Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday link love/baby update

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Good morning everyone! Quick update on baby: we had a doctor's appointment yesterday, and besides the pressure to induce me on Monday (hello, that's just four days past my due date), it was okay. We learned that I am 2cm dilated and 50% effaced, so progress is definitely happening. If you follow me on Twitter you'd have a lot more updates than that (ha!), but last night, after a week of horrible, little to no sleep, contractions, and overall major uncomfortable-ness, I slept a solid 10 hours! Insane. I feel great today and from what my girlfriends are telling me, perhaps this is my body's way of prepping for going into labor. Let's cross our fingers! So today Hank and I are enjoying one last Saturday of "just us," and going to lunch and to see a movie. I've really been wanting to see Morning Glory, so Hank has graciously agreed to see it, even though I know he doesn't want to. At all. Oh, the joys of being pregnant and getting your way! ;)

In other news, I thought I would share some of the great links I've stumbled across this week:
  • this delicious overnight oatmeal via Framed. How delicious does this stuff look? My crock pot is one happy appliance since we've been using it more, and this oatmeal is definitely happening soon. I think I may add in my yummy apple treat to make it even more cold weather appropriate.
  • Mumford & Sons. This video. I can't stop watching/listening/loving.
  • Holly's classic hair inspiration! It kinda-sorta makes me want to chop off my long hair to my shoulders but I think I'll just live vicariously through these pretty photos from awhile.
  • these museum-inspired wedding invitations via The Loveliest Day. I swear, the longer I'm married the more I want to get married again. Henry, watch out, because I have a feeling I may get a little too into planning your birthday parties. I can't get enough of all of the amazing ideas I see everyday, and Melissa over at TLD doesn't help one bit with that! ;)
  • this awesome self-love list from Gala Darling. It's an old one I've saved for awhile, but I really love revisiting it for fresh inspiration.
Alright friends, enjoy your weekend! <3


  1. lovely links! :D and enjoy your weekend! hopefully baby henry will be here asap!

  2. hello! i've never left a comment yet, but i love your blog and have been following for awhile. hope your labor and delivery goes well! enjoy your time together!

  3. Thanks for the links! Can't wait till your sweet baby is here :) Have fun today!

  4. i have a feeling baby is going to come real soon!!! but i hope you get to enjoy the time for the two of you just one last time!! :) congrats in advance!!!

  5. EE! It's happening!! Early congratulations to you! May it go quick and safe!

  6. as long as you are not too uncomfortable, don't let them induce so early! you've had such a healthy pregnancy and due dates are so misleading. you've done a great job listening and taking care of your body thus far!

  7. Aww I hope your little boy comes soon. That's what happened to me before I went into labor though. I couldn't sleep for the longest but then one day I slept pretty much all day and night. Then the next 2 days I was having contractions ALL DAY and went into labor. I really hate when doctors try to pressure you into doing something though.

    Little Sugar Monster

  8. I had my baby on Tuesday, water broke late Monday night (yes, this week - yesterday was my due date). Friday & Saturday night I had some pain (and other stuff, yuck), Sunday was totally uncomfortable, but Monday I had no symptoms whatsoever. So I agree that the break in pre-labor stuff is probably a good sign that things are working their way!

  9. i stumbled upon lauren moffatt's lookbook the other day and gasped - everything is so gorgeous!

    i'm so glad you had some great, great sleep, dear. and i've heard morning glory is REALLY good! (but how could it not be with that amazing cast? ;))

    mumford. <3 love that video.

  10. haha i blogged about the honeymooner collection as well! its wonderful! great minds think a like? first time to your blog and i adore it! you are absolutely gorgeous by the way!

  11. love that mumford and sons song too. im so in love with the lately!

  12. ohh hey.
    we did a list of our 5 things we are thankful for, inspired by your blog on Our City LIghts..
    check it out here:

    have a great day, enjoy the countdown. its very close/