Monday, January 17, 2011

Links for your Monday evening


Hi all (and hi from Madeline up above too!).  Here are some links for you to check out:

It's MLK Day today, and this is a great link to check out.  What a wonderful man.

I love this cute lampshade DIY.

You guys know how much I love silhouettes.  This post is chock full of so many amazing ideas!

Fellow mamas: I definitely enjoyed this article about why "Mom guilt" is good, and maybe you will too.

And speaking of great articles, I found this one about Mormon Mommy-bloggers oh-so great and especially interesting since she was talking about some of my blogger pals!  Definitely a must-read.

How cute are these baby announcement plaques on Etsy?  I want to get one for Henry.

I have a new television obsession.  The X Life!  The guys remind me of all the boys I grew up with, and the show is totally entertaining. Have you seen it? 

I think this DIY felt flower wreath is really cute, and would adorable for the spring. 

I adore these photos of Rachel, and I'm so excited to check out the Red Velvet spring lookbook. 

One of my readers sent me this link via Craigslist and it made me giggle.

Have a great night, and see you tomorrow for Tattoo Tuesday (this week I'm featuring a fella).


  1. Wow, cheers for the list. Loving your blog. Using it as inspiration and motivation to get a half sleeve tattoo.

    xx Violet

  2. As a Utahn, I found that link about LDS blogger particularly fascinating. Thanks for sharing! : )

  3. Thank you for posting the "Mom Guilt"'s all so true. Gah.

  4. Ahhh Madeline is so cute up close! {And I'm sure from far away, too...}

  5. It really made me smile to see your link to the article about Mormon mommy-bloggers. I absolutely love your blog, respect all of your insight, and think your tattoos are beautiful. I think I remember reading that you're not a religious person (I apologize if this is incorrect), and being a Mormon it's just nice to see something like this when we (I, too, am a Mormon) seem to get negative press sometimes. Thank you for this, and thanks for always giving me something to look forward to reading on your blog!

  6. I too am a LDS blogger, appreciated the cutie article!

    i love sometimessweet!

  7. Haha! I love the Craigslist post. Although I sooo wouldn't be giving a guy I just met at the bar a tour of my house on the first date :P

  8. Wow those baby plaques are adorable! They are now on my 'want list' for when my baby is born.

  9. Thanks so much for posting about my Baby Plattes! LOVE your blog and the endless amount of great taste and lovely attitude! Best Wishes,