Wednesday, August 4, 2010



Today's been such a good day. I feel like we're on pins and needles waiting to hear back about the house- we're scheduled to hear something this week! Possibly Monday, but hopefully before the weekend. This will seem like a bunch of nonsense if you're not familiar with short sales, but the bpo came back and our offer was right on we're basically crossing our fingers that all the signs that are pointing to yes actually follow through and say yes. If you are familiar with short sales, you'd know that it could fall through at any time. Although we are in the very last stage and everything has been smooth sailing, and has moved quite quickly over the past month since we made our offer, nothing is certain until we sign those papers. I've been sending so much positive energy into the air and visualizing the heck out of this situation. With Henry arriving pretty soon this would make life a lot easier. So we'll see! We're continuously looking at houses, and although nothing we've found is as great as this one, I know we'll be able to find something else we like if need be. Time is the only thing that is a little iffy, since we are renting and our lease can only be extended month to month for so long! Apparently we're playing the "how much stress can we put on this pregnant lady" game. haha.

Other than that, work this week has been so much fun. It's nice to see so many happy faces and spend time with my teacher friends. This year has such a positive vibe about it and I'm glad to be back. I'm already done with my preparation so I've been having a lot of time to enjoy Harry Potter (currently on Book 2) and plan out the entire semester for the sub that will take over in my absence. The weather has also been so beautiful up here, and Hank and I have been taking evening strolls every night, and he's been playing basketball with his friends, which makes me ecstatic that he's out enjoying himself. As usual we've been cooking dinner each night, and tonight Hank is making his curry again. It looks and smells 100x better than last time, which says a lot since last time was amazing!

I realized last night that I forgot to do a 24 week pregnancy update so I will be doing my week 25 update tomorrow as scheduled, and you might see a bit of a jump in my belly size! I definitely think it's been growing a bit in the last couple of weeks.

Also, before I go, here are a couple odds and ends!

1) I signed up for Home Ec today and I am SO incredibly excited. Nervous, but mainly excited! Have any of you signed up or are any of you planning to? If you're curious, click here to learn more about this AWESOME class! And what perfect timing for me! I'm looking forward to learning all the basics (and a so much more), and making all sorts of things from curtains to plush animals, and one day, even clothing! As soon as I wrap up this entry I'm heading over to the Home Ec private blog for the first time and I can't wait. :)

2) I also wanted to share my current favorite blog with all of you-

I've been an avid reader for a month or so, and this is seriously one of the absolute best blogs I've come across dealing with all-natural, healthy living. It's a wealth of information, and even though I feel like I'm very well-educated, I learn something new every single day (often many new things)! I urge all of you to add Chemical Free Skinny to your daily read, and be sure to let me know what you think!

3) Speaking of natural, I have to share my favorite snack of the week! If I'm in a bind and totally craving something chocolate, I've found Clif's Zbars in Chocolate Brownie to the be the best option. As a rule I try to stay away from consuming tons of packaged foods, but this is such a yummy treat and fairly healthy as well. I think it tastes just like a brownie and the entire bar is only 130 cal, 3.5 g of fat, 10g of sugar, and you get 3g of fiber and 3g of protein! Not too bad for something I like to enjoy for dessert, along with some fresh berries.

Well yay! I'm enjoying getting back into posting almost daily updates. This summer was a little strange with all the traveling we did, and it was hard for me to get into the groove and really sit down and write my usual posts, outside of the weekly features and pregnancy updates. I'm really looking forward to these next months, and sharing so many fun and exciting things with you all! Happy Wednesday!


  1. z bars are the best. the apple one is my favorite!

  2. i'm thinking about signing up for home ec too... but i'm not sure if i will have the extra $ for all the supplies that are needed? hmmm?

    we love those clif kids bars too. they are one of malcolm's favorite little snacks.

    wishing you the best on this house! <3

  3. I really need to invest in a sewing machine! I would love to sign up for that home ec class.

  4. I really think that Home Ec class is going to be awesome :) I want to take it, but I have other things to focus on right now haha!

    Love and Turtledoves,

  5. I am signing up for home ec tomorrow <3. Excited to see you around class! Its going to be so much fun and I'm sure as a soon-to-be mama you'll make the sweetest little things! Xoxo.

  6. I'm doing HomeEc too! I already tweeted to you about it because it's nice to recognize someone, it's the first class I've done online and I've been a bit nervous about it! It'll be so fun! Hope all goes well with your (potential) house, you guys really deserve it!


  7. I am all signed up and ready for the Home Ec's gonna be crazy trying to make everything while school starts (ASU) and working but I can't wait to see all the great stuff everyone will make!

  8. hi doll!
    good luck with the home ec class, I wanted to do it but school is starting so soon and those little kinders are going to kick my bootie!
    so excited for you about the house...your first home is the best!
    still preparing your little alaska package for you and the babe! I was just thinking that we have been reading eachother's blog for over a year when you had just a couple hundred followers, CRAZY!!

  9. The home ec class looks so fun! I hope they offer it again in the fall since I won't have access to my sewing machine while i move. You'll have to keep us posted about the projects you make!

  10. Hi Danielle I have signed up for home ec I am really nervous as well :) I too have rarely used my machine so this is so inspiring

  11. Hi Danielle, I'm not taking the Home Ec Class, as I have a degree in Costume design, so am pretty handy with a sewing machine. The projects do look really neat though, so I was definately tempted!

    As for chemical free living, check out some of my blog! I have been on a mission to rid my house of chemical cleaners for the past few months. It has been a bit of a slow process, because I don't want to just waste the money I spent on all those cleaning products I bought previously, so feel I must use them up. Anyhow, with a little one in the house, I feel it is really important to me to have a more "natural" way of living and this includes cleaning! If you have a chance, pop on by. :)

    -Christina :o)

  12. I just signed up for the class today.
    I couldn't be more excited!
    Can't wait to start. :)


  13. My little toddler loves the chocolate chip cookie bars from Clif KIds : ) and so do I!!

  14. Those Clif bars are good huh? I was suppose to get a free sample in the mail, but they never came. I'll have to try that. So totally trying to lose weight after having a baby last year.

  15. I signed up for Home Ec last week and I am SOOO EXCITED! I have been a lover of sewing since I was just 13. I think that this class will be so much fun and an awesome way to meet new people! I so look forward to seeing the cute things we all make :)

    Loves, Lynne