Thursday, December 9, 2010

A slice of...downtown Phoenix, AZ (again!)

Due to my error, I accidentally scheduled two of my friends to do Phoenix, AZ! Lucky for us, we get two different perspectives of such a lovely city, both from Anita's and Chelsea's point of view!

Hi everyone! I'm Chelsea from the Tea Talk blog and and I'm in love with downtown Phoenix. I started getting interested in the area when I was in high school, as all the cool record stores and shows were in downtown. At this point in my life I wasn't allowed in downtown much because my dad felt that it was too shady of an area (this has changed over the years, but some parts still are), but whenever I could I would come down and indulge in either a show, or an art gallery showing. Today, I am in downtown most every day- I go to the Arizona State University downtown campus for Journalism, and I also love spending my free time there exploring the area and trying out new places.

My city

A few of my favorite spots in downtown Phoenix are:

Lola is a favorite haunt of mine. The coffee there is always amazing, and being there makes me feel like I live in New York City (it's seriously so hip in there; in a good way of course). Lola is also open late, which is a rarity for downtown Phoenix coffee shops, and serves amazing pastries as well. The staff there is also very friendly, and it always feels homey in there.

The market is one of my absolute favorite places to grab a quick lunch, and a cup of coffee. The market offers organic, veggie friendly food and makes some of the best soup around. The market also includes a grocer that carries locally grown vegetables, and fruits, as well as healthy choices for various crackers, canned goods, and sweets. There is also a coffee shop called Royal at the Market that is one of my favorites. Their non-fat lattes are the best!

3. Urban Cookies

Once of the best places to get desserts in downtown Phoenix is at Urban Cookies. Urban sells amazing cupcakes (caramel apple is my very favorite), cookies (cinnamon pear shortbread? oh my), and delicious cookie ice cream sandwiches. Everything at Urban is sold for a reasonable price, and they two cute sitting areas inside, and out on the patio. Whenever my boyfriend Scott and I get a chance we like to go down to Urban for a little treat!

4. Butter Toast Vintage / Merry May Handmade

One of my favorite vintage/handmade goods stores in town. Butter Toast offers an array of men and womans clothing, and accessories, and always has great deals. Butter Toast also carries a few of Merry May Handmade's vintage, and handmade products in store (which are my favorite by the way). I met the owners/employees of this store back in May and have been following their blogs and tweets ever since.

5. Cibo

Cibo is my absolute favorite pizzeria in downtown Phoenix. Not only is it located in an amazing old house, but they have an adorable patio that lights up at night. Cibo also makes amazing pizza and dessert crepes. This year I went there for my birthday and had a lovely time. Scott and I plan on going back in October for our four year anniversary.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed my little write-up of some of my favorite spots in downtown Phoenix. The area really is a lovely place to play, work, and live, and if any of you Sometimes Sweet readers ever have the chance to explore the area, I highly suggest that you do so.


  1. I had no idea Phoenix was so cute! I used to just imagine.. cactus. And so close to Reno.. :)

  2. Looks like a great place! I bet it is so much warmer than snowy old England. brrrrr!

    Danielle, if you read this can I please, please have some advice about my first tattoo? I know you are so busy with precious little Henry and I would never usually ask but I need some help form someone in the know!

  3. My brother-in-law graduated from ASU's journalism program. We went around downtown while we visited him and got to see a few of these places. I really need to get out there on foot though.

    Did you still have someone for Tucson Danielle?

  4. It's funny. I live in Phoenix. And I've never heard of any of those places. Sad. :(

  5. urban cookies looks awesome! ive always wanted to visit AZ since my friend moved there a year ago

  6. I am working on mine :) I hope you love it! -Val

  7. Yay! I'm glad there were two Phoenix posts! :) I've been wanting to check out new spots from the first post, and now I'll have extra spots to visit in Phoenix! Thanks for sharing! :)

  8. how does one get to do a slice of post?

  9. I love LOLA!!! I have family in Phoenix and spent many summers there and now my man works there(mon-thurs) and always goes to Lola. Its his favorite place in town. Thanks for sharing!!