Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tattoo Tuesday V.28

So this week I'm doing something a little different for the first time. I have a bunch of new ladies (and guys too!) lined up to show you over the next couple of months, but I really wanted to share my sister Lauren's new tattoos. Lauren was first featured on one of the very first Tattoo Tuesdays but since then she's gotten some new work done. If I wanted to, I swear I could do a T.T. post every month showing you something new on her body- she's always getting really awesome, beautiful things. At first, I was going to have her just share the photos with us, but since it's almost been a year since I last featured her I figured I would have her answer the questions again. In the future, I won't have my repeated girls/guys answer the same questions when they share new work, but since it's been so long since Lauren's been featured I'm going to do that this time!

Be sure to click here to visit her previous feature, as I'm not including ANY photos of her million other tattoos. Once you head over that way I think you will just fall in love with all of the beautiful art on her body, including a thigh-piece sister tattoo with me and her huge back piece- shoulders to butt. For those who don't know Lauren or read her blog (that she needs to update!), you should know that she's my best friend and the coolest gal I know. She's actually also a teacher, and will be getting married this upcoming March. Lauren is one of those people who infuses fun into any situation and I feel incredibly fortunate to have her not just as a sister but as my closest friend. Love her. So, without further adieu, here's my lovely and gorgeous little sister (again)!

Name and blog name: Lauren http://monsterxlove.blogspot.com/

Age: 25

Occupation: Teacher (6th grade Science)

Age of first tattoo: 18

Favorite tattoo: Girl head in rose on the back of my neck (see previous feature for a photo)

Featured tattoo/location: Girl on upper right arm and haunted house on left thigh.

Artist/shop/location of feature tattoo: Cory Lenherr tattooed the girl on my arm at his shop in Phoenix. My haunted house was done by Lex at 5th Estate Tattoo in Gilbert, AZ.

1) Tell us about the tattoo you are sharing with us- is there a background story or special meaning? Why did you choose this particular piece of art?

I love pretty tattoos and I have wanted a portrait type tattoo of a girl for a long time now. Most of my tattoos from Cory are more traditional style tattoos but this one we chose to make a little more portrait style. The girl doesn't represent anyone or anything.

Halloween has always been a special holiday for me. My sister and I used to have so much fun trick or treating every year and decorating our house with our family. Every year I can't wait to start putting up spooky Halloween decorations. I have always loved haunted houses even though I hate anything that is too scary! I knew that I wanted the tattoo to me spooky and creepy, and kind of Tim Burton-esque. I decided to go to my fiancé's tattoo guy because that is more his type of tattoo style. I absolutely LOVE the way it turned out! We have only done the outline so far, so we still need to shade and add color.

2) Do you have any other tattoos? If so, what do you have and where?

Yes, I have many other tattoos. I was featured in Tattoo Tuesday V.2 and talked about my other tattoos there. But, I have roses on the tops of my feet, a lighthouse on my right shin with mom and dad banner, an umbrella with "when it rains it pours" banner, teacups with "two for tea" sister tattoo on right thigh, small star on inner right foot, heart on hip, geisha back piece, "love" on right wrist, "life" on left wrist, girl head in a rose on the back of my neck, "to thine own self be true" on my chest.

(here are just a few photos that weren't shared last time, again click HERE to check out all of her others)

3) Do you plan on getting more?

Yes, definitely. I plan on being pretty much covered.

4) How do your family and friends feel about your tattoo(s)? Have you run into any adversity or negativity because of them?

My parents are not too happy about me having so many tattoos, especially the visible ones. I'm sure they think I shouldn't be spending money on something that they think is unnecessary. But, tattoos make me happy and they are a part of me. My parents seem to not notice them much anymore, unless I get a new one-then they definitely notice! It helps that my sister is also heavily tattooed. People constantly are looking at my tattoos when I am in public and I don't mind, unless they have a look of disgust on their face. I don't like when people point and whisper things to others, but I try to not let it bother me. Sometimes it can be quite embarrassing, though. For example, my sister and I were at the mall the other day on a Saturday and it was pretty crowded. A worker lady was pushing a big cart thing when she stopped in the middle of the mall, got down on her knees so she could be closer to my shin tattoos, and loudly announced, "Oh my god! Look at those tattoos!" It was quite strange and embarrassing. People were staring at us. I just kind of smiled and walked by. People definitely think that because you have tattoos that they can touch them, grab them, tell you their life story, etc. I have had men actually reach out and touch my tattoo on my chest. Yuck! I also find myself put into situations, fairly often, where I have to defend my decision of being tattooed. People find it necessary to repeatedly tell me how bad my tattoos will look 10 years from now, how I have ruined my skin, how I will hate my tattoos years from now. I don't know why people feel the need to express their negative opinions to me, it's not like it is magically going to change my outlook on life and tattoos or make me run to the laser clinic to remove my tattoos. I really just try to stay away from those types of people. People are also usually very surprised that I am a teacher. Just because I choose to be tattooed doesn't mean that I can't have a "normal" job. Yes I do cover my tattoos at work, and yes it does get hot and annoying at times having to always be covered up. But, for me it is well worth it.

5) Any advice for those interested in getting tattooed but haven't gotten one yet?

Take your time choosing what you want to get tattooed and who you want to tattoo it. I have made some silly choices when I was younger in regard to my tattoos. My first tattoo was 3 stars on my lower back. I also had a black butterfly tattooed on my upper back. Not good! I ended up having them covered when I got my geisha back piece. After those poor choices you think I would have learned but then I got my chest tattooed. I went to a random shop and he typed up what I wanted tattooed, printed it out, and then traced it! He didn't even draw it up himself. I was silly and young and didn't know any better. The tattoo ended up okay, but one side is darker than the other, some parts are shaky, and parts are thicker than other parts. I was pretty bummed about it, especially since it is super visible. Looking back on it, I don't know what I was thinking. However, I am getting it covered up in just a few weeks and I couldn't be happier! I am getting married in 8 months or so and it will be so nice to feel confident and happy about my tattoo. Hopefully my bad tattoo experience will help someone not to make the same stupid choices that I made. Thankfully that is the only tattoo that I have that I don't like. Now I make sure to take the time to talk with whoever is tattooing me about my ideas, what they think would look good, and I always make sure to go in a week or so before my appointment to check out the drawing and make any necessary changes. Choose a tattoo that makes you happy and that is special to you, no matter if it has a significant story behind it or not.


  1. less married girls please ;)

  2. I think it's so cute that both you and sister are teachers. That's awesome you both have beautiful tattoos. :)

  3. Oh, Scott!

    And Diana, my Mom is a teacher too! <3

  4. Okay okay. I will recruit some unmarried girls to share. You weirdos.

  5. You and your sister are such gorgeous girls!

    Anyway I have been reading along and really enjoying the Tattoo Tuesday feature for months now. I don't have any tattoos and grew up in a family where it was preached that only trashy people have tattoos, and I never knew anyone who had more than one or two small ones anyway, so I wasn't exposed to reasons why you might want to get them. Add to that the fact that I'm basically terrified of needles, and it never really occurred to me to ever get one.

    I started reading your blog for the rest of your posts but developed this fascination with the tattoo artwork you've been featuring every week and I just wanted to say that you have completely eradicated any preconceived notions I used to have about tattoos or people who are heavily tattoo'ed. I just look at it as artwork now and am so interested to know the stories behind why someone got a certain tattoo, how someone came to a decision to get a particular piece of artwork tattooed on them... like, why THAT in particular?

    I might even get one myself one day, if I ever find something that matters to me enough to permanently ink it on my body.

  6. the girl on her arm is so beautiful!

  7. I agree with Laura's comments. You have changed my perception too. I didn't dislike tattoos before but I don't think I appreciated them as works of art. Reading the TT posts has really made me admire interesting and detailed tattoos.

  8. She's sooo beautiful and so are her tattoos! Love her thigh piece. <3

  9. Oh wow great tattos! I want to get an angel (from Andels& Demons-will blog about that tatto) on my back! And i just love the show LA Ink and Miami Ink, so i would love to have that tatto by one of them! I really want it perfect! Does it hurt on the back? I try to see alot of that show so the sound of the maschine would get in my ear lol... xD

  10. Let me just say that it's so great to see yet another teacher on here. I just graduated in May with an education degree and I am looking for teaching jobs, I also am working on a half sleeve and have a wrist tattoo. People flip out when I say that I'm going to be a teacher... And it's nice hearing that "Yeah I have to cover it up and it gets hot and annoying, but it's worth it." It's just nice to see other teachers out there.

    Thanks for posting your sister again Danielle, you girls are my inspiration <3

  11. I love that portrait tattoo so much. Your tattoo tuesdays are always so inspiring. Thank you (:

  12. I'm an elementary teacher and fortunately do not have to cover my ink. My feet, lower calves, and forearm ink are almost always visible. I am blessed that my admin is okay with ink and we are allowed to have ink showing as long as it is not offensive or overly distracting.

  13. I too teach, elementary Art, and luckily don't have to cover up yet :) It is hard when people assume that you aren't fit to teach just because of your permanent art.

  14. The House tattoo is great! WOW.... I can't wait for my next Tat.:-) They make me happy!

  15. great post idea!! funny the place i get all my tattoo's is called tattoo tuesday! i love tattoo's sooo addicting!!!

    check em out: http://thecitybirdsnest.blogspot.com/2010/07/so-fresh.html


  16. You and your sister are both very beautiful. I currently don't have any tattoos (mainly because of money, and I want them to be well done rather than cheap), but I have a lot in mind. I know I'm going to have to be prepared for the comments, and looks from people.