Saturday, October 16, 2010

One more thing...

I've met SO many amazing mamas and moms-t0-be through this site, and I'd love to remain on the first page now that voting has been reset. If you wouldn't mind, please take a moment and click the banner below. It takes just a quick second- all you have to do is click that brown banner down there, and then click again on the text that pops up on the next screen to actually vote. That's it!

Love you all and thank you SO much. xo

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  1. Got it thanks! It didn't show my vote before, the numbers didn't go up. It did this time. Now your number 9 :)


  2. voted!! I just love your blog I can't wait till your little Henry is born!! He is going to be soo cute!!

  3. Hello you.
    I was wondering..
    Do you have any tattoos on your belly ?
    Cause i got my belly tattooed and i was wondering how it will looks like if i got a baby later..

    Oww and by the way, your a the prettiest lady-momy i've ever seen :)

    (sorry about my english.. isnt my first language)


  4. Throw it back my way, cutesie tattooed mama?
    You can vote for us through our blog.

    Lookin' forward to getting to know you on here!

  5. Yikes - just read about you & Hank meeting...
    we have a lot in common.
    I got all excited when I read about his Give Up the Ghost hoodie, HAHA!

  6. Hey! I'm following your blog!
    Can you do the same for me?
    Thanks! :)

    Also, I voted for ya!

  7. that sign is slightly terrifying!