Sunday, October 3, 2010

Baby Shower! (extremely image heavy)

Yesterday was one of those days that was so full of love and happiness that I felt like my heart might burst from joy. I can't even explain how much I appreciate all of my friends and family, there are no words to really express the gratitude I feel for each and every one of them making yesterday such a special day. As I looked around the room at so many of the people I consider my family, I was completely overwhelmed with these beautiful feelings, and also thoughts of how incredibly lucky Henry is to have so, so many people who already love him so much. My best friends were there, my Mom and sister, my Grandma and one of my Aunts, my in laws and their side of the family, tons of my girlfriends and work friends and people from all different parts of my life. It was neat to have them all in one place, and also to know that the friends and family who couldn't make it were still a part of the celebration.

The shower was beautiful and my family did an amazing job, as usual, with the entire event. There wasn't a detail spared, and there was something adorable and perfect at every turn. From the beautiful cake (red velvet) to the floral arrangements, to the hanging onesies and "Henry IV" pacifier cake toppers, all the sage green, the extremely generous gifts to the favors, it was all over the top and really gorgeous. I'm so thankful for all of it and even typing about it now makes me emotional!

Most of my friends and family traveled up to Prescott to come to the shower and I am so thankful they took time to do that. Afterward, some of my family and friends who hadn't seen our new home yet came over and we gave everyone the grand tour, then a handful of my girlfriends spent the night. We went downtown and ate dinner at Cafe St. Michael (their veggie burgers are so, so good) then walked around awhile so Zoe and Sarah could get a little taste of Prescott's "interesting" nightlife. We ended up in the candy store and chit chatting in the gazebo before we headed up for a fun sleepover. This morning we woke up and had some breakfast, Z. and S. left and Erin and I had a fun time together as usual, visited Adie at work and ate delicious food. It was a perfect day.

Here are some photos from the shower and after, mainly taken by my darling Sarah (thank you Suki Su)! It's funny because since I've been pregnant I'm sure you've noticed I haven't been posting photos of myself very often. I decided to just get over it, so here's a BUNCH. Enjoy!

before the shower, at our house- Autumn, Shirley and me :)
before the shower, at our house

Sar and me!
my darling Suki

I love this one
the ladies!

34 weeks!
8.5 months pregnant

Auntie Shirley and Carter
Auntie Shirl and Carter


love them

baby Kyler and me- it's crazy to think I will be holding OUR son so, so soon! Ahh!
baby Kyler!

en route to the shower!
en route 1

amazing cake- red velvet of course!
the amazing cake- it was red velvet and cream cheese inside. soo good!

loving this detail
Henry IV!

some of the cute favors
so cute


Shirl and some of the presents
some of the gifts



It's a boy!

my new, amazingly comfortable glider! Such a great gift :)
my new glider, so comfy




my beautiful, amazing mama and me
my beautiful amazing mama and me

gift time!

opening presents
opening presents

cutie pie Layla!

Erin and 1-month old Kyler
Erin and 1-month old Kyler

Zoe and Chloe!
Zoe and Chloe!

the blanket Erin made Henry
blanket Auntie Erin made Henry

If you remember from a previous post regarding my shower, my Mom had included in the invite that people should bring signed books instead of cards, so Henry got so many books! His library is already so full which is awesome. It's also amazing to be able to read all the thoughtful inscriptions and know that H. will be able to cherish those as well.
so many books!


I love Crystal!

my two favorite Sarahs!
Sarah x2

the Gurrola girls and Laur, some of our oldest and dearest friends
Gurrola girls and Laur



flowers and Adie
flowers and Adie

Sarah and Zoe
S & Z

Hank showed up just in time to cut the cake with me, cheesy wedding cake style ;)
Hank showed up at the end, for cake!

cutting the cake

a small amount of the ladies, we took this at the end of the day so a lot had already left, sorry girls!
some of the ladies

trying out his manly diaper bag
trying out his manly diaper bag!

after the shower, at dinner
later that night...dinner at Cafe St. Michael

Erin at dinner


love them
love these girls

Sarah and me blurry but I still like it :)

Zoe + candy, always!
candy store!

Adie and Erin
Adie and Erin

cutie Sarah

I love this one!
love this one

So yes, it was just the best day and night...I was so sad to have to see everyone leave. I totally have a "fun hangover" now and I'm a little over emotional and feeling a little sad that everyone isn't still here! I wish all of my friends and family lived closer but it does make it more special when they come to visit. Now, off to try and sort through a million baby things! I love it. :)

I hope everyone has a beautiful Monday.


  1. I can't get over that you are going to have a baby in weeks! WEEKS!!! GAH!

    Love you!

  2. the shower looked like a great time!

  3. Looks like you had the most amazing time, and you look radiant!!!

  4. Aww it looks like you had an amazing time. It looks like it was a wonderful baby shower!! You also look great. :)

    Little Sugar Monster

  5. It looks like you have an amazingly loving family! I do too and it's an amazing feeling. That is one of the reasons I'm SO afraid to leave my area, I don't want to leave mine behind! Yours don't seem to be too far away though, so that's good!

    I've been reading your blog for a couple of months now and it's going to be fun to watch you transition into mommyhood :)

  6. YAY! Congratulations! What a beautiful party :) And you are a beautiful mother :)

  7. Oh my goodness it looks like you had an amazing weekend! You'll have to email me your address so I can mail you a sweet gift for little Henry :)


  8. SO CUTE! wish i could have been there too. so excited for your little sweet henry to arrive!
    love & hugs.

  9. Wow, it looks like it was an amazing day! My little biological clock is ticking that much harder. *sigh*
    I love all the sage green, the cake looks gorgeous and that glider is so great! I would have in it my house with a baby or not! And it's such a lovely idea to have people sign books, Henry will cherish them so much when he's older.

  10. Looks like a fantastic time! I so love the idea of all the signed books...

    enjoy your last few weeks of being pregnant! xox

  11. Just started reading your blog. Looks like you had a great shower.

    I am also 34 weeks along due on the 16th of November so I will be watching your space to see who goes first.

    The past few days I have gone a little crazy reading birth stories online. Have you? Good luck!


  12. Aaaaaaw, love your great pics :)

    Looks like you had such an amazing party.

    I really love your huge baby belly :) Just a few weeks...I'm so excited for you!

    xo, Mel

  13. Everything is so cute! I'm so glad you have such wonderful friends and family to throw you this great baby shower. Glad to see you had a beautiful time!

  14. It looks like you had a great time! Oh, how I miss being pregnant and having a baby shower. My mister got that diaper bag, too. It has somehow turned into our everyday bag. It holds so much!

  15. Beautiful baby shower...all the details was perfect. You're also look great & glowing. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Everything looked sooooo lovely and like it was such a wonderful, special time! Thanks for sharing it with us!!

  17. fun fun fun! and what a gorgeous house!

  18. great shower pics!! I love the cake.

  19. What a lovely shower! I'm glad that you had such a special day! It looked amazing & you looked beautiful! You are going to LOVE that glider! It's going to be your best friend.
    I'm so BUMMED I wasn't there! Dang work.

  20. what fun!
    i just came across your blog and am now following. i'm pregnant with my 4th, it's nice to see another pregnant blogger :D

  21. You're all belly! :] The cake look adorable.

  22. Absolutely lovely. One of my oldest friends gave my son Desmond The Giving Tree and I still haven't been able to get through reading it to him without crying. I love that book so much. I hope you have better luck with it.

  23. Aw, so much love! Enjoy your final month :D

  24. such love in those pictures! that baby will be loved on for sure!

  25. Danielle, I love the new hair color! You look absolutely radiant. I am so happy you got to share that time with your family and friends. Your shower looked so beautiful.


    PS-Do you and Zoe have the same "mouse flats"?

  26. You are adorable! I love your cute pregnant belly!!! The shower looks like it was so much fun! I can't believe you are about to have Henry! It's so weird because I totally feel like I know you from following your blog. I'm just super happy for you!!

  27. You are one cute lil mama to be. Thanks for sharing all these pics, you got the motherload of goodies!! ;)

  28. What a fun time, You look adorable pregnant! All that looks like it changed is the size of your baby belly. I love the signed book instead of a card idea, gonna have to use that one day:)

  29. Long Time Reader, First Time CommenterOctober 4, 2010 at 2:59 PM

    Congrats on a beautiful baby shower.
    I unfortunately was not blessed with fortune, nor a family/friends who could help me with baby 'things' (party, cake, books instead of cards - money doesn't grow on trees!- etc). Pleased to see that all in life do not struggle.
    Just remember don't get caught up in all the 'stuff' you get/need to have, designer baby bags etc. Sure it's nice but it doesn't always equate to a happy healthy baby. Just one with lots of stuff.
    I'm sure you'll be a great mother, not a superficial one. What really matters in the values you install, not what pram he/she is pushed in.
    All the best with your pregnancy. Doesn't look like your baby will want for much in life.
    Good luck.

  30. What lovely friends and family you have. so amazing. your little baby is so blessed.
    You look positively radiant as well. Love all of your tattoos.

    -Morgan (Blackbird Fly)
    Blackbird Fly

  31. Ah!
    Cute baby onesies, cute cake, adorable you... :)

  32. Before i leave my sweet, mushy comment i have to take notice that you are actually wearing jeans!! I dont think you ever posted a pic of you in jeans!

    The shower looked fabulous. Your friends and family are amazing. I have been following your journey since right after you got married and i am so excited for you and Hank. All my best and i cant wait to see pics of your sweet little Henry.

  33. this post makes me happy! you are soo beautiful and i love reading your blog. (=

  34. You can barely tell you are pregnant! You look gorgeous :]

  35. books make such rad baby shower gifts! i always give books. people forget about them and usually do clothes (which are fun too, don't get me wrong) but new parents have to start building up a library f children's books- it take a lot of time.

  36. How wonderful! Congrats to you and the impending arrival of you sweet baby! Just a short time reader here. Love your tattoo Tuesdays and stayed to see the rest.

  37. Great pics - thanks for sharing - and you look awesome!

    Um. Could you send me a piece of that cake please?

  38. Im due in november too. On friday my first thought was i get to meet baby next month. next month doesn,t the time just fly by! i hope the best for your birth experience.

  39. This is so exciting! Looks like a great shower. :) What kinds of things did you get/register for??

  40. EEK! youre wearing pants:)

    you look amazing, dani! loooove you.

  41. that looks like an incredible day!

  42. I normally dislike photo-heavy posts, but I think this is probably my favourite post you've ever done haha- after reading your blog so long, it's nice to see photos of everything. You look awesome! And so so many nice gifts! Have a great week.

  43. Oh PS, I watched Ginger Snaps last night (terrible, I know, though it is October!) and the curly haired 'popular girl' is played by Danielle Hampton. I guess it's not that rare a name, but I sat up and said "oh!" Haha.

  44. so much fun! and i seriously LOVE that book idea instead of cards, i'm definitely remembering that for the future. i can't believe henry will be here soon! :)

  45. What a great shower! I love EVERYTHING! So glad you had such a great time! You certainly deserve it! I'm so happy for you. CONGRATULATIONS! Thanks for sharing precious photos.

  46. you're looking so well! baby showers are such a milestone, so glad you had such a good time. :)

  47. Your shower was beautiful! The Giving Tree is one of my favorites, too!

  48. Wonderful! My wife's also 34 weeks pregnant now and we're planning to have a baby shower by next month. I'm sure that it will be so much FUN!