Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Friends supporting friends

Hi everyone!

My dear friend Brian has entered a special competition where he's designed a dress for the lead singer of Florence + the Machine to wear on stage. Brian and I have been friends since we were in middle school and over the years I've seen him just grow and grow as an artist and designer. He's always been extremely passionate about it, and is incredibly talented. This would be huge for him, and I would truly appreciate it if you would simply click on the link below and vote for his dress. There are a lot of you out there, and if each of you did this it would just be amazing and mean so much to me, and to Brian!

Simply click HERE. The "vote" button is located on the upper right hand section of the page. And thank you, thank you, thank you!

His design, which you can see on the voting page:


  1. Oh my, I'm obsessed with Florence and the Machine right now! I hope he wins!!

  2. Awesome dress!!!
    And I love that band too!

  3. OMG i need that dress for myself! looove it!

    Voted :D

  4. i voted and am about to retweet! ;) xo.

  5. I want to stop by and say THANKYOU x infinity to all you voting for me. The comments and votes are probably going to get really out of I won't be able to thank you all individually. I really really appreciate everybody's votes and retweets/repostings. I will keep Danielle and you all posted on the status after voting has closed.

    Much love and thanks,

  6. Voted & will leave a link on my page for others too vote! Such a talented friend you have x

  7. Voted! Good luck, what a great dress! :)

  8. I voted on facebook too! the dress is awesome! Good look Brian!!!

    xoxo Trine

  9. Awesome design! Will vote and share!


    All this is Grace and Charm

  10. How cool! Just voted and had my guy vote too. Hope he wins!

  11. Wow! Florence would be lucky to wear such a dress. VOTED. :-)