Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wonderful weekend

I had such a great, great weekend that was jam-packed with plans, people, and fun.  Saturday I had a sweet girl date with my friend Anita and had the best time.  We left both of our babies at home with their grandparents, and it was basically the first time I'd really done that. It was nerve-wracking but also fun to be able to go do something on my own outside of a quick run to the gym or the store. It was a great night- so much girl talk, so much good food...and cupcakes too!  We ate at Joe's Farm Grill- I got a chicken sandwich and fries, delicious- and followed it up with sweets from the bakery next door. I adore Anita and it was immeasurably fun to actually spend time with her. I can't wait to do it again!

When I got home Henry and I fell asleep around 8:30pm and slept the night away. He woke up once but for the most part sleep really well and I felt great on Sunday morning. I had a full day planned today so I was really grateful he didn't pick last night to end his amazing sleeping streak. We're at my parents, so I thought it could happen being in a different environment, but nope! Thank you sweet Henry! So we got up this morning, got ready, and I headed over to Shirley and Nate's for a girl's/bridesmaids brunch, followed by shopping. My parents graciously agreed to watch H. so of course I was excited to go spend the afternoon with my ladies. These girls are some of my oldest and dearest friends, and it's always always a good time, filled with laughter and silliness.

So we brunched and chatted for awhile, and then we all headed to Chandler Mall to check out some of the shops in the hopes of finding black bridesmaids dresses. The last time I went to the mall with five other girls I think I was 16, so I had to stop and kind of smile to myself as I watched all of us walk into Nordstrom together. So funny. We walked around and visited different stores (hello J. Crew, I adore you and so wish we had one closer), and then Emily suggested we look in White House Black Market.  Lo and behold, we found the dress!  It's the perfect black dress- it has a classic, vintage look to it and we will absolutely we able to wear it again. Pretty awesome as far as a dress goes, and really, really awesome that we get to wear it as a bridesmaids dress. We all purchased it right then and there and it's nice to have this detail out of the way. Now, onto finding Shirley's dress!

So yes, the afternoon was really lovely. I've said it before and I say it again- I feel incredibly lucky to have so many wonderful, positive girlfriends in my life. My heart is incredibly happy today, from my dinner with Anita to today's festivities. I'm looking forward to all that is to come in the next few months, and especially for my sister's wedding, which is on March 12th- so soon! Her bachelorette party is next weekend too, and although I am forgoing the barhopping, I am joining the ladies for dinner. I can't wait. It's funny because while I was pregnant we laid so low- even this blog reflected that. Lots of quiet weekends at home, not much hanging out...but now I feel like we're back into the swing of things and I'm having just so much fun. I think Henry has been enjoying meeting so many people too, and I love that he is such an easy baby in terms of traveling and being in new environments. He never ceases to amaze me, that boy.

I need to get to sleep now in sweet anticipation of going home to Hank tomorrow (he had class all day Saturday) but I'll leave you with some photos from the weekend. Happy, happy Monday and have a wonderful start to your week!

in my sister's old bedroom, getting ready to head out to dinner- don't know why this photo is so red-tinted!
Saturday night

Anita and me
Anita and  me <3

birthday cake cupcake. This was so.good.
birthday cake cupcake! soo good


Sunday morning, getting ready for brunch
Sunday morning, heading to brunch

H for my Henrys :)
H for my Henrys

the bride-to-be/hostess with the mostess. Love Shirley so, so much.
Shirley, bride to be!

Shirl's sister Erica and Autumn!
Erica and Autumn

yummy apple spice muffins Emily made...I wish I had one right now.
brunch at Shirl and Nate's

quiche, fruit salad, muffins, mimosas, and coffee.

Em and me- and Maxon in her belly! Cutest pregnant gal ever.
my dear friend Em and me (and Maxon in her belly!)

the bride and her bridesmaids, minus two!
the bride and bridesmaids

the shop

the dress
the dress


Erin, Autumn, me

Erin's excited!


  1. gorgeous lady! especially in that pink dress, yowza! ;) i LOVE the black dresses... so classy and flattering.

    when i have a child someday, you're going to be my fitness inspiration post-baby ;) you look AMAZING.

  2. I love both of those dresses. They look amazing on you. I'd love one of each :)

  3. wow, danielle, you look great! seriously, i never would have thought you had a big baby boy in that body of yours at one point! &those black dresses are so pretty! are they from a bridal store?

  4. silly me, i see where they're from now! ;)

  5. Ahhh thanks ladies! :)

    @nicole they're from White House Black Market- the link is up above!


  6. Does your little H take a bottle without a fuss? If so that is great! So glad you were able to have "you" time with your friends!

    Love that both you and Anita are wearing stripes!


    PS. You DO NOT look like you had a baby a couple short months ago!

  7. Love, love, love that pink dress.

    Where'd you get the "h" necklace from? I think it's beautiful.

    Rachel Parker
    Grown Up Rachel

  8. @Rachel Anthropologie a couple of years ago :)

  9. I love that top! I've been eyeing it at target every time I go in! How great is it that the dress is flattering for everyone?!

  10. love both those dresses you wore! And that bridesmaid dress is perfect.
    Glad you were able to enjoy your weekend! =)

  11. Lovely pics, I love the purple dress. Will you be breast feeding out of that bridesmaid dress? Looks too glam for spit up stains!

  12. You look so happy!
    Which makes us smile.
    Henry seems like the most relaxed baby in the world!
    Way to go girl! ;)

    I loved the striped dress!
    Oh, and the cupcake...
    The black dress is really perfect! Perfect LBD!

  13. oooooh i love this muffins!! wonderful weekend!!! lovely life!!! i sure!!!

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  15. glad you had a beautiful weekend, love the dress too-beautiful and simple, doesn't get better than that! loved the photos dani!

  16. You are SO pretty! Glad to see you had a great weekend :))

  17. maybe its just me, but brunch usually sets the stage for an awesome day. hooray for a bridesmaid dress that can be re-used. :) you are so pretty!

  18. As I already mentioned on Twitter, I LOVE those bridesmaid dresses so much. So classy and cute. That's going to be one good-looking wedding!
    I also love that pink dress. Pink isn't really my colour (especially now that I have red hair) but it looks gorgeous on you with fair skin & dark hair! Lovely!

  19. Love love love the black dresses!

  20. wow danielle! You look amazing! no one would have guessed that you gave birth just a few months ago. Way to go!

  21. Sounds like such a fabulous weekend! Love, love the black dresses! You look gorgeous as always. And, I have to say, the chick with the short bob thing going on looks EXACTLY like my 20-something-year-old cousin, DeeDee. I almost fell over when I saw her!! I was like, omd, my cousin hanging out with Dani?! Haha! :]


  22. Mmmm nice cupcake! Loke the stripey dress and the one with roses :D

  23. All those dresses look FAB on you!! Your very photogenic ♥

    So adorable, the "H" for your two Henry's !

    Glad you had an awesome wknd!


  24. I love the bridesmaid dresses & love White House Black Market.

    The pink dress looks really great on you.

  25. love these! looks like you had a ton of fun, yay!

  26. your body is bangin for having an infant!! congrats sexy mama. that black dress is uber cute!

  27. So glad the bridesmaid dresses are getting so many thumbs up :) Best Sunday I've had in a long time! Love you!