Monday, January 10, 2011

Bridal shower, wedding bells!

So, my lovely little sister Lauren is getting married this March, and this weekend is her bridal shower!  My Mom and I already have almost every detail planned, but I thought I would reach out to all of you to see if there are any last-minute cute ideas you could share with me!  I'd tell you what we're already doing but I know Lauren reads this and I don't want to give too much away. So...any fun games, decor, favor ideas you'd like to pass along?  I'll love you forever! ;)

sisters 1
photo from last Christmas:)


  1. I've been to a few where everyone was supposed to make a scrapbook page of the bride and themselves and they are put into a scrabbook when everyone arrives for the bride. such a cute idea !

  2. Congrats to your sister... this is a recent canvas i did for a bride for her maid of honor, just a thought?
    Good luck :)

  3. This site has some cute ideas!

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  6. has some really pretty ideas!

  7. I am actually in the middle of planning one for my cousin (i am maid of honor)

    A fun game- what in your purse?
    list a whole bunch of random items and see who has the most
    ex. tampons, picture of the bride, toothpaste...ect :)

    Same ol game - What was she wearing? Have ur sis leave the room & ask a whole bunch of questions on what she was wearing? Jewelry? color shirt? Shoes?

    Good luck with the shower ♥

  8. For my best friend's bridal shower, I glued green pipe cleaners to card stock and then had everyone write advice, or just a sweet message to her on the cards. It was a little advice/love boquet. =]

  9. Congrats to your sis....for my bridal shower one of my favorite things was that the hosts secretly had my husband write a little about the reason he knew I was the one, they read it out loud at the end and had flowers from him as well. A letter I could keep and a special memory for me!

  10. at my bridal shower one of my friends made table center pieces with vegetables (mostly broccoli and cauliflower) and they were so cute

  11. We did a bridal shower mad lib for my cousin and it was a hit. She added it to her notebook and we'd force her to read it. Quoting parts of it can still make us collapse with laughter.

  12. Hey Danielle,

    I just got married in July and was lucky to have two showers thrown for me (one for both me and my husband).

    Both my husband and I are teachers and my co-worker threw us a group shower where she had a black marble composition book with our names on the front. She had a cute table set up with pens, scrapbooking supplies (stickers, etc), and little odds and ends where people could write us notes all night long. It was nice because a lot of people wrote multiple messages as the night went on. Some people brought pictures, taped them in, and wrote messages around those, too! It's on my bookshelf and I look at it so often! It's awesome!

  13. Cute blog and awesome tattoos!

    That's so exciting that your sister's getting married. Congrats!

    When I was planning my cousin's shower, we played pin the lips on the groom: A friend printed out a huge almost-nude model that had the future husband's face cropped in. My friend also printed a bunch of lips.


  14. D-

    This post was completely and awesomely posted at appropriate timing! I am also in the midst of throwing my sister a bridal shower and have been searching for ideas and these are all rad! Thanks guys!

    Totally diggin the mad lib and the letter from the man-fiancé!

  15. I JUST went to a bridal shower on New Year's Day for my stepbrother's fiancée. We had everyone bring a recipe to put in a binder / scrapbook in plastic sleeves that they could add to and start using as newlyweds braving the adult world together.
    The gifts were also all things that were needed to cook the corresponding recipes given ie. an ice cream maker with a great ice cream sandwich recipe, or a fruit tart with the large round pan that its best made on, etc. etc.
    My stepsister is also a photographer, and with her polaroid camera set up a little photo space so that photos of the person giving the recipe were on the same page or adjacent page as the recipes. This also serves as a great learning tool for the new family members in learning who everyone is, and is great for multi-generational family members contributing to the shower.
    Good luck and hope its super fun!

  16. At my bridal shower my sister-in-law made a video "questionaire" for me. She asked my fiance questions like "What is my middle name and who am I named after?" or "What was the fist movie was saw together." I had to answer the questions first and then she played the video of my fiance following with the answer. If you want to make it a little funnier, for every question she gets wrong she has to chew a piece of gum. (You can leave that out if you want). It's fun for her and for the guests to find out a little history about the two. It was my personal favorite!

  17. i cant wait to go to a fun wedding someday. and i LOVE your plaid dress

  18. I asked for all my friends to bring me a favorite recipe of theirs to add to the collection

  19. we played the gum chewing one and it was also fun because a lot of *us* knew the answer she didn't!
    we're not really "game" people, so here's the fun things we've done. some are not family friendly, but they were still really funny, and so not "first lady to cross their legs is out of the game" typical church wedding shower games.

    *everyone gets a paring knife and a cucumber, and has ten minutes to carve the best penis. the group judges and awards a prize to the best and worst. i guess this and the next one are actually more bachelorette party games, so you can file them away for that. it sounds crude, but trust me, it is the most fun thing you will ever do, and you will tease your friends for the rest of eternity. we had one person go with such force that her cuke was chopped in half, someone else just couldn't stop carving and had a poor flaccid model by the end, and our polish friend would have put any medical modeler to shame with the replica she produced.

    *again, this may be more bachelorette....everyone brings a pair of panties in the bride's size and she has to guess who brought which pair. shots for wrong guesses optional.

    *we did a slide show of my best friend including photos of her and her husband from when they were little kids all through their courtship. it played continuously on a screen through the entire shower and everyone LOVED it.

  20. Ok...Did You REALLY JUST HAVE A BABY!?!
    You look AMAZING!

    ...oh, and congrats to your sister too!

  21. This might make me sound like a party pooper, but I'm not so into cutesy games. My two requirements for a bridal shower are the same as any party: good food and good company. The rest always falls into place. (P.S. I've been known to throw showers with games for OTHERS, just not my personal pick. I think to each his own. You can't go wrong, really.)

  22. Congrats to your sister! How exciting! Marriage truly is wonderful!

  23. There are several great ideas for all occasions including bridal showers on One pretty thing. I love that site!

  24. My awesome bridesmaids gave me a wonderful bridal shower. One of the games we did was like the newlywed game, they asked my then fiance questions that I would have to try to answer. It was really cute and not as cheesy as some of the regular old shower games.

    Have fun! <3

  25. Hey Danielle,

    I'm from Vienna, Austria. Here in Austria we play totally different games. A very common one is the following:
    Every guest brings one items, she doesn' t need anymore or a very funny item. (people often bring stuff like funny sex toys or underwear or tampons....)
    All things are collected in a box. Afterwards the bride has to sell all the stuff to people in a public place. (it usually takes place in the center of the capital city) It' s always a lot of fun - but I guess it won' t work out in the USA.
    Excuse my english - I' m still trying to improve it. I wish you a lot of fun! Greetings from Vienna,

  26. We played a game where you would hand out a list of married men on tv shows and then the guests would have one minute to name as many of the wives that matched the husband.

  27. Message in a bottle. Set out small pieces of paper, pens, ribbons or rope, and a nice pretty bottle (make sure the papers will fit and that you can get them back out). Have guests write a special note &/or advice on the paper and roll it up and tie it hen put it in the bottle. The Bride and Groom can read them on their wedding night or the day after. Or even on their one year anniversary.


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