Monday, October 4, 2010

Blogs, blogs, blogs!

I thought it would be fun to share a very short list of a few blogs I've been reading and loving lately. My overall Google Reader is chock full of a million amazing blogs and sites, but I'm always finding new ones to love, or sometimes I also fall more in love with my old go-tos. You may already read some (or all of these), but you never know, and one of these may just quite possibly become your new favorite! I'm going to try and do this more often, because I know that I always really adore finding new, wonderful blogs to read. It's such a fun, inspiring feeling to really fall in love with new words, photos, and ideas.

First up is my friend Sarah's blog, "No Thank You Bite."

From the description: "20-something who spends her 9-5(ish) in the fashion industry and her time off the clock in the kitchen. With a great bottle of wine and music streaming through the house, that is." I love it! Sarah is not just a good friend but also someone who I admire as an amazing cook. She really steps out of the box when creating meals and dishes, and is willing to share with all of us, step by step with photos. She's also a witty writer and her blog is always interesting. Sarah's trying to get into blogging a lot more and post more regularly, and I am so excited about that. So, seriously head over there and say hello! You may even get inspired to try something new. You can click on the photo above to check her out.

The second blog I've been loving for the longest time is my friend Jessica's blog, The Doe or the Deer. A LOT of you probably already read her, but I know that there may be a few of you who don't, and I am posting this for you lovely people!

Jess would probably be labeled as a "mommy-blogger," but she is a lot more than that. She is someone who shares her daily life as a stay-at-home mother of two, a wife, and a very intelligent woman. She combines adorable outfit posts with incredibly thoughtful writing that makes you think and question, she includes brutally honest posts, and of course tons and tons of beautiful photos. This is one of my most favorite blogs in the whole world and I think you will definitely enjoy it if you don't already. You can click on this link or the photo above to head over her way.

The third blog I'm sharing is a site that I find really inspiring, Five Rules for Life.

From the description: "The premise is simple - people from all walks share what they believe are the most important rules to follow for a happy, successful, and fulfilling life. At one time or another we have all said 'if I only knew then what I know now...'; now is your chance to share. What are your 'Five Rules For Life'?" I love this premise and I always, always enjoy reading all of the different rules from all sorts of different people. Sometimes I can relate to them, and other times they are so far outside of my own life and beliefs that it really makes me think. And what's better than that? I feel this blog is a great addition to anyone's regular reads. And like the rest of these links, click here or click the photo above.

The fourth blog I'm sharing today is a newer blog I've been reading and loving- Framed.

Framed is a blog that inspires me to no end with interesting and delicious recipes. Every time a new post pops up in my Reader feed I find myself saving it to my bookmarks so I can attempt the recipe at a later date. From decedent desserts to sumptuous dinners this girl has amazing ideas and executes some fabulous meals! I also love all of the gorgeous food photos she includes in every post. Click the photo above to head over there.

And finally, the last blog I'd love to share with all of you is my blog buddy Chelsea's Tumblr. Some of you may already read her fabulous blog, Seablanket, but if you don't regularly check out her Tumblr you're definitely missing out!

Her Tumblr
is chock full of inspiring eye candy that makes my day everyday! Guaranteed that within a couple minutes or looking through this site you will find about ten images you'll want to save to look at later. From beautiful girls to gorgeous home decor, Chelsea has an eye for beautiful things and I love that she has this outlet to share them all with us!

So there you have, a random grouping of some of my current reads. I'm leaving out about 100 other amazing sites I frequent daily, but I'll continue making these posts and sharing them with all of you! If you have some favorite blogs or websites, I encourage you to share them in a blog post and link us below. I'd love to find some new reads!

Happy Monday. :)

and ps, don't forget to click up on my "blog love" section up there on the right for a lot of my favorite, daily reads!


  1. Thanks for sharing, i have recently started following your blog, and always find it cool to see what blogs others love.

  2. Thanks for sharing those wonderful blogs! I'm checking all of them out.

  3. Thanks for that great post and for sharing :)

    Here's a short list of some of my favourites:

    about that:
    Milla is a girl from Finland, who lives with her husban in Canada (I think...). She loves nature and posts extreme beautiful pics, shows her outfits and tells about her life.

    Always great posts from a Californian girl.

    Others I like:
    (extremely cute!!!)

    And last but not least, I started blogging myself two month ago. Would be happy, if you come around:

    xo, Mel

  4. i have such a big amount of love for jessica at doe or the deer. despite not been a mummy i just think she is such a strong, inspirational woman. yeahhhhh she rocks!

  5. thanks for sharing! I always love finding new blogs!

    -Morgan (Blackbird Fly)
    Blackbird Fly

  6. Thanks for the links! Yummy food and good photos, what more could a girl ask for?! :D

  7. Danielle, I love this! I know I, as well as others I'm sure, are so interested in your reading selections. I really love "Five Rules for Life". It will definitely be added to my top-reads. Thank you!

  8. Thank you for posting this! I always enjoy seeing what others read. I read so many "Mom Blogs" and frankly? I'm getting super bored with and looking for other fun blogs that talk about other things in life, as well as their kids!

    I just started reading your blog and truly enjoy it. You're as cute as a fricking button, I have no clue why you don't like the prego pictures of yourself! You're adorable. I regret not taking "maternity" pictures of myself.

    Love Jess' blog!

    And I just added the first blog you mentioned to my reader. Love cooking blogs.


  9. Thank you for the kind words - I hope you submit your "Five Rules".

  10. Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to read some new blogs, and be ispired even more!

  11. thanks for sharing-- i'm totally looking for new blogs to read.

    love your blog, your tattoo and your style!

  12. can you or anyone else recommend how to best do design w blogspot? im trying to add different phots and such but having a difficult time..thx in advance! also i would love to do your tattoo tuesday sometime. thx cristin xx

  13. Thanks for sharing!
    I hope you could take a look at my blog. Im in desperate need of some followers :(