Wednesday, November 24, 2010

November Sponsor Giveaway winners!

Congratulations to all of the winners! I am posting a photo of each item with the winner listed under each photo (chosen via I will be passing your contact information along to the shops, and they will be sending out your prize! So, if you're one of the winners and your contact information isn't correct, please email me at right away! Thanks so much for participating, and keep your eyes peeled for December's sponsor giveaway coming up soon.

1) Penny Farthing Bicycle Necklace

WINNER: Gabriella;

2) Teal Arrow Stationery Set of 8 and the Purple Beads Stationery Set of 8. The sets each include 8 cards and 8 brown Kraft paper envelopes.

WINNER: Ashleigh;

3) one 5" x 7" print of "Imogene Coming Home"

WINNER: Larissa;

4) Hot Pink Recovered Suede Bike Saddle handmade entirely from recycled materials

WINNER: Sarah;

5) "Alaska Autumn Favorites": Here are a few of my favorite things to share with you; a pair of fabulous metal candle holders (perfect plain or craftily recreated by you), cozy custard fingerless handwarmers made by me, a set of adorable vintage apple tea cups and a surprise gift also made by me.

WINNER: Ebony Campbell;

6) one pair of fingerless mitts

WINNER: RubyAlison; birdmad9 (at) yahoo (dot) com

7) Gift Certificate for one pair of custom plump booties

WINNER: Nikki;

8) one Elf OFF the shelf. He doesn't just sit on the shelf; he is ready for fun...and just in time for the holidays!

WINNER: Biscuit McGhee;

9) a surprise Gypsy pack worth $225! The winner will provide their size, and Gypsy 05 will provide a fabulous prize pack full of adorable clothing.

WINNER: Lauren Hart;


  1. Wow!! Thanks, I am so excited to win :)

  2. I love the doodle stationary! Such great items, congrats to the winners - can't wait to enter December's giveaway!

  3. Oh my gosh, I'm so excited!!! I can't believe I won, and what I most wanted! I'm really looking forward to getting my new fingerless writer's gloves. Thank you so much!!


  4. OMG I cant believe I actually won!!! Thank you I am soo freakin excited!! WOOHOO!

  5. goodie! any recommendations as to what one does with a bike saddle? maybe i should get a bike...thanks and congrats again on little henry!

  6. are you serious danielle!? i am sooo excited! i honestly cannot even remember the last time i spent $225 on myself... let alone all on clothing!! i am so grateful to have won this, and my sad little wardrobe is too! haha. thanks again <3