Thursday, December 16, 2010

A slice of...Curitiba, Brazil!

Hello! My name is Ronise and today you will learn a little about my city: CURITIBA. Curitiba is the capital of Parana, a state located in the south of Brazil.

Jardim Botânico de Curitiba


It is a very nice place to live. Of couse, like any other big city, we do have problems, but overall it is a great city that makes a great impression for everyone that comes visit (y’all should come too!). We are know worldwide for our public transportation system, the city planning as a whole, and as an ecological capital. What I love about my city is that it is clean, has lots of green areas and a rich cultural life.

Museu Oscar Niemeyer - Curitiba (PR) - Brazil

Here are my top 5 things and places you should not miss when in Curitiba:

1. The tourist sites

For real! There are a lot of cool places to visit like the Botanical Garden and the Wire Opera House. You can even ride in the 2 story tour bus (that I have to admit I never rode)! My favorite spots are the Tanguá Park and Unilivre, wich is a place where they do studies and research on the environmet – the last one is my absolute favorite.

2. Largo da Ordem Craft Fair

This is a traditional fair that happens every Sunday morning in the historical center. It is a really large fair and it is always packed with people. You can buy all kinds of things there, you can also eat, people watch, check out the old cars and see many street artists perform.

Feira do Largo da Ordem

3. The gastronomic night fair

It happens in a different spot each night, from Tuesday to Saturday. We are talking about a lot of booths with all kinds of regional and international foods. And for the most part the owners of the booth are either originally from the county they represent, or are descendants. You can also buy fruits and vegetables there.

Curitiba_Feirinha da Praca da Ucrania

4. The nightlife

There are tons of options! You can go to a cool restaurant, to a bar and have a drink or see some live music, or even to a club to dance until morning. There are also many plays and shows happening all the time. What I really like is that, even though there are a lot of fancy mainstream bars and clubs, there are a lot of alternative places too.

Beta e eu

This is me and my friend Roberta at this little bar with live rock music!

5. Living in a big city but being surrounded by nature

There are lots of parks to go. There are tons of trees in every street. Even if you live in a highly populated neighborhood, in an apartment building, you can still hear the birds singing in the morning (like we do) and even see little monkeys on threes (that happens where I work).

This is my old neighborhood:

This is my street:

And as a bonus:

Living just 100km from the beach. That is an hour car ride. Sweet!

I hope you enjoyed leaning about my city, and if you ever come visit, drop me a line!


  1. Nice to read this! I'm a Dutch girl and I'm following your blog for quite some time.. I don't know if you would like to take 'a slice of' Leiden in The Netherlands?

    Keep blogging en enjoying your family! :)

  2. cool! my dad was born in Brazil (near Sao Paolo) so it's neat to see your photos :)

    xo leanna

  3. AWESOME! I'm from Rio and I've always been curious about Curitiba! Now I will definelly travel there!

  4. Wow, great pictures and awesome post! My hubby was born in Sao Paulo, he is German though...very interesting to see all of this!!

  5. I would NEVER cook (even though I love it) if there was a food fair every night!!!! Wow, just the thought sends me to heaven straight away!!!!!!!!

  6. thank you for sharing. i love this feature and finding out about other people's cities <3

  7. this is so cool! i love her post. and i would LOVE to go to brazil someday.

  8. looks like such an awesome place! very beautiful. :]


  9. What a great post! Brazil is gorgeous. I'd be hanging out at those fairs all the time.

  10. wow, such a beautiful place, I hope I can visit there someday, along with the rest of the world :)

  11. Yay - this is so cool to see Curitiba featured here! When I was in grad school for Urban Planning I spent a summer in Brazil with the majority of the time in Curitiba to learn about the bus rapid transit system. It really was such a cool city - and I loved seeing these photos and reminiscing walking around the craft fair and the food fairs at night :)

  12. Legal, tem bastante brasileiras lendo esse blog ^^

  13. Oh I'd love to do one of these... from Hawaii :)

  14. i'm so happy to see my post here! and i am glad to see people enjoyed it! thanks for featuring me, Danielle!

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