Thursday, January 27, 2011

Links to love!

our table
from my friend's wedding last year. Love it/my adorable friends. Hi Erin!

Hi everyone, and happy Thursday!  Here are some fun links to get you into the beginning of your weekend!  Enjoy.

How cute is this video?  I've never really gotten into the whole Facebook chat thing, but you can bet this was the case for me when I was all about AOL and later AIM.  Too funny.

I am loving these DIY thank you cards via my pal Allie and her darling 1-year old Henry.

Classic stars and their bikes? Okay! Such a cute post.

Interesting article on gender and identity- discusses everything from Disney princesses to internet culture.

365 days of ampersands?! How did I miss this?

I really adore this DIY "EAT" sign and definitely plan on making one for our kitchen shelf. I also happen to adore the blog where I found it, which I just came across when she left the address in my "what's YOUR blog?" post.  So happy to meet all of my readers. I'm slowly but surely making my way down the list, so if I haven't stopped by yet, I will!

I love me some muffins, and I love me some Chelsea, so this was a great mix! Can't wait to try out this recipe.

Love this interview with one of my favorite artists, the talented Angelique Houtkamp.

Why having a toddler is like living in a frat house. Yup.

Adeline's Dad, Don, is definitely a Super Dad/Man!  Go Addy's Daddy go!

Another adorable wedding video. It makes me want to get married to Hank all over again. So sweet.

Ever have an awkward moment when you were a pre-teen? Yeah? Me too. And probably everyone else. Submit your funny anecdote to this radical new zine and get that embarrassment off your chest once and for all. ;)

My sweet best friend Amber found her holy grail of red lipsticks!

I'm dying. Just LOOK at this bedroom makeover on one of my favorite blogs. Can't wait to read about the details.

Love this collection of "cutesy retro" interior design on another one of my fave blogs. Eye candy for sure.

That's it! Have the best day, xoxo.


  1. Hey great post.
    Love that last link to the interiors blog. If you like unusual interiors come and pay me a visit xx

    have a good weekend

  2. That bedroom makeover is great. Definitely want to steal some of those ideas. Thanks for the mention. I guess I should probably blog now that my husband thought it was the weirdest thing that I put the word EAT on our wall and asked me to change it around to TEA because I don't know why but he thought that was much cooler. Guys are so weird.

  3. Ha! BrunchatSaks is by a student I taught in my first year as an English teacher. The blog world is so small. Love her! Love her celeb bike post too. :)

  4. Thanks for sharing!! :]

    xo. kf.

  5. Love this! I totally blogged about stars on bikes last week too. The pics are so amazing!
    xoxo have a great day friend!

  6. I LOVE that 365 days of ampersands!!

  7. that disney princess article is so interesting. i'm actually taking a class right now that is all about gender, sexes and identity. its very eye openening!

  8. Great stuff. I especially love the bedroom makeover... I'm on the hunt for new bedding and am having a terrible time finding something I like. I need all of the inspiration I can get!


    All this is Grace and Charm

  9. Oh my god. That cutesy retro house is TO DIE FOR! Great linkys thanks for sharing :)

  10. I noticed in Henry's doctor post that your hair looks darker, are you going to keep it dark now instead of lightening it? it looks nice :)

  11. that bedroom makeover is fabulous! as is that collection of kitschy home-decor photographs.

  12. love the classic stars and their bikes! it makes me want to don a silk scarf and ride into the night!

  13. Thanks for the mention Danielle! I can't wait to start getting some embarrassing stories. I think it's going to be my favourite part of the zine.

  14. OMG! These links are awesome! I'm having the best time! ^^
    Oh! I was browsing through your blog yesterday and found EXTREMELY great music (specially for my workouts)...
    Oh, if it wasn't for my books, your blog, and facebook I would be bored to death in the office!!!
    Kisses for the pretty lady and her lovely family! ;)

  15. i just noticed that you linked me in this! awww, thanks danielle!