Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Slice of...Nantes, France!

for my new blog feature

This week, I am happy to feature the sweet Jennifer! Jennifer is an Australian by paper and a New Zealander by birth, and is currently living in Nantes, France. Be sure to check out her lovely blog at: All of her art and photos and words are just perfect! Thank you Jennifer for sharing a little slice of your city with all of us.

...and a quick note from me- I'll be back in the morning with a little "life update," and now that we're settled I'll be regularly blogging as usual. :)

But for now...a Slice of Nantes, by Jennifer!

Nantes (pronounced 'nont') is a neat little city two hours south west of Paris. Nantes is a perfect example of a humble French city and much less crowed than Paris. It comes complete with Castle, Cathedral, cobblestone streets, big and small rivers, tram system, lots of water fountains, those yummy French bakeries, lots of crazy people and being France it wouldn't be complete without the French dog poo.

This city is my home away from home for many reasons and I'm glad I can share a slice of it with you.

The Jazz & Belle Plaisance Festival from the 26 - 29 August. The river side is animated for the weekend with everything from Jazz, Blues and folk music with Creperie and oyster stands and as much free fun as you want to have. Its a great way to experience the true Nantes.

Rue du Marechal Joffre, one of my favourite places in the city. Just about every type of shop you can imagine is on this street. Two bakeries, three hair salons, six kebabs shops, music shop, beautician, six bars and four really good cafes.

On this fabulous street is Le Cyclope Theatre. Its an independent theatre that's in connection with one of the bars down the street. It features some truely unique pieces of original french theatre.

La Meche Rebelle. Best Hair dressing Salon on the street. Gibus Dingriville is the owner and master of hair. He speaks French/English and is very friendly. The hair salon is named after a popular graphic novel.

Frip in Shop. Also on Marechal Joffre. Great place to get cheap vintage finds, friendly service and a coffee or two.

So there you go, a Slice of Nantes! I hope you enjoyed it.


  1. It makes me happy and blessed to see a post about my old country. I miss living in France!!! Hope she is having such an amazing in Nantes.

  2. I love this so much, and her blog is perfect.

  3. that town looks so pretty! id love to travel out of the country someday

  4. Wow, France looks amazing! I would love to just visit there!

    Little Sugar Monster

  5. I lived in Nantes for a while! Lovely place!

  6. My Grandfather took me to Nantes to visit family living there when I was 17. It's such a beautiful place! I got so excited when this!