Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Slice of...the Jersey Shore!

This week we head over to the Jersey Shore. Some of you may know this, and some of you may not, but I am a born and raised Jersey Girl myself, and moved to Arizona a couple of years before high school. A lot of my friends and family still live on the East Coast, and my family and I take a trip that way almost every summer. I LOVE NJ, and some of my best memories are from this often under-appreciated and mis-understood state! I am already counting down to our East Coast trip this summer, and I can't wait for Henry's first trip to Island Beach State Park! Here are a few photos from a great afternoon we had on our last trip:

we won!

loved the swings as a kid

walking around

And here's the lovely Jackie to show us her take on NJ!

I'd like to start out by saying a
huge thank you to Danielle for creating these "Slice of" features! I love getting to know people's towns and I hope you enjoy mine!

My name is Jackie and I was born and raised - and am currently living- on the Jersey Shore! Ever since the TV show has come out, us Jersey girls sometimes get a bad rep, but really, the Jersey shore is a place of just about everything you could want.
I live in Monmouth County, which is in central New Jersey. One of the greatest things about New Jersey is the vast array of weather we have. We have some of the most gorgeous winters but also some very lovely summers! Monmouth county as so many fun and interesting things to do anytime of the year:

1) The music scene is huge on the Jersey Shore. One of the best places to find great music is the Stone Pony in Asbury Park. It's a tiny venue right on the boardwalk, but it has held concerts for Bruce Springsteen, Ingrid Michaelson, and Jon Bon Jovi. In December, Brandon Flowers of the Killers will play there.

2) One of our favorite places to eat on the shore is a little place called Surf Taco. There's multiple locations in New Jersey, and it has amazing tacos. It's located right near the beach, and the entire place is decorated in bright colors. You can't help but feel happy when eating here.

3) The Grove is a shopping center in Shrewsbury, about 5 miles from the beach. It holds a great little lunch cafe, as well as some smaller boutiques. Of course, what really draws people to the Grove is the Lululemon, Anthropologie, JCrew, and Starbucks. What is unique about it, thought, is that the entire center is outside. Even with it's mass appeal, it is still a go to spot for most teenagers like myself when we want to get some fresh air and do some shopping.

4) Red Bank:

The real star of Monmouth County is Red Bank. This is my favorite town on the Jersey Shore. It has some of the best restaurants, shopping, and scenery in all of New Jersey, in my opinion. If you ever happen to be near the shore, spend an afternoon after the beach just walking around Red Bank. Check out a few of my favorites while you're there!

~ No Ordinary Joe's Cafe is my number one place to eat. It's a charming coffee house that has the best lattes and amazing daily soups. As a vegetarian, it's sometimes hard to find places to eat in small towns, by No Joe's has healthy salad, soup, and sandwich options for vegetarians and meat eaters. It also has amazing artwork, and wonderful baristas!

~ Red Bank's movie theater is unique because it only shows two or three movies at a time- and all of them are indie or foreign. I absolutely love spending a Sunday afternoon seeing a movie that isn't released in all the major movie theaters. Plus, the Red Bank movie theater as the best popcorn you'll ever taste.

~ My favorite place to shop for anything unique is a store called Ten Thousand villages. It's a chain found all over the US, however I love it because it's all fair trade and made by people all over Africa, Central America, and South America.

~ Another place to find unique gifts is Funk and Standard Variety Store. It's perfect for finding funny gifts for your friends, but it also has clothing and accessories. It pretty much has everything you'll ever need and everything you've never seen before.

~Soapmarket is owned by one of the nicest ladies in New Jersey. It's a store dedicated to everything bath related and is perfect because it hosts parties and events all year long.
~ My favorite place to eat dinner is Teak. It's an asian fusion restaurant with some of the best Pad Thai I have ever eaten.

~ After dinner, I always head over to Frozsurt. It's Red Bank's version of Pinkberry!

This is just a little glimpse at some of my favorite places on what us Jersey girls consider Jersey Shore. Really, though, the Jersey Shore has so much more to offer then just this! I hope you enjoyed my peak into Monmouth County!


  1. I knew Jersey couldn't be as ridiculous as the show makes it out to be. It looks beautiful where she lives!

  2. As a Jersey girl myself, I have to say thank you for this post. After reality TV has ruined the image of NJ (I refuse to watch any of it!), it's nice to let other people see the better side of our misunderstood state. A lot of the places mentioned made me happy because they are some of my favorite spots and others I have never seen before but will keep in mind to visit!

    - Jessica

  3. I'm a Jersey Girl displaced in Ohio. I'm going back next week for New Years after not being there for a year and I can't wait! I'm the first in my family to move away, and Ohio just doesn't compare. I'm making a list of all my favorite food to eat out there...pork roll is on the list!

  4. OMG.. i moved to Monmouth County from boston (to be with my NJ boyfriend:) and i was just in Red Bank last night, thinking.... this would make a pretty cool "slice of" feature on your blog.. but someone juuust beat me to it :) :) great job though.. love this area!

  5. I'm a New Yorker so you know I already have an opinion on NJ, lol. But this blog really showed me a different side of NJ, thanks!

    Maybe I won't hate on it too often :P

  6. I live an hour away from jersey shore!!

    I know that the show is nothing like it really is. it's much better!

    Marja <3

  7. ummm you're the cutest. i'm jealous that it seems warm enough in nj to wear cute summery dresses, haha.

    i've never been to nj/ny/anywhere that far up north. the furthest i've been is montana, and that's not even in the same area (but boy is it beautiful). <3rachel

  8. ah thanks for posting it! it was so much fun to write:)

  9. I grew up in this area, love this post!

  10. Thanks for featuring this side of Jersey. I'm from South Jersey, on the western side of the state near Philadelphia. Everything here is small town, lots of farms and tress. It made me smile to see comments from people who now realize that Jersey has so much more to offer :).

  11. Im also a Jersey girl and love this area of NJ. Besides Monmouth County, there are so many other great areas of NJ. You can go skiing in North Jersey, gamble and visit the Boardwalk in AC, we have great parks and beaches, we're short train ride away from NYC, shopping, the best pizza, every other cultural restaurant you can ask for, you name it. Im proud to be a Jersey Girl!! Great job on this post, i was secretly hoping someone would do a NJ post :)

  12. i wish you a merry christmas!!!
    have a beautiful day!
    xoxo, pink lady ♥

  13. I went to school at Monmouth. =) LOVE Asbury and would totally move up there if I had money!! And Surf Taco and The Pony are the best! =)

  14. Great post! Jersey girl who grew up in Monmouth County, now living in Jersey City. Our state gets such a bad name. Thanks for showing we are all not guidos!

  15. This is another amazing post. I'm so glad to have stumbled on this series this morning!

    We're only a few hours from New Jersey and really need to quit making excuses and find a way to get up there more often. Katie and I first went there this past summer when we met up with some tweeps in Ocean City, NJ!

    If you're making a road trip along the east coast I highly recommend staying in The Chelsea in Atlantic City (specifically in The Annex rooms: It's an absolutely gorgeous hotel with a lot of authentic vintage style and an affordable rate!

  16. Omigosh I love this post! I'm a Monmouth County gal myself (born and raised) and am SO glad you mentioned that the real Jersey Shore is nothing like the show. I seriously need to explain that everywhere I go lol!