Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Link love

daily photo- Sunday
*pre-pregnancy photo! :)

Recently I've done a few interviews scattered across the blog world, and I thought I would share some of them with you all in case you'd like to hop over and check out not only the features but the super amazing blogs that interviewed me too! I really enjoy each of these girls' websites and recommend them to all of you.

Visit this link to check out my "Love You More" feature, an interview about self love and confidence on Miss Mixtape...

an in-depth interview about all sorts of things from my daily routine to my fall fashion inspiration on Tea Talk can be found here,

and finally, click for a cute interview by Ashley from Merry Made Handmade!

Here are also a few other blog posts from around the world wide web that I think are worth a visit:

Head over to A Beautiful Mess to see Emma's Sweet Shoppe at the new Red Velvet store...all of the store photos from the past couple of days have made me want to take a trip to Springfield, stat!

Click here to read a great article on Oprah and motherhood. It's honest, funny, and really a great read. I should also mention that this link has unfortunately been a little on and off today, so if it doesn't work right away, bookmark and check back later!

Check out an great sponsor giveaway over at Freckled Nest. Great items and who doesn't love cute (FREE!) things?!

Head over to Seablanket to see what's in Chelsea's fall makeup bag. I love these "what's in my bag" posts (reminds me I need to do one soon- maybe with my diaper bag!) and I'm loving the makeup bag take on it.

Love love loving these nameplate necklaces The Hipster Mom featured (I also love her blog). I so need one for Henry.

Have you visited me on Tumblr yet? If you have one, say hi so I can check out yours while you're there too!

My sweet pal James' baby girl Gemma is 9 weeks already! Where did the time go? I just adore the baby posts that are all over my friends' blogs, and Ms. G. is definitely one of my favorite little ladies.

And finally, go get some Vegan inspiration at Jennifer's wonderful blog "Hibbard Kitchen." I love everything she posts- it's all very doable and delicious.



  1. james' blog and elsie's blog are two of my favourites! they both are darling.

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  3. Hi Danielle! My name is Nadia, I am very new to the blogging world (my blog is just a baby!). I am so happy to have discovered your blog, it's so fun & inspiring :)

  4. this isn't really related to this post...but i miss all of the book recommendations you used to give!

    i read so many of the memoirs you recommended over the summer and LOVED them!

  5. Danielle!! You were so sweet to comment on my blog. so excited for you and your new addition. soak up every last second of this time. it is so precious


  6. oooh love those nameplate necklaces im a sucker for the big hoops w names in them too!! xx

  7. Oprah article is funny and real. I feel that way all the time. If you want to read about my labor and delivery check out my blog
    but please excuse my typos, I wrote most of it while I was in labor and then the next day.

    p.s. love the tumblr such pretty images!

  8. Those nameplate necklace are incredibly adorable!