Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tattoo Tuesday V.33

*Before I post this week's feature I'd like to make something very clear. When I feature my friends or readers in this space, it is NOT so they can be cut down or have rude/nasty comments made about anything they are sharing. It's one thing to leave a comment on this blog in regards to a post that I make- I couldn't care less and I see it as par for the course- but these are my guests, and I simply won't tolerate that kind of nonsense. From now on if you don't have something nice to say on a feature post here, DON'T SAY IT AT ALL. It's not welcome and I simply won't have you rude, anonymous people treating guests of my blog in such a disrespectful way. I wouldn't allow it in my home, and I won't allow it in my internet home. So, with that little bit of negativity out of the way, on to some happiness, shall we? :)

This week I am featuring one of my FAVORITE people in the entire blogging world ever, my friend Megan! Megan and I have been reading each others' blogs for a couple of years now, and I absolutely adore this wonderful woman. She's a huge inspiration to me, incredibly sweet and intelligent, and on the top of my "I can't wait to meet you" list. Do yourself a favor and visit her blog if you're looking to become inspired by clean/healthy eating, a do-it-yourself kinda mama, and her daily photos of her beautiful self and family. She is only 20 years old, but is incredibly wise beyond her years. Featuring her here is long overdue, and I'm excited to share her words and photos with all of you. So thanks Megan for being a part of this series!

Name and blog name: Megan! - www.meganislove.tumblr.com

Age: 20

Occupation: Army Wife & Stay at home mom to my wonderful daughter, Scarlett!

Age of first tattoo: 17

Favorite tattoo: I'd have to say that would be my newest addition, my lighthouse.

Featured tattoo/location: Lighthouse on right forearm.

Artist/shop/location of feature tattoo: Kane at Spider Monkey tattoo in Olympia, Washington.

1) Tell us about the tattoo you are sharing with us- is there a background story or special meaning? Why did you choose this particular piece of art?

I've always loved Nautical Artwork, but found myself really falling in love with it, after my husband joined the Army ( yep! not the Navy! funny huh?). The symbolism I took with the lighthouse was, no matter how far (you're out to sea) or lost in life, there will always be a lighthouse (or light) guiding you back home. For me, being whipped away from all of my family and friends, and dealing with the Military life represented that. It was hard to always see the light at the end of the tunnel - Getting my lighthouse, helps me realize that no matter how hard things get - there will always be a 'light'. I also asked my artist to specifically include an Anchor to my piece - to me, an anchor symbolizes "stability" and for my husband and I, getting to that point has been a hard and rocky road, but we are finally there! and I wanted to commemorate that moment! :)

2) Do you have any other tattoos? If so, what do you have and where?

Yes! I have a 1/2 sleeve of two newlyweds, Dia de los Muertos style! I'm absolutely in love with this tattoo, but most of all, my artist included two little love birds sitting in a tree behind the groom :) - I also have a diamond on my right wrist, "Don't Panic" on my left forearm (not because of Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy! haha. more of just a reminder to myself! :) and Ben's initials down in my...pelvic region :)

3) Do you plan on getting more?

Oh yes, definitely! I have a couple more pieces being planned right now. I've been thinking of something special for my daughter, but nothing is good enough, yet! :)

4) How do your family and friends feel about your tattoo(s)? Have you run into any adversity or negativity because of them?

Ah, I've been waiting to answer this question! :) I know this sounds absolutely horrible - but, my mother didn't know about any of my tattoos, until a year and a HALF after I got them! She absolutely despises them, and I was so scared she'd disown me (not even kidding), I just couldn't tell her..but of course, she ended up finding out, and absolutely LOVES the ones I have. She makes subtle hints here and there, about how she really thinks the one's I have are ENOUGH, but she also supports everything I choose in my life and I couldn't love her more.
But negativity? Oh sure! Moms look at me differently because of them, but I know the art on my skin, doesn't make me any less of a mother, so it doesn't matter to me! :)

5) Any advice for those interested in getting tattooed but haven't gotten one yet?

A friend once told me, when I was struggling on the drawing for my tattoo, "tattoo artists...are...artists! shoot out some words that are meaningful to you, (regarding the tattoo you want) and let them come up with something! That's their job!"
& That's exactly what I've done with every tattoo! I give them some key notes about what I want and let their minds go to work. I end up loving what they come up with every time!


  1. I have a lighthouse tattoo also, you don't see many of those around...your friends piece is awesome!

    Why do people have to say such ugly things about tats? If you don't like them, don't look or comment...I mean, really.

  2. She is gorgeous! I wish I could get tattoos. Oh well lol.

    Also, quite frankly I'm tired of the anonymous feature on most sites. People use it as a way to bash other people and its just wrong. I really don't understand these people either. :(


  3. I totally love the half sleeve :)
    Very beautiful mom!

  4. Beautiful artwork (all of your guests too!)

    I've been following along, becoming inspired to get a mini sleeve on the top half of my arm. I just adore how you interview everyone and the advice they give is great!


  5. I really love this feature on your blog, I love body art but have honesty never seen so many beautifully inked women, rather than causing a negative reaction within me - quite the opposite! It literally makes me want to cover my body with beautiful images - sadly my profession wouldn't allow it I may have a couple of more 'hidden' images added :) keep showing such beautiful, empowered women.

  6. I was disheartened to read the beginning of the post. I don't understand how people could write hurtful things about someone who is simply opening up and sharing their a portion of their life.

    Anyways, thanks for introducing Megan! I will be sure to check out her blog.

  7. You are so wonderful. Love that you addressed that negativity, it has NO place here! Especially on your guests posts. So rude.

    She is so beautiful and so are all of her tattoos. :]

  8. I always feel so naive when it comes to blogging, because I hear of people bashing one another and it just crushes me! I guess that we should expect people to be mean, but it just never stops surprising me. :(

    On the positive side though, what a beautiful lady! So glad you featured her!

  9. I often forget that some people weren't taught manners, such as "If You Don't Have Anything Nice To Say, Don't Say Anything At All" (something my mother has always taught me).
    I think that every one of your guests are beautiful, as is their artwork. Thank you for sharing!!

  10. I'm GLAD you posted that first paragraph. I really wish more bloggers would since mean comments are such a buzzkill and so rude! Good for you for taking a stance.

    And your guest is lovely! Loved all of her tattoos and of course it left me with a serious urge to call the tattoo shop and set up another appointment.

  11. As a proud woman with tattoos, I can say that I've met your blog because of Tattoo Tuesday and every week I get excited to see your beautiful friends with their beautiful tattoos.

    It breaks my heart to know there are people that come here to say nasty things about them. It's a shame that some people don't understand the word politeness and feel entitled to spread their hate around.

    Please keep on doing this feature it is so inspiring! Don't let them bring you down.


  12. well i dont know whos been saying nasty comments ...down south we call those types "haters!" i must say i love this feature! i have found so many amazing blogs through your tattoo tuesdays youve even featured one or two friends of mine! its also refreshing to find moms that are tattooed. as a tattooed mom myself and one that works in the tattoo industry its very fun to meet moms like myself that have the same passion for art! keep up the good work!!!
    adrienne K.

  13. I love her! I'm a former Marine wife and I love the idea behind the lighthouse tattoo.

  14. The lighthouse is beautiful! And what a cute idea about the newlyweds!

    And she is such a pretty girl!

    I love seeing tattooed mommas.

  15. Beautifully said up there, Danielle! This is a Trash Talking Free Zone! I think its quite sad that the people who are trash talking are too scared to share their identity, its easier to deal it than receive, I guess but that still doesn't make it right.

    Megan is simply gorgeous! Her tattoos are beautiful too, so bold and vibrant! I love your Tattoo Tuesdays features. I love seeing all the beautiful artwork and the stories behind it.

  16. Ohmygosh, I am in love with Megan's half sleeve! Gets me itching for a half sleeve tattoo but I have no idea what I'd want so it would be a good few years yet if I ever did go for it. Checking out her lovely blog right now. :)

  17. I am loving this TT post! Her advice really stood out to me. I've been planning my tattoo for the past 2 years. I have such a clear idea in my head, but I'm afraid the artists won't capture my vision. But, I have to trust in the artists' abilities. Thanks Megan!

  18. I love the lighthouse! Such a cute little family :)


  19. Totally agree with her advice; I can't believe how many people are reluctant to let the artist create the design. It's their profession, and if you don't like what they come up with, you can say no! From what I've seen, the best artists are rarely going to do an exact copy of a design you bring in anyway; despite being your body, it's their artwork and most of them don't want their name attached to anything less than up to their standards. Her tattoos are fantastic! Danielle, it's so convenient that Tattoo Tuesday comes out on my pay day; really helps with keeping my saving on track :-P

  20. I just have to say 'werd sistas!'
    Fully agree with all of the comments PRO addressing the NEG comments - and they're being anonymous. If you're going to say something rude or negative, balls up and have a face! Either way, the downer comments have no place here. Also - this mumma is smokin! Really enjoy the quotes about her anchor meaning stability for her, I think that's top. Blogging is new to me - but Sometimes Sweet, you're an inspiration for many a blogger! Keep it up soon-to-be-mama x

  21. I love that lighthouse! And totally off the tattoo topic I love those little shoes with the skulls. Super cute!

    And in regards to the mean commenters. Did your mother never teach you if you have nothing nice to say then don't say anything! I love the blogging world and I have met so many nice people through it. It makes me sad that there are these horrible people out there making my bloggy friends feel bad.

  22. one of my best friends just got a nice lighthouse tattoo too.
    she looks so happy


  23. THANK YOU FOR SHOWCASING THIS WONDERFUL GIRL!!! I read her blog and especially liked the post on vaccines. I'm just REALLY glad to see another momma who is against them and most other pharmaceutical things :]

  24. She's beautiful! She kind of remind me of juliette lewis in some of her pictures! <3

    love her lighthouse too!

  25. She is sooooo cute!
    And the kid too.

  26. she is so sweet and SO pretty! love her tattoos... what a darling little family. <3

  27. it's such a shame people have to be negative. 1) it's rude 2) the women you feature here not only have beautiful tattoos, but are beautiful women.

    thanks for this feature. i am carefully and slowly planning out my first tattoo and i'm excited for the whole process!

  28. wowee. that lighthouse tattoo is beautiful!!

  29. hi friend! you rock, so do your blog rules. people are such buttheads...especially anonymous one. :)

    love megan's red hair, and beautiful tattoos.


  30. I totally loving the half sleeve, pretty hot.
    Makes me want to go get one now.

  31. People who are negative only pick on people to make themselves feel better. FORGET EM'!

    art por vida!

    love all that you have posted.

  32. Ahh, so Ive been seeing your "tattoo tuesday" link on a few different blogs that I follow and it has always caught my attention. I finally clicked on it though and I LOVE your blog!! Im glad I did :)

    Also, I love the pictures in this post, she looks so happy and comfortable in her beautifully decorated skin!

  33. omg shes adorable! and what a cute family. And who the hell is leaving rude comments!! people!

  34. its sad that people need to spread negativity!
    what a cute family!

  35. I love her tattoos! And she and her family are absolutely beautiful.

  36. Va va voom! That's one beautiful mama! I hopped on over to Megan's blog and [through reading her posts] got a sense of what a kind person she is.
    Danielle, I really appreciate all the effort that goes into your blog. I can only hope that my own blog can one day become as positive and inspiring a space as yours. Until I started my own blog, I had no clue how much work blogging could be and it has given me a newfound appreciation for all the great blogs out there. Learning of mean and anonymous ‘loiters’ has made me a little shy about sharing much of my personal self on the World Wide Web. This has probably stunted my blog from flourishing and I hope to overcome my shyness one day, soon. Sharing one's life with complete strangers is not only a generous gift but a brave act as well. So I’d like to thank all the positive lady-bloggers out there for sharing – you inspire me!
    Mean people troll the internet looking for something to do because they have don't have meaningful or productive ways of occupying their time. I feel a lot of the nastiness has to do with jealously and emotional maturity. Because really... to attack a complete stranger for no reason is completely nonsensical!

  37. Aw Megan is soooo pretty!! Such lovely tattoos! Her lighthouse tattoo is just gorgeous, and I really enjoyed reading the meaning behind it. So beautiful!

  38. I went to high school with the owner of Spider Monkey... love it!

  39. That second to last image is the cutest! Her little one is so young but you can see her admiring mommy and daddy!

  40. Love the idea of the lighthouse, a really mental anchoring point is important to us all I think! She is beautiful and has a gorgeous little girl. These women featured are inspirational, and anyone who wants to be mean about it is probably just jealous that they couldn't be this settled, brave and sure of themselves. Keep going girls!! x

  41. i just stumbled upon your blog...and I love your tattoo tuesdays! :) Perhaps when I get some good pictures, if you're still taking "submissions" from random people, I'll submit mine and see what you think.

    But anyway, this post specifically has been very encouraging to me. I always said I would NEVER date/marry a military man because I didn't want to make the sacrifices involved...and it seems like you're giving the government ownership over you, which scares me. BUT My husband and I recently had a baby girl, Gwynevire Wonder!, and we are struggling to figure out how to support our family and still allowing me to be a fulltime mom so we can be sure she's influenced in positive ways instead of by some random stranger who views her as an income not a responsibility. SO my hubby is very strongly considering joining the military and the idea scares me in so many ways I can't even list them all...and one (rather superficial) cause of fear is the idea that I would be out of place among other military families/wives. Granted, I have a tendency to feel somewhat out of place on a regular basis because my form of socializing doesn't mesh with most...but, I'm talking way too much. Basically. Yay for a beautiful, tattooed, stay-at home mom finding hope and stability as a military wife.
    the end. :)
    thank you.

  42. Wow, Megan is so pretty it hurts! Beautiful artwork just sets off a beautiful woman, IMHO. Here's a perfect example of that. Wow I think I'm in love! ;)