Friday, August 13, 2010

TGIF, right? (I'd love some input too!)

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Well, it's Friday! Today was a good day. I'm extremely happy it's the end of the week- not "relieved" because my classes are actually all pretty great, just basically overall happy. I had a doctor's appointment today and got to hear the thump-thump of our little boy's heart. It's always such an amazing thing to be able to hear that, and it always kind of makes me tear up a bit. Since it's a group practice I've been scheduling all of my appointments with the NP/Midwife and I love love love her. I should have seen her all along, but better late than never I guess. I got to talk to her about some things I've been experiencing that I haven't even talked about here. Since I've been pregnant I've had some weird episodes that are similar to anxiety attacks (which I am no stranger to), but they're slightly different. I get really hot, light headed, and overall it feels like anxiety, but the doctor thinks it from my very low blood pressure rather than my mental health. Who really knows. All I know is that it's not fun. Last time it happened was about 4 days ago on the first day of school, in the morning, and it was pretty bad. I had to sit on the couch for about 20 minutes until it passed. The midwife told me that even if I have minor anxiety issues (like I do from time to time), these can be exacerbated during pregnancy, or it could be the blood pressure thing she was talking about. It's happened just a few times but she said to keep an eye on this and let her know. So...let's hope that it was a passing thing and it is smooth sailing from here!

In other news, I began a really wonderful book last night. It's called "The Center of Everything" by Laurie Moriarty and according to my Kindle I've read about 30% of it. Obviously I can't give a review of it since I'm only about a fourth done but I will say that it has the possibility to be in my top 10 favorite books ever if it continues at the pace its going. I don't want to give anything away (I hate even reading summaries on Amazon beforehand), but here's a vague snippet about the book from Publisher's Weekly:

For 10-year-old Evelyn Bucknow, there really is no place like home. On all the world maps she's ever seen, the United States has been smack dab in the middle, with Kansas in the middle of that. "I feel so lucky to live here, right in the center," she proclaims, in Moriarty's wonderfully down-to-earth debut. Dazzled by visions of Ronald Reagan on the television, the twinkle in his eye and his contention that "God put America between two oceans on purpose," Evelyn's youthful optimism is shaken by her young single mother Tina's inability to take control of her life.

I definitely, definitely recommend it if you're looking for a new book to read!

Other than that, I've been keeping busy with sleeping a lot, hoping and wishing we hear news about our short (long) sale house offer, and daydreaming about holding baby Henry. Currently I'm thinking about getting myself to the gym for a late night workout to stretch my legs a bit and clear my mind. It seems like a perfect night for a long go on the elliptical with some music and a good book. If you couldn't tell, I'm having a wild Friday night!

Before I go, I'd like to ask all of you for some input about something I've been thinking about for a few months. Here are some of my blog's stats: currently I average 7 posts a week, have 1581 followers via blogger, 2,174 readers via Google Reader, and average about 3,150 page views a day (averaging approximately 14,500 visits/22,000 page views a week- and these numbers have been consistently growing). The reason I am telling you about all of this, is to share that I am currently thinking about opening up sponsorship spots. In the past I've been wary of sponsorship, but the larger my reader base becomes, and the more small business owners I meet, I've come to realize what a neat opportunity it is to be able to feature people I support- be them Etsy shops, Mommy bloggers, bloggers in general, baby shops, tattoo-related products, small-companies, etc, and share them with so many thousands of like-minded people. I've seen a handful of my blog friends go this way recently (the darling Holly Sarah being one of them who has inspired me- be sure to check out Create Loves if you don't already), and I've spoken to a few about it (thank you again Diana for your input), and I believe that this is something I'd like to do. What I'd like to know from YOU is how many of you would be interested in a sponsorship spot here on Sometimes Sweet? I would be doing a small number of month-to-month ad runs at a reasonable rate (with options for longer runs at discount) with giveaway options. The one thing I DO NOT want my blog to turn into, is a space that is all about sponsors, making money off sponsors, etc. There's nothing that I hate more than when I blog I love suddenly turns into giveaway central with tons of "ads" from all sorts of random shops and people, and the content I love falls to the wayside. This blog is about my life. That will never change. I never started blogging to have this many (wonderful) people a day come here, but it's happened, and I've welcome it with open arms. It's given me the chance to meet so, so many amazing people and have a place to share my writing, which I just love. I think this will be a fun step for me, and if I don't enjoy having sponsors, or I feel it takes away from the "me" aspect of this space, I will stop. But I think it is worth a try and something I am moving towards, probably as Fall begins.

So again, I'd love to see who is interested in a spot here, as well as get any and all feedback about this topic.

Thanks so much for your input, as always. Love you all!


  1. i like the idea of sponsors because i am a huge supporter of homemade items. i also love that you dont intend to let it run your blog, i hate when thats all i see on peoples blogs. its a turn off.

  2. I hope your anxiety calms down! Personally, I think sponsorship is a great idea; I can't see you "selling out", so to speak, so I think it would be fine! I might be interested :)

  3. I think sponsors would be a great idea and I would like to be one of them if poss. ;)
    It is amazing (but not surprising) that you have so many readers. :)
    Also, I will definitely be adding that book to my Amazon wishlist...keep the recommendations a-comin'!

  4. That's interesting, I never knew anxiety can be exacerbated by pregnancy. I'm in trouble when I get pregnant then methinks!

  5. Ok well to start off, I know what you're talking about with the little episodes. I get them every once in a while as well and it first started out around 20 weeks. I get super hot out of nowhere (like busting a sweat like I've been working out lol) and I get very dizzy and things start spinning and I feel like I'm going to pass out. This normally happens when I haven't eaten in a while and my blood sugar is low or when I'm just overexerting myself. Its been a while since the last time it happened (about 2 weeks) but I know exactly what you're talking about. Its not fun at all. What I find helpful is to just sit down and rest for a few minutes and just snack on something.

    Also I think the sponsor idea would be great. I'm sure you're blog won't become overrun with giveaways and such. :)

  6. i'd say go for it. it'd be nice to have a little extra cash when the baby comes and you wont have to do much except keep doing what you are doing!

  7. I think it's a great idea (and this is coming from a new reader).

    I love the blog and I know I'd love to see etsy sellers etc... that you want to promote.

  8. i've been thinking about sponsers, too... and i just don't know how i feel about it, yet! i've been on the fence for a while now. i might just read everyone's comments here to get some insight. ;)

    i am TOTALLY putting that book on my to-read list, it sounds amazing!!

  9. i think it's a great idea. sounds interesting to me.

  10. i think that is a great idea! i know that i LOVE your blog and so many others do too. i am just steps away from opening my etsy store and would LOVE to get the word out there via SometimesSweet :)

  11. Thanks for all the input everyone! :)

  12. With the amount of numbers/visitors you have, and screening those who want to advertise, I think you would be very successful with sponsors! :) Can't wait to see what you do with that!

  13. I experience episodes that sound a lot like that due to low blood pressure, it felt like a huge anxiety attack but I could tell it started with my heart. I wrote a blog about it here:

    What I wrote about is the worst episode I have ever had, so I don't want you to worry! BUT I can tell you that if it is from your blood pressure then lay down, elevate your feet if possible and it will pass quickly!

    It was also just recomended to me to eat more salt to hod more water and help raise my blood pressure! Good luck!

  14. I think this is a wonderful idea...I will be starting up an Etsy shop within the next week or two and have been looking around for blogs that I could sponsor/advertise on so I'd definitely be interested if you decided to accept sponsors. :)

  15. After having taken a break from the blog world since becoming pregnant, it was exciting to see that you're prego too and at about the same point(I'm 24 weeks). I've been getting those blood pressure light-headedness lately and have found that lying on your left side for 10 minutes makes it disappear(probably not possible at work, but is a solution). Lets that vein on the right side get the blood pumping. Love your blog!

  16. so glad you are adding some sponsors! we talked about it a year ago, so I am so happy you are taking it to a new, non sell-out level :)
    i would love happy owl to sponsor my dear sometimes sweet friend.
    just let me know what to do.

  17. A little ad wouldn't hurt your blog!
    Here in France, blogger tend to make lots of sponsored post and some blogs look more like giant ad. But I'm sure you won't go that road.
    Thanks for the book advise and excuse my poor english!

  18. I know I got more anxious in general throughout both pregnancies and a little while after both and always blamed it on the hormones. Maybe it's a combo of a few things.

    I used to get really light headed in church when I'd stand to sing. I was usually rushing to get there without having had breakfast, tired from not sleeping well the night before, on top of trying to breathe deeply to sing and standing up wonder I almost fainted every time.

    It sounds like you're really in tune with your body which is going to be super helpful through labor!

  19. I feel exactly the same about sponsors, don't really like how some blogs charge ridiculous amounts to be featured on their blog when it's small businesses that need the publicity the most. Oh and about the anxiety, i empaphise completely. It sucks.

    I would love to be on your blog though! I'm just starting out with my business selling artwork and accessories, trying to build up more of a name for myself. Would love it if you could take a look :)



  20. Oh my Gosh congratulations on the baby!I've been absent from the blogging world lately so have only just read about it! This is great, i bet you will make a super Mother!!

  21. i love sponsors! i'd love to sponsor your blog!