Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Guest post from Paige Baker!

Today my guest poster is none other than the lovely Paige Baker. What can I possibly say about Paige in this short intro that could even begin sum up the wonderful-ness that is this girl?! First of all, I adore her. We have shared interests in many things, including Charles Bukowski and orange juice with extra pulp, and I am proud to call this firecracker of a girl my friend. One day we shall meet up in Tempe and have a grand old time. I sincerely hope you go and check out her blog- I guarantee you'll enjoy your visit and return again! Thank you darling Paige for being a part of Sometimes Sweet for the day, I really appreciate it!

...and here's Paige!

One of my greatest interests, and consequently, one of the most frequent focuses of my blog, is art. Finding and posting about new art makes me so happy and excited about how much talent and passion humans still have. Especially on the days where I feel like I could lose faith in humanity, seeing the things we create and how much of ourselves we poor into our beautiful creations, is some of the greatest encouragement I could ask for.

In light of this, I've decided to showcase my five favorite pieces of art I've featured on my blog since I've started. It was hard to pick so few, but I think I've really got the best of the best here.

1. Kate MccGwire's work is always so stunning and unique. I could spend hours just staring at a single piece.

2. Megan Galante's "Anti Holiday Signs" are so artistic and brilliantly cynical. Okay, I am all about being positive--but these are for the days when you're just not feeling it.

3. These Tree Branches in Jars by Naoko Ito are so complex and visually striking. I can't tell you how long I've spent just staring at them.

4. At one point I knew who these belonged to and even am pretty sure they're a flickr contact of mine, but I can't seem to find the original author. But these pictures were posted months apart of sort of a "before and after" I thought it beautiful, realistic, poignant, and with a strong and peaceful message. Nothing is perfect. No one is perfect.

5. I love pinhole photography. The fact that people will take a gamble on a piece of film for months—or even years—strikes me as almost romantic, like a time capsule. This longest-ever exposure shows 34months of New York life. (artist unknown)

Longest Pinhole Exposure Ever Is Also Most Beautiful

And there you have it. My five, very difficult to choose, favorite pieces of art I've ever had on my blog!


  1. one word to describe those trees...amazing! Thanks for sharing such inspiring art!

    love Danielle

  2. Love Paige! And...I also remember those posts! Each as beautiful as the next. :)

  3. I love that pinhole camera picture. That is absolutely amazing. I also think those cynical signs are hilarious! I kind of want one... hahaha
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Those anti-holiday signs are brilliant! LOVE them.

  5. oh my the jars and branches are just amazing! thanks for sharing.


  6. Wow! I love the New York photo. I have left pinhole cameras for a few minutes but never thought about months... gotta give it ago.