Monday, December 6, 2010

Guest post from Melissa/The Loveliest Day!

Today's post is so chock-full of inspiration and beauty that it makes me want to run out and plan a tea party, get married again, attend a perfect daytime garden party, or all of the above! And best of all, my friend Melissa styled all of it. I've known Melissa for some time now, as we share numerous mutual friends. She's beautiful, smart...and incredibly talented and well-versed in all things wedding and event planning. If you are planning any sort of event, or just love pretty things, be sure to check out The Loveliest Day. My own wedding may have come and gone years ago, but I still am so entranced by all of the amazing features Melissa showcases on her blog. And she doesn't stop there- she includes all sorts of events from honeymoons to bridal showers to engagement photo shoots! Thanks so much M. for contributing this fabulous piece for all of us to swoon over! You're the best.


Hello, hello Sometimes Sweet readers! My name is Melissa and I run a blog called The Loveliest Day. I’m so excited to be sharing a guest post with you as Danielle is welcoming baby Henry into this world!

In addition to running my blog, I am also an event designer and stylist. A few months ago, I put together a bridal shower photo shoot for an awesome wedding blog called Ruffled, and today I’m going to share it with you! Though it was designed with a bridal shower in mind, the ideas could easily be translated to a baby shower, birthday party, or any shindig you have in mind!

The inspiration behind the shoot was Ladurée and the pâtisseries of Paris. We had a decadent dessert table filled with French pastries and other confections, and a sweet little tea bar with a selection of several different delicious tea blends.

The ribbon curtains, which hung behind the dessert table, were inspired by an image of the gift packaging station at Ladurée. Rolls of pastel ribbons cascaded down the wall, ready to be snipped off and used to tie up a gorgeous package of fresh macarons. In between the ribbon curtains I hung a vintage window pane, which I painted white. To me, the window helped bring in the feeling of a Parisian storefront.

Do you love that darling pink ruffle cake as much as I do? The talented baker behind it, Melody of Sweet and Saucy Shop, posted a video tutorial on how she created it!

What are pastries without a delicious cup of tea? The tea bar offered something for everyone, from a bold black tea to a mild herbal tea. Each variety of tea had its own custom colored label. The beautiful chalkboard menu, hand drawn by Jane of Olive Hue Paper, identified which color tea tag coincided with each tea. Written across the top the chalkboard was “heure du thé," which translates to tea time.

Cute little tags reading “sucré” were attached to the end of a toothpick and stuck into the top of sugar cubes. Just pick one up and stir it into your tea!

Many of the items I incorporated into this shoot and other projects I work on are pulled right from my own home. Keep that in mind when planning a party! If you use items you already have not only does it help to cut costs, it also adds a pop of personalization and character.

If you want to see more from this shoot, hop on over to my blog! (editor's note: there are many more beautiful photos over at The Loveliest Day, so definitely click the link to view those!)

Vendor Credits:

Design + Styling: Melissa Huber of The Loveliest Day
Photographer: Ashley Rose Photography
Pastries + Cakes: Melody Brandon of Sweet and Saucy Shop
Stationery: Jane Jeon of Olive Hue Paper Goods
Rentals: Found Vintage Rentals

Thanks so much for letting me share with you today. It was an absolute delight!

xo, Melissa.


  1. that cake looks ever so decadent.

  2. Oh wow, if only it wasn't the most bitterest of winters here in England, I would love to have a girly tea party right now!

    What an inspiration, think I might make my self a brew!

    Milk no Sugar

  3. That cake is amazing!!!! Let's have a tea party!

  4. This is absolutely amazing. I'm dying over that punk ruffle cake. Seriously, where were you when I was planning my wedding, haha!

  5. Holy gorgeousity batman! This is perfect. I would adore to have an event like this!

    Thanks for sharing with us, Melissa (adore your blog, btw).

  6. OMG I want something like that in my garden *__* I fan of macaroons and tea!! good job

  7. beautiful guest post, Melissa! great photos :) i LOVE your work.

  8. oh my goodness, all the pink Depression Glass. Her pictures are so beautiful .

  9. Melissa has such a good eye for everything! Love both of you ladies <3

  10. Just gorgeous, I absolutely adore the ruffle cake.