Thursday, September 9, 2010

A slice of...Austin, Texas!

for my new blog feature

This week I am so happy to share one of my darling best friends in the whole wide world with y'all...and her little slice of Austin, Texas (hence the y'all!). Amber Joy has always been a fixture here at Sometimes Sweet and if you're a regular reader I'm sure you recognize her from any of the million photos we take when we are together. Amber is actually from Prescott originally and kind of grew up with Hank, they went to the same high school and all of that jazz. I met her about six years ago through all of our mutual friends, and we've spent many summers and all of our school/holiday breaks together having some of the best adventures and the most fun, silly girly times you could imagine. Amber is now a newer resident to the Lone Star state, as she moved from Santa Barbara just a few months ago, but has already settled in and has happily made Texas her new home. Prior to that she lived in the great city of San Francisco for many years, and although she easily could have written page upon page of her favorite SF things to do and places to go, and I wanted her to share Austin with us! I definitely can't wait to go and visit her once little Henry is born so he can see where his Auntie Amber lives, and so we can visit all of these neat locations. It looks like a fun, lively place and seeing it through Amber's eyes has been wonderful, and I hope all of you enjoy it as well. Also, check out her blog, and be sure to leave her a little hello! And now, here's Amber!

As a recent transplant to the Austin area I am barely scraping the surface of all the great things this city has to offer, but I am already overwhelmed with all of the great entertainment, variety and never ending things to do so far! Although maybe pre-mature these are my top five favorite things to do in Austin, Texas!

1. Barton Springs: This is an amazing natural spring that they allow the public to enjoy. The water is always FREEZING, but feels so wonderful on those crazy hot summer days of Austin! It normally costs $3 for a day, but from 9pm-10pm it's free swim and what could be better than a night swim in a natural spring.. for FREE?

2. Liberty! This is a staple bar on the east side of the city that features a wonderful family seating atmosphere on the back patio. Another feature on the patio is a delicious food trailer that's open for as long as the bar is and it's definitely a must try. They also have a great happy hour with $1.50 16 oz PBR and there ain't nothin' wrong with that! But most importantly, Liberty is a wonderful spot to check out some pretty fly doodz!

3. Lone Star Beer...the NATIONAL beer of Texas because "to drink anything else would be treason".

4. Hey Cupcake! Just deliciously wonderful. I am pretty darn picky about my red velvet cupcakes and I must say...they take the cake! Hey C.C. also offers many other absolutely yummy options often including one vegan flavor of the day. Something for everyone!

5. Favorite far....I still have a lot of exploring to do in this area, but South Congress will be tough to beat. It is most accurately and easily described as the Haight st. of Austin. It features a great number of vintage, costume, eclectic stores and some great little food spots. If you end up visiting grab a cupcake and dive into some of the fun stores such as Uncommon Objects and Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds and prepare to lose a couple hours, but all in good fun!

So there you have it, Amber's lil' slice of Texas! xoxo

summertime Amber Joy


  1. I miss Austin. All of those places bring me back to college. Those were the days and that was definitely THE town for me.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  2. Nice! I just went to Barton Springs on Saturday - sooo nice! And who doesn't love S Congress?

    Great little slice of Austin :D

    - AJ, an Austinite ;)

  3. I love both of you girls!! Amber, great post! I'm SO glad I have you to eventually welcome me to Austin when I make my big move (will you still be there in 2020?? ;) ) <3 <3 <3

  4. I've always wanted to visit Texas. I guess I'll have to make Austin my pick of choice!

  5. its looks so amazing, i have huge plans to travel america and Austin is definately on the list!

  6. I've never been, but it looks super cute! :)

  7. saaaweeet blog! love the tatt and skirt <3

  8. I keep thinking about Austin. Thanks for this.

  9. I've always wanted to go to Austin! Looks like fun place.

  10. Austin is by far the best city in Texas. I'm a Texas transplant and it is my favorite place to visit. South Congress is my favorite area. South Congress Cafe for brunch with Carrot Cake French's amazing!

  11. parts and labour used to be down the street from UCO. :/ not sure if they are there anymore, but theyre pretty cool indie artist shopping!

    i miss austin so! theres also a awesome italian diner on soco too!

  12. i ALSO miss austin! i still visit, but not as often as i used to :(
    walking down south congress is the BEST. so much good food and good shops...sigh :)
    now that you've checked out barton springs, amber, it's time to hit up hamilton pool!

  13. I love this, such a great idea. If you ever want a slice of San Diego, let me know :)