Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas week

This past week has been filled with so much wonderful-ness (is that a word? If not, it should be!).  We've had quite a few friends in town, we've been able to spend time with lots of family, and we've pretty much been on a holiday high for the past week.  Plus, Henry has added a whole new level of AWESOME to all things Christmas.  I keep thinking forward to next year when he is 13 months old and how amazing that will be.  It's all just very exciting.  One thing I'm really really looking forward to is getting our house all decked out for the holidays.  We had barely moved in when Henry was born, so we've hardly got to decorate in the first place, but our holiday decor was severely lacking.  Next year I'm looking forward to really doing it up and putting into motion all of the fun holiday ideas I have floating around in my head.  But first things first, we need to finish getting our house in order!  Now that things have calmed down a bit I can't wait to start getting our home just the way I envision it...and it's times like these that I am SO grateful for my Anthro discount. ;)

I think the photos below do a better job of telling the story of our week better than I can at this late hour, so enjoy!  And again, happy holidays!

In the beginning of the week, Lisa and Mary Alice came to visit Henry and brought him the cutest presents!
Aunt Lisa <3

The Peters family came up and visited for an evening and we had the best time. Here's Henry and his Auntie Erin- he adored her.
Aunt Erin and Henry

H. also decided to really examine Uncle JP!
checking it out

We enjoyed Hugo's, as usual.
the guys at Hugo's

Later that night we had a handful of friends over to enjoy some pie, it was delicious.
friends <3

cherry pie I made
my cherry pie

hanging in our kitchen

gift from the Peters :)
love this

I love this photo of Amber so much!

the next night was Christmas Eve, spent with Hank's family...

Henry II, III, and IV - pretty awesome huh!
Henry II, III and IV! Awesome!

Henry and his Aunt Brooke
Aunt Brooke and Henry

we played Pictionary- the guys won, boo!
Pictionary- the guys won, boo!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

Henry's gifts started piling up...
Christmas Eve

Henry's presents

Later that night we headed to my parents' house so we could wake up there Christmas morning!
Christmas tree at my parents'

Mom and Henry's stocking (Henry too!)
Mom, Henry and his stocking

how pretty is my sister?!
prettiest sister

Aunt Lauren and Uncle Abe
Lauren and Abe

my favorite Christmas present
best Christmas present of all.


our cousin Tim brought Henry a hat back from Peru (he is a geologist there)- Henry clearly LOVED it! haha.
Cousin Tim brought Henry a hat from Peru...needless to say, he wasn't stoked!

and finally, we spent Christmas evening with Sar and Andy. So much fun and Henry loved meeting his Uncle Andy.
Aunt Suki and Uncle Andy

love this most of all!


  1. I love the picture of Henry and JP because they are both frowning at each other - too cute.

    And your sister is so beautiful!

    Glad you had a wonderful holiday.

  2. I am glad you had a wonderful Christmas surrounded by many people you love!

  3. not positive... but i think i see the precious moments 1st christmas ornament! we also got the same one. isn't it the cutest thing?!

  4. He's getting so big. Looks like you had a lovely Christmas.

  5. It looks like you had a wonderful, cozy Christmas with your family. Henry is absolutely adorable - this was my nephew's first Christmas, too (he's three months old), and I was honestly more excited to see him than to open presents! All of the desserts in your pictures look mouthwatering, too!

  6. yall seriously have the cutest baby!
    great photos! looks like an awesome holiday to me. :)
    maybe once yall finally get settled and decorated we could get a small home tour???? hehe

  7. What a gorgeous giant Christmas tree!! Baby Henry is an absolute doll and your whole family is darling. It looks like you had a wonderfully merry Christmas!

  8. So so sweet! Glad to see that Henry had a good first Christmas!!

  9. The new addition to your family is so precious! Your significant other isn't an actor, is he? He looks like one of the cast in a play I saw last month...

  10. henry is just so sweet... what a wonderful christmas filled with joy and love! <3

  11. re: anthro discount. jeaaaaalous! how do you have a discount?

  12. Lots of love to go around, and you and your sister def look alike!

  13. The photo of Henry in the hat is adorable.

    My niece is seven months old and I can't count the number of times we said "Christmas will be so much fun next year." Funny that you said pretty much the same thing :)

  14. uncle jp is...HOT!!

    xoxo from germany

  15. I bet this was a pretty special Christmas!

    Everyone loves the cute little baby!

  16. Awww! Merry Christmas you guys. These pictures are all so wonderful and I love Henry's snowman jammies. So cozy!

  17. ah this is so beautiful!!!! nothing is better than christmas with family and people you love!
    I was wondering whether you could post the recipe for the cherry pie you made!

  18. It appears as though you needed a wonderful, cozy Xmas with the fam. Holly is totally cute * this is my personal nephew's first Christmas, as well (he is three months old), and i also had been honestly much more excited to determine your pet than to wide open presents! All of the desserts in your photographs seem scrumptious, too!
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