Monday, November 29, 2010

Guest post from Rachel/Smile and Wave!

Rachel Denbow is a force in the blog world. She's fiercely creative, incredibly talented, and her blog is a place where I never fail to find inspiration. Rachel has also given me some wonderful advice throughout my pregnancy and for that I am so grateful. I was ecstatic when she agreed to do a little post here; she's one busy lady! So today, I'm really excited to share this post from her. I'm sure almost all of you already frequent Smile and Wave, but if you don't, head over right now and take a few moments out of your day to check out all of her fabulous photos, creative DIYs, and inspiring writing. And thank you to Rachel for being a part of Sometimes Sweet for the day!

What Do You Think?

Hello, from Smile and Wave! My name is Rachel and I've been chasing after my son, Sebastian, for 4.5 years and just celebrated my daughter, Ruby's, first birthday! We've had about five years of experience trying to find trendy, long lasting toys that fit in with our personal style and won't break the bank. Here is a round up of some of my favorite toys for babies and toddlers for the holidays!
A wooden camera with moveable parts!

a trendy rhino teether,

and colorful building blocks.

I am so happy for Danielle and Hank and this exciting transition into parenthood! There is no doubt this little man is going to be well loved by his mama and papa but I have a feeling that he's going to grow up well read, too! Enjoy all of the special moments and memories you'll be creating in the following weeks. We can't wait to meet your little man!



  1. Aww these are wonderful! Her children are so adorable as well. :)

    Petit Monstree

  2. I absolutely love Rachel and her lovely blog! I adore the suggestions from Rachel and the picture with Ruby is so cute! Thanks for a great guest post, Danielle!

  3. holy cow! i didn't even know toys like this existed! these are beautiful, almost like little works of art! great roundup!

  4. I love those colorful blocks and I've actually tried the plasma car it's SO FUN ha.

  5. Great gift picks! It is not beneath me to make "kindly" gift suggestions for my kiddos to family members...please, 3 littles, I don't want a house full of plastic! YOu can imagine.

    If anyone else has any other good websites for toys, please pass them along!!

  6. i just saw that plasma car at our local costco, and i bet malcolm would LOVE it! we might have to pick one up for christmas (or his birthday in january), thanks for the link about it! <3

  7. love the wooden trike and building blocks! great finds!

  8. I love love love the idea of giving children simple toys. Not only is it easier on parents, but it encourages the tots to THINK. Great post, thanks for sharing.


    All this is Grace and Charm

  9. Danielle,

    Thanks for letting me join in the sharing fun! Enjoy this special family time!!!

  10. So cute! Her blog is amazing..and I love all of these incredible toys. I want to be little again! xo

  11. Having several young ones under the age of 5 who aren't obsessed with commercial toys yet, I love all of these. And would love to pick a few up as Christmas gifts. Thank you, Rachel for this guest post.