Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day!

To celebrate Hank and I have planned an entire day of doing only fun, non-laborious things! Who's with us? The only things on our agenda are being home when the bed is delivered, and having a fun day downtown, with our one mission being to buy a ton of fudge and eat it until our stomachs hurt! I think I made add in a few more stops along the way so we can get some hot apple cider too. Later in the evening we will be meeting Hank's grandma for her birthday dinner, which I'm really looking forward to. Mexican food here we come!

Recently I've also been having a great time in Home Ec. Before I took this class I was completely clueless about using my sewing machine, but with each project I get more and more comfortable. At first it was hard because I didn't know a bobbin from a presser foot, but I've been working hard at understand each little step and I feel really pleased with my progress. It's a great feeling to accomplish something that I was previously so, so intimidated by, and I'm proud of myself for sticking with it! I'm really excited for some of the upcoming projects as well- especially the curtains and the bibs! Here are a couple of things I've made so far:

a drawstring pouch:
drawstring pouch (better image)

and a reusable tote:
reusable tote

I've also have a fun time picking out fabric. So far I've just ventured into Joann and other random places around town, but the more I look online the more I fall in love with so many amazing things floating around the internet! If you have any recommendations for great online fabric selections, I'd love to hear them!

This week should fly by pretty quickly. We have half days on Wednesdays, so since we are starting on Tuesday the week should be a fast one. To start off the week on a great foot, I thought I'd include a little playlist for you to enjoy. These are some songs that have been making me happy lately. And let me know if you have a favorite song out of the bunch! It's hard for me to choose because like I said, these are all favorite songs of mine right now, but I'm always a little impartial to Sunny Day Real Estate and Jets to Brazil. I hope you enjoy them! :)

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  1. Wow those are really good considering your had no clue how to use your sewing machine. If that was me wow, it wouldn't even look recognizable! Haha
    Also that is a beautiful picture of you! :)

  2. i need to find some chocolate today on my day off! id love to be able to use a sewing machine someday, ill take a class hopefully.

  3. I love that little pouch. I've seen similar ones that you can use as a reuseable sandwhich bag for lunch. I'm not sure what to line the inside with though?

    keep up the happying sewing :]

    teenie xo

    {esty shop}

  4. Love how your projects are turning out!

    & Jets to Brazil is my favorite band. <3

  5. awwww....very cute makins'!! be careful...fabric is VERY addictive! (-:

  6. hi doll,
    love lazy days!!! and your fabric is adorable. good job mama.

  7. that makes me wish i would have taken home ec! i considered doing it... oh well! your projects are so cute!

  8. OMG! I'm in the class too! :) I skipped making that little pouch, but did make the napkins and bag. Your sewing technique looks good!

    Happy Sewing! :D

  9. This is so cute!! I have always wanted to be a seamstress in my own right, but I can't afford/find a cheap or used sewing machine that is decent! So jealous. And, love your fabric choices!


  10. I am so mad that I didn't know about that sewing class!

  11. Your stuff looks really cute! I love as a source of inexpensive fabric. Their selection is huge and they have a 1.95 a yard sale section. :)


    I love all of Ben Gibbard's solo work! That + Rogue Wave's "Everyday"+The Postmarks cover of "You Only Live Twice" makes this playlist pure magic. It truly is making my French studying ten times better.

    I love reading your blog so so much!

  13. You're getting good at the sewing :)

  14. I just popped by & wanted to say I LOVE YOUR BLOG. I found it the other day & fell in lovee.

    I like the things you have made, soon you'll be making yourself clothes.
    I love sewing but with little fingers around here its hard because she wants to join in all the time.


  15. I had to chime in to say your sewing looks great! Once you get used to your machine you will feel like you can sew anything!

    I am a total fabric addict and here are some of the shops I love to browse: has a lot of great sponsors too. I love to look at fabric online, but nothing beats checking it out in person so definitely hunt down some local quilt shops. I think the Cloud9 forest friends organic flannel that just came out would be perfect for you to make a receiving blanket. Happy sewing!

  16. Good for you sewing! (I dropped out of my sewing class in Fashion Design school... SHAME! But I am determined to start up again on my own terms.)

    Happy Labor Day! I hope you had fun and lots of fudge!

  17. Hey Classmate!
    LOVE how your tote turned out - your fabric choice rocks!
    Keep up the awesome work.
    See you in class!

  18. my goodness woman, you are ADORABLE.

  19. stephanie (pink gardenia)September 7, 2010 at 3:22 PM

    i bought the same floral fabric the other day - I plan to use it for the apron (i'm taking home ec too!). i just finished curtains with the lemon fabric you have too :)

    i think you would really like the selection at - so many swoon worthy choices!!

    make sure you share your pics with the flickr group if you haven't already - they look great!

  20. Thanks for sharing this play list! I love Jets to Brazil, Ben Kweller, Ben Gibbard & Bright Eyes. And I really enjoyed all of the new tunes I had never heard before, especially "Oh! September" and Rogue Wave's cover of "Maps" and "You Only Live Twice."

    Your sewing projects turned out so cute! I love the fabric you chose.

  21. Love your sewing projects! I signed up for Home Ec knowing full well I would be behind the whole time. Seeing your projects completed is definitely inspiring me to get going with mine!

  22. hey Danielle!

    you should check out our online fabric store, Cabbage Rose Quilting! we get all the newest lines first and have everything beginner sewers need to start a lifetime of crafty-ness!

  23. ok this is the best playlist ever...I have been listening to it all week! A lot of the songs remind me of my college days :) Thanks! I'm listening right now while I make roasted fall veggie pizza...yum!

  24. cuuute bags!! I loved making the tote bag! I love the colors and patterns you chose for the gift bag as well!


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