Wednesday, December 15, 2010



Hi everyone, I hope your Wednesday is going splendidly!  Today has been a pretty good day: Henry slept well last night which allowed me 9 hours of sleep- three 3 hour blocks interrupted only for changing and feeding.  Once we were up and at 'em, we headed out so I could get my regular facial peel at my dermatologist's office.  I hadn't gotten one since before I was pregnant, and I was a little concerned with taking H. along, because I was worried he would cry in the waiting room, cry during my appointment, etc...but he didn't!  He was actually awake most of the time, but just looking around with his beautiful, wide eyes.  I was so happy and a lot of my anxiety about taking him out has gone away.  It's nerve-wracking doing these things on my own, and every time I accomplish something like this, even if it seems small and trivial to the average person, I feel very proud of myself and quite accomplished! The rest of the day was spent having a pretty low-key day- I finished Season One of Dexter (loved it) while Henry slept on my chest.  That's one thing I am going to miss SO MUCH when he isn't a baby anymore.  I adore the way he snuggles right up onto me like a little koala, breathing into my neck, hands grasping the sides of my shirt.  It breaks a little piece of my heart off every time he does this, it's the most amazing feeling I've ever had.  I love this little son of ours more than I could have ever's seriously so wonderful.  Fellow mamas- wouldn't you agree that nothing is better?! I feel so complete.

But anyway, mushiness aside, here are a few links to enjoy either tonight or tomorrow, whenever you read this!  My guest posts are coming to an end as well, so I'll be back to my regular daily posting.  It's been so nice to have a month of friends helping me out- I was able to schedule their posts, as well as my weekly features ahead of time, so it was wonderful to just focus on keeping my head above water during this first month of mommy-hood.  So again, a BIG thank you to all of my lovely guest posters.  I still have three or four more great ladies to share with all of you, and I'm going to stretch them out into next week.  Good stuff coming your way!

And now, the links:
  • I'm kind of in LOVE with this print.  In fact, I'm in love with this entire site. They also have super cute tee shirts and other goodies.
  • This blog never fails to amaze me...and make me incredibly hungry.  Her cookie roundup has got me beyond inspired to bake, bake, bake!
  • I tweeted about this fantastic blog the other day: Etsy for Baby Boys on Tumblr!  It's chock full of wonderful finds for little dudes, and if you're a mama to a boy, you know how challenging it can be to find cute boy stuff!  This blog does all the work for you, and best of all, all the finds are on Etsy. 
  • Do you like Brussels sprouts?  Sarah does!  And I do too.  She shares a wonderful recipe for a delicious looking Brussels sprout dish here.
  • My thumbprint cookies recently did double duty on two very different blogs recently, this week showing up on my friend Melissa's "Treat Week," and last week on Erin's 12 Days of Christmas!  
  • One of my favorite blogging ladies, Sarah, is 23 weeks pregnant with her daughter Lottie. How cute is she?!
  • I always look forward to Kelly Ann's "Favorite Things Tuesday."  This week was no disappointment!
  • My pal Liz gave me some new nail inspiration with her post here.  And helllooo amazing yellow dress!
    • And lastly, my favorite poet on one of my favorite Tumblrs. Ever.  If you follow me on that site you know that I reblog an ungodly amount of S. Plath stuff...with good reason!  She's amazing.
    Good night all!


    1. Bringing the bambino out is stressful! I'm always worried that Evelyn will start crying and want the boob when we're out in public. Which has happened ... and I'm not quite comfortable nursing in public (yet? I can aspire to be!) so I scurry off to the nearest public restroom and sit in the handicap stall.

      Love your blog, I follow you on my reader. :) Your Henry was born just a few short days after my Evelyn. I've followed you since he was in the womb!


    2. :) glad my post could conjure up some inspiration for you, lovely. Let me know if you do it!

    3. I'm so glad you and your little family are doing well! :) You are a great little mama :)
      Love and Turtledoves,

    4. Ugh I get so worried taking Alyson out. She can be pretty fussy if she isn't constantly moving (I'm thinking she is going to have ADHD like her daddy lol). She was good when she was younger and would just sleep though lol.

      The Sweetest Life

    5. aw! it's so sweet to hear you talk about little Henry in such a loving way. cute picture, by the way! :]

      thanks for the links!


    6. oh goodness, i love that apron in blue! i am a little baking machine this time of the year, so i think i need one too! <3

      p.s. danielle, i am so happy that you are loving being a mom, and that everything is going so smoothly for you. you really are such a lucky lady!

    7. Taking Baby H anywhere will probably be the easiest now. Heck, if you want to go to the movies go for it!! We took our baby EVERYWHERE up until he hit the 4 month because by then he wasn't so quiet. But I'm glad you're out and about! The nerves get better with time!

    8. I already miss the way Harlow would cling onto me like a little koala! She's far too independent to do that now. Enjoy it while it lasts :)

    9. Thanks for those lovely links, Danielle!

      The first 'on my own outing' with my baby boy, Dylan...I packed his diaper bag the night before, and felt totally prepared. I was so excited! We were only out literally an hour, and he had gotten sick all over the three outfits I packed for emergency backup. That's 4 outfits total! In one hour!

      Happily, the next time was much better :)

    10. YAY for sleep! i'm so glad you got some rest. and henry is such a good baby... i can't wait to cuddle with my babies one day. :)

      aaww, thank you, love! sharing my favourite things every week is so much fun! :)

    11. i was the same when i first had penny, doing things alone was sooo scary with this tiny little baby.
      Its so great to see you all doing so well :)


    12. Own! This blog is just the cutest thing!!! It's heart warming to 'read'(hahahah) you talk about baby Henry like this... I can't wait to have my own babies... ^^

    13. Im excited you're getting to Dexter!! Best show ever!! xo

    14. I find some of my newest -- but favorite -- blogs from your recommendations.

    15. you are adorable!! thank you for including me on your list. I'm glad I could inspire your baking this season. You sure do inspire me! Happy Holidays xoxoxoxo

    16. Why do you get facial peels at the dermatologist? It sounds kinda like it might be awesome/horrible, please elaborate...

    17. Thank you for the sweet link, Danielle! I absolutely love Henry updates & I am so excited he's doing so well! I cannot wait to be able to say "I AGREE!" when you talk about how wonderful being a mama is. Hope you're having a wonderful Thursday with your little mister!