Sunday, December 5, 2010

Guest post from Ashley/Merry Made Handmade!

Today's guest post is from the lovely Ashley. I met Ashley through the blog world, and we've also met in person (she's the cutest thing!), and now have some mutual friends, too. It's my pleasure to feature her here in my little online home, and I hope all of you stop by her wonderful blog to check out her bits of daily inspiration and DIY craftiness! Thank you so much, Ashley!

Hello everyone! My name is Ashley and I blog over at Merry May Handmade. I am so honored to be able to guest post for the lovely Danielle while she spends time with little Henry. Isn’t she the prettiest momma? Anyways, I’m not a mom myself but I do have lots of friends and family with happy little babies. That means I have gotten pretty good at shopping for all my momma friends. Here are some of my favorite things for new babies.

Look how lovely these booties from La La! Shoes are!

Little Giraffe Baby Blankets are the sweetest, most cozy little blankies you ever will find!

Every nursing mom should check out these pretty frocks from Bebe au Lait. These nursing covers keep you modest and their rigid neckline allows you to check on your babe- plus they are super cute.

Little Sapling Toys’ organic wood teething toys come in all kinds of cute shapes. I love this camera one!

Raise a baby genius with this felt alphabet from Evgie.

These swaddles from Aden and Anais are seriously the best! They are so pretty and soft and come in cotton muslin, organic cotton, and muslin bamboo.

This pretty mobile for baby’s crib is from Pink Perch. You can even get one custom made with your choice of colors and animals. So Cute!

And finally, check out these books by Dallas Clayton. They have the best illustrations and the sweetest stories. You can even read it online here.

Thanks so much for letting me share with you! Please stop by and check out my blog. I’d love to have you. And, of course, welcome to the world little Henry! Yay! Congratulations Danielle and Hank!


  1. the couple from little sapling toys are crazy sweet! and their kids are too cute! they lived here in eureka for a while and i had the pleasure of vending a couple of local events with them. i fully approve of their products...definite quality! ;)

  2. Thank you for sharing these things. I've been looking for new things to buy my daughter.

    The Sweetest Life

  3. Super cute finds! Hope she's enjoying her time with Henry and that you'll be back sometime! Your blog is WAY too cute by the way! Love your header!

  4. Thanks for sharing! That mobile is the most beautiful one I've ever seen.

  5. Those booties are to die for! :) Great guest post, dear.
    Love and Turtledoves,

  6. I always love reading her blog! Of course I adore that mobile, and Danielle if you do not have a Little Giraffe blanket...YOU MUST GET ONE!! They also have adult size blankets and robes {heaven}

  7. Uhm, I am in LOVE with that mobile.

  8. That mobile is super adorable as well as the books. Thank you for sharing!