Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tattoo Tuesday V.41

I am really excited about this week's feature- when I stumbled upon Viviana on flickr I just knew I had to feature her. She's the sweetest thing, and I'm so happy she wanted to be a part of this. So thank you Viviana! I hope all of you enjoy all of her fantastic photos and words- I know I did!

It's so funny because the closer I get to having Henry the bigger my "tattoo itch" gets, and I have the longest list of "to-gets" coming up. This feature is definitely not helping me in that department. There are so many beautiful pieces of art on these wonderful peoples' bodies that I can't help but get inspired every week. Thank you to ALL of you who stop by here and leave such thoughtful comments for my guests and making them feel so welcome. You're the best! And now, onto the darling Viviana!

Name and blog name
: Viviana Agostinho - I don't have a blog, but I share a lot of my life on my Flickr at http://www.flickr.com/photos/shelikescherries . Feel free to stop by!

Age: 33

Occupation: I work for an Internet company

Age of first tattoo: 27

Favorite tattoo: I seriously love all my tattoos, but if I had to pick a favorite it would be the phrase across my back, "There is a light that never goes out". It's an understatement to say I love this song, but there are more reasons to why I got it tattooed. I've dealt with depression and anxiety, and had panic attacks for a couple of years, so when I finally overcame it I wanted a constant reminder that there is always a light shining somewhere, even in the darkest of times. Tacky, but true!

Featured tattoo/location: A skeleton key in the inside of my arm.

Artist/shop/location of feature tattoo: Nick Rodin at Black Heart Tattoo in San Francisco.

Tell us about your featured tattoo- is there a background story or special meaning? Why did you choose this particular piece of art?

The tattoo symbolizes overcoming hardships. I've been through a huge change in 2005 when I moved to a new country -- where I didn't know anyone and had to start my life from scratch. A skeleton key is a key that opens all doors in a house, so the idea is to have a clear path and opened doors in front of me. Fun fact: I got a job promotion shortly after I got this tattoo done. Who knew my skeleton key would really work?

Do you have any other tattoos? If so, what do you have and where?

Yes! I have a Celtic triskele in my upper arm, a floral piece that goes from my shoulder to my chest, and a wing in each ankle.

Do you plan on getting more?

Definitely! I want to fill my right arm to a half sleeve. I also want a tattoo on the top my right foot and one in my left forearm. Those are already planned, but something tells me there will be more.

How do your family and friends feel about your tattoo(s)? Have you run into any adversity or negativity because of them? Do you have a significant other? Does he/she have tattoos?

Unfortunately I live far away from my family. I'm originally from Brazil and I've moved to the US five years ago. The plus side of this situation is that when my family sees me they are so happy they don't even care about the tattoos! Clever, huh?

I've never had any hard time because of my tattoos, people are just curious about them. It is common however to get the "but what if you regret it?" question, and all I say is "Well, life can be full of regrets, you don't need to have tattoos to experience one". Usually that kills the conversation. :-)

I'm married, and my husband does not have tattoos. He totally supports me though. He actually designed the floral piece I got on my shoulder/chest (with a little help from Mr. William Morris). Plus, he is the perfect companion when I'm getting tattooed because he is super perfectionist and has a great eye for crooked things. I trust his opinion more than I trust my own to be honest.

Any advice for those interested in getting tattooed but haven't gotten one yet?

Do your research. Not only for designs, but for shops and artists. It's ok to go to a tattoo shop and just look around. Ask questions. Flip through portfolios. Don't feel rushed to make up your mind, and don't settle for the cheapest -- put quality first, always, even if it means having to save more money. Keep in mind that many tattoo artists have areas of expertise, so try getting an artist whose work matches what you want. For example, all my tattoos are done with black ink only, so I search for artists who are great with shading and like being creative without the need of color. Finally, be prepared: this can be pretty addictive!


  1. Viviana, I absolutely love the cursive tattoo on your back. I don’t have any tattoos myself, but I think it is the perfect type of tattoo – beautiful, meaningful, positive, and feminine. Thanks for sharing!

  2. the smiths are always a win!

  3. all of them are extremely well done. however, the skeleton key...ahh:) i'm such a fan of them!

  4. i love the key and the location of it! very pretty :)

  5. Beautiful :) and I love the key!!

    Danielle, I know how hard that tattoo itch is, and the longer its left, the longer that "to do list" grows right!! :) ahhh, and then you get your new piece, and its like instant therapy <3

  6. I love the ankle wings!

    You know when you see someone else's tattoos and you think "what a great idea," but that spot is taken on your body?

    That's what has happened to me for the ankle wings.

  7. your should piece is absolutely fabulous!! and what a rockstar hair cut you have.

    Danielle-just saw your feature on Chelsea's TeaTalk, too cute!!

  8. i love The Smiths piece! its so beautiful and thats one of my favorite songs! :D

  9. Gorgeous work! The shading really is incredible!

    I'm going to have The Smiths stuck in my head all night now :)

  10. I have wings on each ankle too! and three skeleton keys too lol

  11. Love, Love, Love her tattoos...so pretty and simple. My husband is against me getting anymore but this is who I was before we met so why does it matter now? I recently had my logo done on the right/back side of my rib cage and I adre it... it's a little caricature of my Boston Terrier Cookie Louise!

  12. Thank you Danielle for having me here, you are the sweetest!

    Thank all the readers for the comments. It's so fun to be featured, I've been a reader of Tattoo Tuesday since v.1!


  13. Ah! Amanda has There Is A Light That Never Goes Out on her arm. LOVE that. <3!

  14. I love your tattoos, Viviana! They are beautiful!
    Wings on my ankles are tattoos I've wanted since I started running 5 years ago-yours are so lovely!!

  15. Wow her tattoos are beautiful!

  16. she has some of the prettiest tattoos i've ever seen! i love every single one. definitely one of my favourite tattoo tuesday posts. :)