Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday's happy list

for emily! thumbs up for today!

Here are some things that are making me super happy on this wonderful Monday evening!

1) fabulous, wonderful personalized blankets for Henry, made by/from our loving friends and family! (you can click the photos to view them in a larger size)

2) TWITTER! Maybe I'm just a huge nerd but I love twitter a little too much. I really enjoy being able to keep in touch with so many of my far away friends in one place- it's like having a huge support team 24/7. Are you on twitter? I've mentioned it a couple of times recently but if you want to follow and see when I go into labor, watch as things transpire, etc. click here to follow me.

3) this beautiful, gloomy weather we've been having. I'm totally a fall/winter kind of girl so October and November are two of my favorite months. I can't get enough of the crisp chill in the air, the stormy clouds, and the occasional rain. I snapped this quick photo tonight from our backyard!

4) Hank! It's crazy how much more I fall in love with this man every single day. Seeing him as a papa-t0-be is the most beautiful thing in the entire world, and it's also one of the most attractive, wonderful sides of him I've ever seen. He is going to be the most amazing father, and it's extra exciting to see him get so excited. I'm sure those of you who have been through this would agree, but going through this experience together brings you so much closer than you ever thought possible. It's such a beautiful thing and I can only imagine how much more intense it will be once Henry is born.

my handsome hubby

5) Trader Joe's Chunky Spiced Apples. If you have a TJ's in your area I highly, highly recommend you pick a jar of these up. They are so very delicious, and the only ingredients are apples, cinnamon and apple juice. I've been putting this stuff on toast, on my oatmeal, and even warming it up and putting it on vanilla ice cream if I feel like a need a little treat. It's similar to applesauce but chunkier, with huge pieces of apples...and it's to die for! Try it and let me know what you think!

6) Modern Family. I just mentioned this show last night in my post, and for good reason- Hank and I have been watching Season One nonstop and finally finished last night. It's by far my current favorite television program and makes me laugh until my cheeks hurt. Are any of you fans? If not you should be. I can't get enough of it, especially Manny and Cam. Love those guys.

7) daydreaming about wearing my normal clothes after I get back to my regular size. I can't even tell you how excited I am to be able to enjoy my wardrobe again. I don't know how long it will take, but when that day comes I am going to be ecstatic! Recently I've taken to walking into our closet and just looking through my clothing, dreaming of the day I can stop wearing one of my four maternity options and start feeling cute again! Can't wait!

Saturday outfit :)

8) Martha Stewart's Whole Living magazine. I've always been a fan of Martha Stewart's Living magazine, but the Whole Living version is right up my alley. It focuses on a more natural way of living, from organic and healthy food options, to lifestyle choices and tons of inspiration and ideas! Some of my favorite recipes have come from this magazine. Love it. If you're curious, click here to check out a gallery of natural desserts...and then scroll down to explore a million more recipes and ideas.

9) West Elm's "Gifts for Kids" section! Have you checked this out yet? There are a ton of affordable, super cute and fun gifts for kids. I love that they're all artsy, hands on kind of gifts, that encourage kids to use their brains and creativity. All of the items are just perfect for stocking stuffers or stand-alone gifts and they have everything from puppets to finger painting sets! Well done, West Elm!

10) thinking, dreaming, and getting so incredibly excited about CHRISTMAS! I really love the holidays and now that we are heading into the holiday season I can't even express how ecstatic I am for all of it. Add a new baby into the mix and I might just explode from happiness overload. I'm looking forward to getting a BIG tree this year, baking tons of delicious cookies, and of course, spending time with family. I feel so lucky to live in a place that experiences all of the seasons, and that totally helps me get into the holiday spirit. I was uploading to Vimeo the other day and came across this silly winter video from last year when we lived in our little downtown house, and it got me really excited about snow and the holidays, and all sorts of winter goodness!

Snow day! from Danielle Hampton on Vimeo.

11) my sister. Some of you know her, or maybe even follow her seldom-updated blog (AHEM LAUREN!), and really, to know her is to love her. I feel really fortunate to have a sister that I really adore and who is truly my bestest girlfriend. Lately I've felt really excited about her becoming not just a wife very soon (her wedding is coming up in a couple of months), but also an Aunt. I know Henry is going to love her so much, and I'm really looking forward to seeing the two of them together. She's going to be wonderful.

sisters 1

What things are currently on your "happy list?" If you feel so inclined, make a post on your blog and link back here; I'd love to check it out! I hope all of you had a wonderful day.


  1. love your happy list, very inspiring!

  2. I love it! I've been doing a "marvelous Monday" post for the last couple of months and it definitely makes me look for the positives things about my Mondays! Happy Monday to you!

  3. Oh #4, I know that feeling well! Only, you know, with my husband, not yours.

    Im still riding a high from Jacks first birthday party! After I got over the whole 'my baby is one, how can that be?!' thing, it was great to celebrate his life with family!

    He loved being the center of attention, just like his daddy.

  4. Awww ... I love your happy list!

    Don't worry you will be back to your pre-baby weight in less than a month I just know it!

    You know what other show is good ... Parenthood! You should try it and DVR it and give it a try, oh Raising Hope is a good show too!

  5. awww! love this list! uber cute, and so are you my dear!

  6. I love that apple 'sauce'! My other favorite thing that is similar is the mango sauce. When mangoes are on sale, I buy a bunch and try to remake that stuff.

    I do a similar post as you, but it's Saturday Love. Here's my past one if you're interested!


  7. Snap! I wrote a '5 good things about today' post earlier. It's such a good way of reminding oneself about all the good, happy things. It's here if anyone wants a look. Unfortunately no photos yet of my fuzzy puppy sister, but soon!

    Aren't sister's great? I am blessed with two, plus an amazing SIL and they are all such fantastic women.

  8. OMG, can I just say YOU ARE SO CLOSE!!! I am over the top excited for you. So glad that you finally found Modern Family! The best show ever. Our school librarian turned me onto it last year. I do my own Diaries of a Modern Family post every Monday. Pretty soon I think you will be able to join in. I think I need to tweet so I can keep up with all the friends I have out there too, but I haven't made the jump yet. Breathe deep friend your little man is almost in your arms, EEK!

  9. I love modern family! We watch it religiously. It is so hilarious. They are screening their halloween episode here in Australia this week. Not sure if you've seen it already but I can't wait!

  10. I agree with ^^Jessica! Parenthood is so so good!!

  11. great post!! first of all... wish we lived close to a Trader Joe's! I hear of so many great things from there! Secondly, Modern Family is my favorite TV show ever, and Whole Living is my newest favorite magazine, so way to have great taste Danielle!! :) And lastly, West Elm is awesome! I was just on their site yesterday actually... wanting to buy Ryan the vintage radio for Christmas.

    Hope you have a great week, and I can't wait to read your tweets about baby Henry!! XO

  12. I love Phil on Modern Family, I think he's so adorable and hilarious!

  13. your happy list is fabulous! i also love stormy weather and YES, i can't wait to get back into my pre-preg wardrobe, too!

  14. I made a happy list here on my blog :

    Thanks for sharing yours :-)

  15. What an awesome video! Great editing and a cute puppy!

  16. I love your happy list! I had no idea Martha Stewart had a natural living magazine. I'm going to have to check that out. I love Martha!

    - Jess

  17. This was a great read for me this morning... I've been feeling seriously gloomy about work as of late and really needed a pick-me-up to rally my energy for the day.

    I can't agree with you more re: Modern Family. My fiance and I are nearly through the end of the first season-we can relate to the hubby and wife in so many ways. HA.

    And, I'll admit that I'm super jealous that you get to be a SAHM just in time for Christmas. You're going to get to do all those awesome Holiday things you've never had time for in the past...and with a beautiful baby! I can't wait to see the pictures. =)


    All this is Grace and Charm

  18. Modern Family really is one of the best recent shows to be made.

  19. Oh! I just ordered a subscription to Whole Living last week. Can't wait to get my first copy. :) Love your list.

  20. I love Whole Living magazine (it used to be called "Body & Soul" but they changed the name a few months ago). I'm a subscriber, and I look forward to receiving it in my mailbox. :)

  21. Great list! And beautiful sky photo from your backyard.

    Thanks for inspiring me to make a list too.

    You can read it here:

  22. this list is so fun! i ADORE modern family (it's the only show i refuse to miss) and now i need to go to TJs to find those apples! they sound delicious!

  23. I am in love with Modern Family!! I never thought I would love a comedy sitcom as much as Friends, but that one just may do it..... :)

  24. Just started following you! @Kaleighmeduri and my blog is I'm a SAHM to a 10 week old little girl :) nice to meet you!

  25. I tried to make a list of what made me happy this week and I have to say it was hard to start! Once I got there though it was so easy I had to edit! Anyhow check mine out, I linked back to you in my post!

  26. i love twitter, too! it's so fun. i don't like facebook - i feel like twitter is a way more simplified version and i like it so much better!

    one thing i loved the most during my short time in arizona is the sky. the sunsets, the gorgeous clouds, the starry nights... the sky feels so much closer in arizona, if that makes sense.

    those chunky apples are the BEST. :) mmmm.

    modern family is one of my favourite shows! isn't it hilarious? i find myself laughing so loudly watching it. i love phil & cam, and my youngest brother's personality reminds me so much of manny sometimes!

  27. And may I just say how cute your "normal" clothes are?

    Love them.

    But, you found some great maternity wear too!

  28. aww, i love those baby blankets! especially the owl one! what sweet &thoughtful presents! i had to comment &say that my boyfriend &i just finished watching season one of modern family last night &i LOVE it. cam is my favorite. i'd love to try those apples! they sound marvelous!

    ps. you're so beautiful &chic, pregnant or not!

  29. Trader Joe's Chunky Spiced Apples!!! I loved these!! and Gingeroos!