Monday, August 30, 2010

I love Sunday, on a Monday.

This weekend was so great. I came down to my parents' with two set goals in mind: finding Lauren's wedding dress and starting the search for furniture for the new house. The first of the two was a total success and the second remains a work in progress of course, but I definitely checked some things off of our list. The dress Lauren found is absolutely amazing. We knew it was "the one" right away, and it looks like it was made for her. I obviously can't share photos, but in March you'll be able to see it in all its glory!

Speaking of, it's amazing to me to see my baby sister all grown up. Granted, she's not a baby anymore but it's still a little crazy to know she will be getting married in a few months. I can't wait to stand up on her wedding day, as her Matron of Honor. It's going to be the most beautiful day and all of her planning and hard work is going to pay off and I am excited to see her so happy. I'm kind of obsessed with planning and weddings, and all things LOVE so it's so fun to see all of this taking shape. We also spent a bit of our weekend doing some furniture shopping, and I'm getting more and more excited to finally close, move in, and decorate! With about 10 weeks to go until baby Henry's due date, it's just starting to stress me out that we have absolutely nothing done, bought, put together, or figured out! AH! That's stressful to even type. However, I know it will all come together once we are in the new place, but right now it's just hard to be in the in between.

While at my parents' home I always get totally inspired to eat even healthier due to my Mom. Right now she is completely vegan and eats a diet of mainly vegetables and grains like quinoa (one of my all-time favorite foods). She always comes up with the best, most interesting recipes, and I love love love trying the things she makes. Last time I was there she made this amazing raw apple and fruit dessert that I've been thinking about it every day since then. Unfortunately she didn't make it this time- THANKS FOR NOTHING MOM ;), but hopefully she will next time. Hint, hint! If she does, I will be sure to share the recipe, I think you guys will love it too.

Short post, but I'll be back tomorrow morning with my Tattoo Tuesday feature! Here are some photos from the weekend-

prettiest rainbow ever! This photo doesn't even do it justice.

Lauren trying on dresses

29 weeks pregnant and heading to the gym :)

an "H" for Henry's nursery, via Anthropologie

the fruits of my weekend shopping for AFTER Henry is born. I figure if I see something cute I should just get it now right? I won't be pregnant forever. ;)

on the open road home to Hank :)


  1. getting clothes for after you have a whee one is a GREAT idea! i regret seeing stuff and thinking " well that doesnt fit!!" not thinking about AFTER baby came lol

  2. I had so much fun with you this weekend! Thanks for making it so special. I love you!

    P.S. I don't think the bridal shower poem/rap is going to work out. hahaha


  3. You are such a lovely pregnant lady! I can't wait to see pictures of what you do with little Henry's room.

    Weddings are wonderful aren't they? Have so much fun wedding planning with your sister!

    Happy Monday. : )

  4. Omg I love the fact that you are almost 30 weeks and you still have the energy to go to the gym. I'm beyond jealous of you. You're going to have a great labor and I'm pretty sure after the baby your body is going to bounce right back!

    I seriously wish I had your determination when it comes to working out!

  5. how awesome that your mom is vegan! after 13 years, you'd think my parents would be more interested in eating that way too, but sadly they are not. i'm lucky that my in-laws are so accomodating though. they love to eat vegan with us.

    don't worry about not being ready. it all works itself out. malcolm came 2 weeks early, and we didn't even have any diapers for him! or onesies, or anything. he came on the day that we were supposed to have my shower. we were sooo unprepared, haha. but we managed. i'm sure that in the next 10 weeks, you will get everything that you need and more! so much fun!

  6. I wanted to spread the word about a friend's unborn baby that needs a lot of prayers. You can read more about it at my blog, and we are also do a little fundraiser for the family.

  7. Wowww the birds on that dress look incredible! Gorgeous.

  8. love the anthro finds! good girl.
    I will have that post for you this week chica. :)

  9. very cute blog! i'm experiencing my first pregnancy right now as well! you look great XOXO

  10. i love shopping for wedding dresses. i'm not married/engaged, but i love going with friends who are getting married! it's so fun... and that moment when she tries on the perfect dress and everyone knows it - aahhh, it's magical! (and emotional ;))

    you're a total inspiration, by the way. when i'm pregnant someday, i'm going to remember to stay as active as possible and still exercise, like you. you look AMAZING!!

  11. I love that dress with the birds on, it looks gorgeous!! Can't wait to see what your sister's wedding dress looks like x

  12. the garment with the little sparrows is so sweet. also, this has nothing to do with your post but the picture of the rainbow reminded me of a clip on youtube about a double rainbow. have you seen it? it makes me laugh!

  13. Wedding dress shopping is SO much fun! Mmm, and quinoa is one of my all-time favorite foods too!

    When do you close? Don't worry - everything will get done - so excited to see how you decorate!

  14. first of all, congrats! we had our first almost three months ago! a word of warning :), i concentrated so much on thinking i was going to have a waistline again that i forgot about the boob situation! i know everyone is different, but i still can't fit into my "pre-preg" weight clothing and it's not my weight, pesky big boobs. that said...cute stuff!!!

  15. Those pictures are so beautiful! That rainbow is amazing! Its a very good idea to get clothes now for after your pregnant because then it'll definitely push you even harder to loose that baby weight.

    BTW you make such a cute pregnant mama!
    Take care.


  16. Where did you get that birdie dress?!? It's mega cute.

  17. awww I can't wait to see all the wedding posts! :)

    that bird dress/top looks like the prettiest thing I've ever seen! Well done on some great finds! :) x