Sunday, January 23, 2011

Our Weekend in Photos

My parents arrived Saturday night and Henry was so happy to see his grandparents! They live a couple of hours away, so it's always so nice when they come and visit. Luckily we see each other a few times a month, but I still wish we all lived in the same place.


We ordered pizza from our favorite place- Bill's! It's absolutely delicious.  We get a regular cheese with Bill's sauce, which is a mix of tomato and pesto sauce. Have you ever tried a pizza like that?  It's to die for.  Probably pretty bad for you, but fun for a treat every now and then.

weekend 5

So we all went to sleep with full bellies and woke up the next morning ready for breakfast!  I of course made everyone take a photobooth photo. :)

mi familia

We went to brunch at Iron Springs Cafe, a little restaurant in town. It's really, really good and serves amazing, from-scratch food. I usually get the poached eggs and an English muffin, and even though that's kind of a boring, simple meal it's always delicious in all of its simplicity. At the end of our meal our server brought us out a little sample of their homemade peach cobbler and I kinda, sorta died. I'm thinking a dessert date there is in our future, and hopefully sooner than later!


Our original plan was to go antique shopping, but football was starting soon so everyone wanted to get home so we elected to skip it.  We randomly stopped by a thrift store on the way home, which is an extremely rare occurence for me. As much as I want to love hunting for little treasures (everyone always seems to find such cute stuff!), I just can't get into it.  I did give it a go though, and for the millionth time in my life, didn't like it.  Adie is going to take me soon though, so hopefully she can be my experienced guide and maybe I'll find some neat stuff.  Oh, and disregard my "I gotta pee" pose (what was I thinking?!) and focus on the fact that I was thrifting. haha. That's the important thing. And the only other photo I took there was of Henry's little, tiny darling thumb.  So cute.


The Hour of the Wolf mugs from their last full-US tour out to The Fest in Florida and back. We snapped a quick little shot of the two different styles side by side.


family photo BW

Once we got home from our outing my Dad and Hank got to work on some projects around the house, including this one- putting together our wall of bookshelves in the front living room/library.  Tomorrow Hank is going to attach them to the wall and then we'll be set!  I love them.

Dad and Hank putting together our wall of bookshelves

I brought this headband out of hibernation today- if you're curious it's from Anthropologie, last year.



This is his "pout face." It's the cutest thing in the world!

pout face

So we had a great weekend! I'm already looking forward to next weekend too- I'll be shopping for bridesmaids dresses with a bunch of my girlfriends. I mentioned it before but one of my best friends Shirley is getting married. I'm so excited to be a part of it, and the whole event is going to be amazing, knowing Shirley and Nate. I also need to find a bridesmaids dress for my sister's wedding which is already coming up next month!  I feel so happy that Lauren is about to marry the love of her life- her and Abe have known each other since they were in middle school so it's even more awesome.  Their wedding is going to be beautiful and I feel so special being the matron-of-honor. Can't wait.

Well, I'm off to start winding down for bed...Henry's asleep already so I'm going to sneak in some reading and cuddle time with Hank. I hope whatever your weekend had in store for you it was wonderful! Have a good start to your week tomorrow. 



  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend! I've never had a poached egg before, but I do love eggs and its on my list of things to try.
    I'm with you on the thrifting though. I tried, but couldn't get into it because I could never find anything neat. Although I love seeing what others find!!

    The Sweetest Life

  2. So sweet. Henry has Hanks eyes! I can totally see it in the first picture with the whole family together. How cute!

  3. thifting is definitely a skill. its about taking your time and being open to whats going to become yours.
    this week we found a super duper working typewriter for 20bucks.. that was a score.

  4. ok... pout faces ARE the cutest things in the world. and his is darrrrling.

  5. What a happy weekend you had! I just found your blog and added you to my reader...we also have a 2 month old little boy--so fun to see and read about the goings on of other little ones. Take care!

  6. pizza AND pesto sauce mixed together?! why have i never thought of that? genius.

    you're so cute... your family makes me smile so much. :) lovelove. <3

  7. aww love your pictures! what a sweet day!

  8. i can't get into thrifting either! i have tried many, many times...never had much success. i think some people (me included) are just not 'thrifters.'


    p.s. henry is ADORABLE!!! he has beautiful eyes.

  9. henry's HUGE smile in that pic is amazing! he's so little i can't believe he is smiling like that already! happy man!


  10. Cute, cute, cute photos! Looks like you had a great weekend!

  11. HAHAHA the pout face is so cute! Aw.

  12. You had a wonderful weekend! YEAAAHH!
    Still more than stoked to be your thrift guide soon! It is a weird, wonderful world once you find your groove...and I have a feeling yours will be home decor. <3 you!!!

  13. Oh my darlin'! You have such a cute little family. And that "pout" face. So adorable. Love it!

    xo. kf.

  14. That black and white photo is SO so so so cute!

  15. Can we see Hank smile with some teeth? hehehe

  16. Okay that pizza looks sooo delish! Darn it now I'm craving pizza and it's not even 6am! Henry is too cute & I am definetly a fan of the 'pout' face♥

    Hope you have a fantastic week!

  17. Wow it sounds like you had an amazing weekend :) I'm a total pizza nut and that pizza looks delish!!!

  18. I love all of the photos! Especially the one of Henry pouting, it really is incredibly cute. I'm glad to hear that your weekend was amazing.

    Are Henry's eyes still that newborn blue, or have they started to change?

  19. Always I am charmed with your photos
    Always I see you so marvellous!!
    Happy day!!! kisses!!

  20. looks like you had a very yummy weekend! that pizza looks lush haha, xoxo avs

  21. That pizza looks amazing!

    I, also, have an incredibly hard time getting into thrifting. I'm not sure why, I think it's all of the unorganized chaos.

  22. That baby is just soo damn cute!!

    Looks like you guys had a good weekend. its nice to see family every once in a while.

    marja <3

  23. I wish your week to be as great as the weekend!

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  25. taking a new baby out is like the most exciting AND scariest thing ever. i remember being so proud to show him off but so afraid he'd have some huge melt down or dirty diaper etc at the same time.

    yay for visiting family! this post makes me miss mine so much.

    i love all of these photos. henry is still so tiny and alert and you look amazing :)


  26. I love reading your blog, I always walk away feeling happy and inspired.
    Now serious business: pizza. My partner and I are from Australia and are fascinated by American pizzas. They're just phenomenal, we're planning a States trip in 2012 any pizza is high on our menu :)
    In saying that I tried your pesto and tomato sauce with homemade of basil and macadamia pesto and homemade tomato, garlic and onion sauce. Holy crap. Amazing. Even boy who doesn't like margherita pizzas was quite taken with this. So thankyou for sharing.
    ps. I toally have the biggest girl crush on you, and your baby is the CUTEST!!