Friday, November 5, 2010

November small ad highlight post!

Hi again everyone, this will be my second and last "feature post" for the month and this time I am showcasing my wonderful "small ad" sponsors!

Please be sure to check out their buttons on the left hand sidebar, directly under the larger buttons, or you can click through via this post! Happy exploring, and feel free to comment below if you especially loved something you came across- I'm sure the wonderful women I'm highlighting would love to hear from you! :)

1) CAPow! Art & Design is based in Upstate NY. The most popular items in the shop are prints from the "Hometown Hearts" collection. There are many different hearts that can be combined with almost any city! If you don't see the print you want, send us a message and we'll do our best to make your request a reality!

2) I've become addicted to making things and sharing my crafty adventures and ideas with others. I share my creations on my blog and sell my wacky products in my shop!

3) Liz Franco is a twenty five year old pixel-pusher with a penchant for design, vintage fashion, & Brussels Griffons. She also owns a vintage shoppe known as Little Gray Suitcase.

4) Across the pond: life in a dreamboat is the documentation of new life in the UK, mixed in with day-to-day inspiration, ideas, and ramblings, while I find where this creative journey will take me...

5) A Giraffe in a Scarf is not so much a blog about giraffes or scarves, but is more about cross stitching, cats, and all things lovely. The newly opened Etsy store sells brooches with little cross stitched animals, fruits and vegetables, cupcakes and more. Custom orders are welcomed, anything you can think of can be created with tiny sweet stitches and turned into something beautiful.

6) Ola Maes blog is where I share my love of all things homemade including crafts, cooking and sewing. Ola Maes shop is where I sell my original women's clothing I create in my sewing studio.

7) Her Three Birds is the personal blog of Rhiannon Newman, an art student, amateur photographer, dreamer, baker, gardener, and adventurer.


  1. Rcently discovered your blog. Love it! Random to see you recommend rachlyon.blogspot cuz I know rachlyon. I went to middle school with her and she did my makeup on my wedding day! It's a small blog-o-verse!