Thursday, October 7, 2010

A slice of...Los Angeles!

for my new blog feature

It's that time again! This week the lovely Julia is showing off her favorite spots in the great city of Los Angeles. Julia is super sweet, and I've known her for quite some time via the internet. I really hope to meet one day, and with the amount of mutual friends we have I'm surprised it hasn't happened sooner! And seriously, how cute is she?! I really enjoy reading her blog which is always chock full of beautiful photos of her and her darling life in LA. If you don't already follow her, you definitely should. Stop by and say hello:

"I normally live in Los Angeles, if you can call it normal living." - Morrissey

Los Angeles has newly become my home, as I’ve only resided here for about 4 months. I’ll admit, at first I was hesitant about moving to this city due to its “Hollywood” reputation but I am so glad I made the move! As I’ve settled into my new town I’ve truly learned to appreciate everything it has to offer. There is truly something for everyone here!

1. Downtown Los Angeles

I currently call downtown my home and it is by far my favorite part of Los Angeles. Downtown has so much character from the cute coffee shops and the art walk to its historic buildings and familiar faces.

Must go to:
  • Babycakes: The cutest bakery with all vegan sweet treats!
  • Bottega Louie: Italian food at it’s chicest… I mean finest!
  • Nickel Diner: The go-to downtown diner
  • The Downtown Art Walk: a quarterly event that showcases all DTLA galleries

2. Veggie Grill

Veggie Grill is heaven for vegans/vegetarians! I discovered this amazing restaurant through a friend a little bit over a year ago and I am addicted! I literally go at LEAST twice a week to the location in West Hollywood. Everything on the menu is delicious! I recommend the chickin’ caesar wrap with sweetheart fries or the santa fe crispy chickin’ with sweetheart fries, of course. Also, it’s the perfect place for a casual date because the interior is very cute/trendy and there is an independent movie theater upstairs!

3. Dancing at The Echo

Echo Park is a part of Los Angeles with tons of character! It has a billion cute thrift shops and the cutest craftsmen homes. I try to visit this area every week and venture to a new eatery (tons of options of vegetarians/vegans), but you’re sure to find me here when The Echo hosts Smiths/ Morrissey night. Need I say more?

4. Santa Monica: 3rd Street

I’m not a beach type gal at all. To put it frankly, I lived in San Diego for two years and went the beach once… at nighttime. When I moved to LA and got hired at Betsey Johnson I was told I was going to be helping out at the Santa Monica store until my store opened and all I could think was “beach”! The new BJ store was literally a block from the pier, which turns out to be quite the cute place! The pier has fun rides, a beautiful view of the ocean, and you don’t even have to get sand in your toes! Aside from the pier, Santa Monica also has 3rd Street Promenade and the new Santa Monica Place mall. The promenade connects into the new mall and it has tons of cute boutiques as well as fun shops such as Barneys Co-op and Betsey Johnson ;). The new Santa Monica Place mall also has tons of tasty restaurants on the third floor that overlooks the ocean, I highly recommend eating at one and enjoying the wonderful California breeze.

5. The El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood

This theatre in Hollywood is operated by the Walt Disney group and showcases all Disney movies, as well as their premiers. The last time I went to a movie there was when I saw Toy Story 3 and I had the best time! The theatre is incredible on the inside and all in all it’s a fun place to go see a cute movie!

So there you have it! My top five must go to’s in Los Angeles! Since I’m new to the area I would love for anyone to leave a suggestion of other fun things to do in Danielle’s comment box!


  1. great feature! i love julia, she's so sweet.

  2. I love LA and this post makes me miss California so much. :(

    Little Sugar Monster

  3. ahhh, the good ol' so CAl days. memories.
    love this feature mamma. xo

  4. Great feature. I lived in LA for a year while attending LMU and seeing the post on 3rd street promnade made me miss LA :(

  5. Veggie Grill is one of the things I miss the most about LA besides my family of course. This was a good feature! If only she included the LA Zoo, Canters, Melrose, Hollywood Blvd, Sunset, etc! LA is definitely a ton of fun but I'm glad I don't live there anymore.

  6. I love seeing different peoples perspective on the city. It's so crazy that I live in the same place (she's downtown and I'm silverlake...basically a few minutes away) and my Los Angeles staples are so different. Just goes to show how big this city is and how much culture has been smashed into it! Great post! Welcome to Los Angeles, Julia!

  7. I wish Seattle would have a Smiths/Morrissey night!

    Speaking of Moz, if you ever need a girl for your tattoo Tuesday, let me know! I have a funny feeling you'd like my Morrissey tattoo :)

  8. YAY my home town's featured! And Julia listed some of my favs!

    Julia - if you haven't already you should definitely check out the Griffith Park Observatory, a show at The Wiltern, and grub at El Compadre on Sunset. I think they have some vegan-friendly meals on the menu. Also, The Getty and LACMA are two of the best museums in the country. Hope you enjoy LA!

  9. When i visited LA two years ago we ate at California Vegan the first day we got there. It was so good that we went back every day of our trip! you should try it if you haven't already.

  10. just moved back to my hometown of LA after 3 years of living in New Zealand. Having issues re-adjusting, so thanks for this, these are places i definetly need to revisit as i try to fall back in love with home :)

  11. welcome to the city!

    if you love veggie grill (which did *not* thrill me on my recent 1st visit), you *must* check out real food daily on la cienega. it's 100% vegan + amazing. i've also got planet raw, in santa monica, on my list to try.

    since you're over in santa monica, pop down to main street, just south of the mall. my husband owns the eco-friendly boutique, the green life + i highly recommend the portabella panini across the street at urth cafe!

    my favorite shopping is thrift stores + flea markets. the melrose trading post at 3rd + fairfax each sunday is nice, though treks to pasadena or long beach once a month are much more fruitful!

    i have a category on my blog called "CITY OF ANGELS" so if you pop over, you can see more.