Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Little boys are made of...

favorite mug

Okay. So at first when I found out we were having a boy a slight, tiny, mini little disappointment went through me ONLY because I adore all things girly, baby girl clothing, girl toys, etc. All along I wanted a boy first, but when this secret wish actually came true and my family and I hightailed it over to Target to buy Baby H's first items of boy clothing, I may or may not have lingered in the little girl's section for too long. AND I may or may not have shed a tiny tear for the mini-watermelon bathing suit that wouldn't work for our little guy, the adorable ruffly yellow dress that caught my eye, or the extremely girly pink rainboots that would never be (at least not yet!). This disappointment lasted for just a moment, and it was completely silly, and quickly dissipated. Now I couldn't be more excited about all of the absolutely darling little boy options my friends and I have found for Henry to wear, and I always have a great time shopping for him even though he isn't even here yet!

Just today H.'s Auntie Amber (visit her blog here- sent over a link to what might just be my most favorite selection of little boy clothing I've ever seen (with the exception of my "favoritest," J. Crew's Crewcuts!) via the wonderful Zara. I just had to share the cuteness with all of you! To see the entire lookbook, visit Zara at this link and take a peek! And also feel free to click the photos to view them in a larger size.

CUTE, huh?! The girl's lookbook is pretty darling too. Have you seen any super adorable little boys clothing lately? If so, feel free to share the link in the comments!



  1. so beyond cute. I will love the day I have a child!

  2. Aww they are so cute! Sometimes I wish I would have had a boy, but I love my little girl. :)

    Little Sugar Monster

  3. I didn't think boys clothes could be that adorable!

  4. Boys clothes are hard! I was never into sports or bears for Leo. I found a lot of clothes at H&M and Target. Stripes mixed with plaids and a good pair of converse. And Hats for boys are the only true accessories you can give them. Do I sound crazy? Probably but it is so irritating that boys just dont have cute stuff readily available like girls!
    Good luck

  5. oh my goodness, beyond adorable! i love it.

  6. Aww, those outfits are adorable! I really like the hats.

  7. i want a little boy to dress up haha! you are honestly one hot soon-to-be mama!

  8. So cute. I have a 2 month old boy. Infant boys clothing is definitely lacking unless you prefer sports, animals or modes of transportation. Blah!
    I love

  9. I saw some of the girl photos from this line and totally envied the wardrobe! so cute :)

    The little boys look like little men!

  10. I recently started purchasing Mini Boden for my 2 little boys and i am in love... The quality and prints are super cute!!!

  11. I, too, had that fragment of disappointment because I just "knew" I was carrying a girl. Of course I got over it within a split second because it was just so exciting to know who we'd be meeting 4.5 months later! I wouldn't trade my dude for any number of girls.

    Now that that schmaltz is out of the way, here are some rad brands I've found for Henry over the years. Granted, he's 10 now, so it's easier, but some of these carry infant clothing as well as bigger boys'...

    Scotch & Soda/Shrunk
    Trunk Ltd
    Imps & Elves
    No Added Sugar
    Replay & Sons
    Monster Republic
    Hiho Batik
    Gold Rush
    Mini Shatsu
    Joah Love
    Mish Mish
    Wes and Willy
    Hank Player
    Rare (or RaRe)

    Prolly enough to get you started! :)

  12. so so cute!
    I've always wanted a little boy first. I love to look at little boy things.
    I think my husband is conviced that if we have a little boy, he will have every onezie and baby thing from
    We will see about that, but there are some cute things.

  13. love these:

  14. I think all pregnant women secretly want a girl at first... even if they don't admit it... but my friends who have recently had boys have told me that they cannot imagine having girls now-- because little boys are SO much fun!

    I love the pics of boys clothes you posted! It make me wanna a boy now! (I find out in 2 weeks!)

  15. i got an email a little while ago and it was for the clothing company fred perry. they have a kids line and thats what the email was about, i opened the email and died when i saw the little cardigan.

  16. I imagine I would have the same response (Which I know is why I feel like I will end up with a boy as my first baby) I don't have a lot of sites to recommend, but I was just at a shop in porland called "black wagon" and they had SUCH cute little boy stuff. they have a website too:

    the robot boy onesie is pretty darn cute:

    and bigger boy clothes:

  17. We were lucky enough to get a lot of hand-me-downs but we also frequent thrift stores and yardsales weekly so we are able to hook up our little dude in a hodge-podge of all sorts. We just buy cool shoes new and an item here and there from Gap like hoodies, jackets and jeans. He's at pretty stylish little guy. I love the J Crew line, just can't part with that kind of money when we find such great stuff used. You are going to have a blast dressing him though. You can find great stuff if you know where to look.

  18. used this cute shop with all three of mine (one girl two boys)

  19. I saw this bank and thought of you...would be cute in H's room!

    We are thinking about getting a Boston!,&navCount=462&navAction=poppushpush&color=&pushId=A_FURN_PRETTY&popId=A_DECORATE&prepushId=&selectedProductSize=

  20. little miss matched at babies r us has cute boy stuff. not just cause i work there, haha. the boy stuff has cute stripes and little air planes. it's a lot of bold colors, way cute.

  21. that jcrew stuff is just adorable. I wish I could get my boys, 6 and 8 to wear it. They dress themselves these days and it is usually a mismatched tshirt and shorts and some crocs. Have so much fun with your little boy, they are amazing.

  22. I absolutely LOVE shopping mini boden for kids' clothes. They sell infant all the way thru teen years and adulthood.

  23. not that this is everyday wear, but if i had a boy, these would be first on my list:

  24. Have you seen psychobaby? It has super cute tattoo style baby stuff..

  25. I love that you posted this! I am a mother of a boy and have always felt a little jipped when it came to finding cute boy clothes. I have found most of my favorites at Baby Gap and H&M. Childrens Place and Crazy 8's can sometimes have cute things as well.

    xo Krista