Thursday, December 9, 2010

December small ad sponsor highlight post!

Hi again everyone, this will be my second and last "feature post" for the month and this time I am showcasing my wonderful "small ad" sponsors!

Please be sure to check out their buttons on the right hand sidebar, directly under the larger buttons, or you can click through via this post! Happy exploring, and feel free to comment below if you especially loved something you came across- I'm sure the wonderful women I'm highlighting would love to hear from you! :)

1) abeautifuldecay is my space to share my handmade work and salvaged treasures with the world. I love to create unique, one of a kind pieces. My shop is full of handmade headbands and brooches, along with vintage items for your home.

Dread Pirate Design- 'n'- set out to make cute stylish things with an edge of punk rock, wife of Dewey, mother of Korben and Ronin, shy, crazy, weird, hates coconut, likes sewing and photography...

3) Thirty Something. Girl. German. In Love. He's American. Dealing with depression, body-image, weight...stumbling on the way to finding her (happier) self. Pretty much just trying to figure out this thing called Life.

4) Life in a dreamboat is the documentation of my ever changing life, mixed in with day to day ramblings, crafting, and inspirations. While working on my accessories line, I'm loving where this creative journey is taking me.

5) Craft Cult is the blog of 3 girls located along the West Coast – Seattle and Santa Cruz respectively, documenting their comings and goings. The mission is to promote self- sufficiency and over all crafty-ness. Craft Cult deals in: bikes, letters, canned goods, fabric, film & free stuff.

There is also a corresponding Etsy shop with vintage clothes called Whiskey Shores.

6) Lovebots are robots with big hearts; sometimes they are fancy, and sometimes they are casual. Their eyes are big and don't always match, they never seem to care. But no matter what, they promise to love whomever takes them in.

7) Anissa Mook is a twenty-six year old vintage lover that turned her passion into her career. Her online shop, Night Owl Vintage specializes in quality vintage clothing, accessories and home decor from the 1950's through 1980's. She also blogs at I Adore Style about vintage, fashion and life.

8) of roses & hello is a blog about an uphill journey and my little dreams, while i make the best of where i'm heading. my etsy shop is where i share my love for old, vintage, antique and sometimes rusty things.

9) I started making purses because I couldn't find one that was big enough without being overwhelming. My handbags are made from gorgeous fabrics and no two are alike. Each purse is embellished with a little bird, owl or sea creature and delicate machine embroidery. These are sturdy and versatile accessories.

10) Hello Pretty Eyes is a personal blog about Amanda Smith, a 26 year old mommy, wife, crafter, cupcake-baker, and aspiring photographer.

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