuttle (this year we got screwed with the SDCC hotel reservation system and didn't get our normal downtown, fabulous hotel...ugh).
trolley ride

inside SDCC

Ugly Doll



I liked these.

love this

delicious lunch with my handsome (tired) date- I forget the name of the restaurant but Hank got the most delicious caprese panini!

Pinkberry is my FAVORITE frozen yogurt ever.
best yogurt ever

For dinner Hank, Alex and I went to Sipz (veg restaurant) and it was great! Alex surprised us with some delicious macaroons. So, so good. Here's the strawberry cheesecake one.
strawberry cheesecake macaroon

the inside, soo good

San Diego


  1. I'm happy I saw you and your beautiful belly for a split sec :)

  2. Oh my, the boyfriend would die to go there. He said he wants to make a trip next year. I say panic attack!

  3. How fun! My boyfriend and I are heading there on Saturday. I couldn't deal with 4 days of crowds. Where did you guys end up staying?

  4. awh im so jealous! everone on my twitter is talking about it today and i want to be there!

  5. This is so cool! I've always wanted to visit comic con, but ours is really tiny & I'm not into it enough to travel to see it. Looks like fun though :)

  6. i'm incredibly jealous that you have a pinkberry near you.

    and i must insist you get an ugly doll for your child- i'm pretty sure it's my kid's favorite toy.

  7. I've always wanted to go to ComicCon. Looks like so much fun.

    I nominated you for a blog award... you can find it here.

  8. I'm more intrigued by all the colors than the comics. Its my first visit, I'm having fun looking around your blog. :)

  9. oh man, I so wanted to be there!! I wanted the DJ Lance Dunny from Yo gabba gabba for my little man =( looks like you guys had fun!! =)

  10. I love San Diego! It makes me miss California terribly to see these pictures lol.
    That macaron looks delicious as well.

    I've never been to a comic con before but I've always wanted to go to one. One day! lol

  11. omg! we LOVE sipz!! i am a huge thai iced tea fanatic and i think they just might have the best one there. you should check out stephanie's in ocean beach if you get the chance...its amazing! all vegan...i swear they have the tastiest vegan pizza ever! and chad is crazy about their strudels! we also love veg-n-out and nature's express. we pretty much just love to eat when we're out of town so we know all the veg hot spots in all our favorite places! haha! if you get a chance try em! you look so cute all bumped out at comic con! xoxo.

  12. All I have to say about this post is ORGANIC POPCORN WITH OLIVE OIL?! I need that in my life.

    You and H are the cutest. Glenn and I want to hang out!<3

  13. can i ask where is your dress from?? how cute looks fun

  14. awwww wow.
    that looks like so much fun! so many bright colours and cute characters. and mmmm, yummy treats!
    you look amazing


  15. If we didn't live halfway across the country, my boyfriend Justin and I would totally go to the Comic Con!

    Also, you look gorgeous in the picture where you're posing next to the large red stuffed animal :)

  16. @bee Town and Country Resort, yuck yuck YUCK!

    @t.bird we definitely will be getting Henry one- they are the cutest! :)

    @becca- thank you so much!

    @christina the dress is from Max Studio (one of my go-tos for stretchy maternity dresses!)

  17. That looks like so much fun!
    We live in Newport Beach an hour away and we've never been. Maybe next year.
    Do you think you'll be there next year with baby in tow?

  18. oh my goodness! i have always wanted to go to comic con. while it looks exhausting, it also looks like such a blast! i'm seriously considering going next year. have fun, dear!

    and mmmmm... pinkberry. :)

  19. squeeee! look at all the uglydolls! you should get a load for Henry's room, they are the cutest! x

  20. Awww awsome photos! I would love to try that frozen yougurt, we dont have it here

  21. Oh my gosh I love frozen yogurt. All of these pictures look so fun!


  22. Oh man! I totally missed out on tickets this year. Comic Con is so much fun just on the people watching aspect! I love to see everyone's costumes!