Friday, February 11, 2011

February small sponsor highlight post

Hi all and happy Friday! I'll be posting my weekly links either later tonight or tomorrow, but in the meantime, check out all of the blogs and shops below!  These are my some of my sponsors this month, and I know you'll enjoy them- perhaps you'll even find a new blog to love or shop to indulge in. Happy browsing!

1) The Veda House: I'm on a mission to document every little adventure whether it be a trip to the thrift stores, last night's dinner, a sunday stroll and everything in between. As a graphic designer/web designer I appreciate beautiful things. I'm a girlfriend, golden retriever puppy owner, camera collector and lover of mid-century furniture and fashion.

2) Pamplemousse1983: about my life, my loves and most recently my pregnancy.  I love tea, embroidery and trying my best to be crafty, photography and vintage.  I also enjoy long walks on the beach and kissing in the rain.

 3) cameron+whitney: I'm a 25 year old self-taught artist who somehow landed a job painting piggy banks.  A complex amalgamation of comic books, cartoons, and go-gurt all my life has produced a constant and growing flow of imaginative creativity in my noggin and I've recently decided to crack it open and share what's in there with the world.  My blog, cameron+whitney, is a way for me to document and share my art, my various adventures, things I like, and my love for my partner in crime, Whitney.

4) Lehua: an accountant by day and crafter by night. Her blog "the GIRL and BOY" features her journey through her new marriage to the boy and highlights her love for paper. Her etsy shop is filled with the cutest mini albums and notecards.

5) L & Connect: the blog written by Lauren Lee, a 24 year old graphic designer who has fallen in love with the world of photography, fashion, and design. Her blog features photography, simple do-it yourself projects (including wedding goodies), style tips, and her own line of cute cup cozies!

6) Woodland Dreams: I'm a 25-year old newlywed, with a love for all things handmade, vintage, cute animals, food and nature.  Woodland Dreams is my personal blog to share my daily life, which almost always includes a bit of crafting, DIY, photography, baking, and my love for finding lovely things from all over the web!

7) Savannah Smiles: a mixture of everything I love! Cooking, crafting, DIYing, and taking life with a grain of salt. My greatest hope for this blog is to inspire people to try new things; whether it be a new recipe, creating something handmade, or just looking at life in a new, more beautiful way. I hope to glean inspiration from others and inspire them in return!

8) Chandelier Jenny: various inspiration, explorations with art, and captured magic. Vintage treasures, handmade pretties, and adventures of a Texas girl are just a few of the things you'll find.

9) Andrea: a film student, traveller, zinester, music lover, amateur baker, collage artist, avid reader and compulsive shopper from Spain who often stays up late when she shouldn't. She is also an etsy seller!

10) Ballpoint+pen: a personal blog about a girl named Ali. She lives in a little hippie town in CA,  is married to her best friend and dreams of working from home, having babies, and being supremely domestic.  She write this blog from a sun filled room in her little old house in whatever spare time she can come up with.

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