Saturday, January 1, 2011

Farewell 2010

2010 was by far one of the very best years of my entire life. This year was quite the transformative year for me and our little family, and overall it was an incredibly special time for us, from getting closer as a married couple, going through my pregnancy, buying our first home, and finally, having our beautiful son! Feel free to browse my archives on the left hand sidebar to revisit old posts, or discover new ones you may have missed.  They're organized by month and day, so it's definitely a fun little tour through our 2010.  And if you're feeling really ambitious, you can click the tag under this post "year in review," and check out my way-too-long multiple post review from 2009. 

In January we celebrated a new year...and it's pretty fun to think at this point we had NO idea about all of the amazing things in store for us.  We spent New Year's Eve at my parents' house, toasting with sparkling cider.  Previously we'd always had more of a wild celebration with friends at a show and it was the first year in awhile we'd stayed in, which we loved.  This year definitely followed suit.

my true love

love that little face


February was a great, low key month.  One of my favorite memories from this month was our Valentine's Day evening...the very last one I'd ever celebrate with only one Henry as my Valentine!  Another fun time was our friend Jason and Lexy's wedding- it was absolutely beautiful.  I also started to amass items for a future baby's room- little did I know it would be sooner than we could know!


gorgeous dress

our table

our new little cuties

In March I went to Hawaii with my mother-in-law to get the beach house in order, and it was a lovely, wonderful trip. So relaxing and it was absolutely hard to come home and leave the view from our backyard (see below!). 

Hawaii uniform = sundress and bun

loving it!

Hawaiian sunset

In April I started to really feel pregnant...even though we still hadn't announced our pregnancy!  It was so hard to keep it within our close circle of friends and family, and every day at work I wanted to shout it to the rooftops!  We also spent a lot of time outside, and I spent a LOT of time not taking photos, since I started to feel kind of "off" due to being pregnant.  Mamas I'm sure you can feel me on that one.  I think the photo below was the last outfit photo I took. Excuse the wrinkly skirt, what was I thinking?! ;)  My hair also starting growing like a weed- thank you pregnancy hormones! Oh, and a special little Boston celebrated her 2nd birthday, too!


daily outfit, 3/28

the longest my hair has ever been!

Happy 2nd birthday, Madeline!

May was great, as it always is because it's my birthday and our anniversary month...and it's the month school is out for the summer!  We announced that a baby was on the way, and my belly also started to grow (in my mind at least).

The day found out I was pregnant!


If you squint your eyes and look reeeaallly closely...

In June we headed back to the Hawaii house to celebrate our wedding anniversary and had the absolute best time. We treated it kind of like a "babymoon," because we knew it was the last large trip we'd take together before Henry was born! We also found out our baby was a boy!  Oh, Henry!

beautiful, sunny day!

after beach snack on the lower lanai

Hank at the beach

Here's our little boy! (19 weeks)

Oh Henry indeed!

July was another fun summer month, filled with a lot of day and weekend excursions.  One of my favorite trips was to Lake Powell to spend time on the houseboat with Hank's family.  It's always a great time and it was nice to get some relaxation in before school started again in August.  There were also a lot of lazy days spent downtown, walking around the square and...eating snowcones with one of my best friends! Yum!  At the end of the month we also went to Comic Con in San Diego like we always do.

Lake Powell

perfect summer day



August came along and I went back to work, but this time sporting a new belly bump!  I ended up getting some of the best classes I'd ever had in my six years at PHS and I really and truly fell in love with my job.  Go figure, right? We also got a lot closer to buying our first home, and we continued to cross our fingers that we'd find the perfect place soon. My sister also began her search for the perfect wedding dress and I was happy to go along as her over-ecstatic matron of honor!

I haven't showed this side before! 23 weeks

wedding dress shopping with Lauren

September was a wonderful month- and we finally closed on our new home!  It was surreal, moving things in with just two months to go in my pregnancy, and it was incredibly exciting to imagine all of the great things that were to come in our new home.

snapshot of moving

Big ole pregnant belly, and you can kind of see my new hair color. :)

October marked one month to go until Henry's arrival, and my friends and family celebrated along with us, throwing me a fabulous baby shower.  It was such a great day, and topped off a wonderful month that had been so full of fun and loved ones.


the ladies!

35 weeks

Then...November came, and I gave birth to our sweet, sweet Henry.  Life as we knew it was forever changed for the better, and our hearts grew in leaps and bounds.  I felt complete and happier than I'd ever been. 

36 weeks/9 months pregnant

love my darling boy

Happy birthday sweet boy!

In December we began to learn how to become parents, and the adventure was many things; exciting, beautiful, trying at times, tiring at all times, but overall the best journey we'd ever been on.  Lucky for us, it's only the beginning!

family photo, 12/5

father and son

Henry IV

So here's to 2011- may you bring more happiness and love into our lives, and be a year full of new discoveries and peace.  Happy New Year everyone!  I'll be back tomorrow with my goals post- have a great Saturday!


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