Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday links to love!

Happy, happy Friday! I think I mentioned it the other day, but Hank finally put photoshop on my computer so I've been playing with it like a maniac (hence the photo above, and the million more photos that I'm sure will appear here to announce features and posts and probably even what day it is). ha. But really, it's so fun! I can't wait to get really great at it. I used it a lot when I was younger but alas, I don't remember too much. Luckily Hank is really good, so he can refresh my memory. Regardless, I wanted to share my little weekly round up of links with all of you. But first, some random thoughts:

I FINALLY got around to watching Skins (UK version). Weeks ago I attempted, and didn't like it, but the other day Henry was on a long nap so I stuck with it and ended up falling in love. I finished all of season one and I'm one episode into season two. I am so in love with Cassie and Sid! I also got a chance to watch some of the US version and although I am a Skins newbie, I can already tell that our version is a sad, horrible rip off. Do not want. I'm realizing though that I kind of really like British television. There's just something about it- it's a lot more...real? I don't even know. But a couple years ago I got obsessed with Footballer's Wives and watched every episode. Skins has that same feel to it, so I'm thinking it must be something with the television programs over there.

I feel like I am bursting out of the seams with ideas and inspiration. It's almost as if I'm back to my "old" self before being pregnant. And not like pregnancy made me less myself, but now I feel just more alive and happier than ever. Hard to explain so I'll probably just stop here. I do think it has something to do with the impending warmer season...I'm so excited and I can't help but feel beyond optimistic for all to come.

I went thrifting! And I LOVED it! For those who know me well, you know what a big deal this is. I've been grossed out by thrift stores for a long time now (much to my own dismay) and although some of my favorite dresses are either thrift finds or vintage, I always got weird about it. But, my dear and sweet friend Adie took me, and I had the best time! I found an adorable little something for a friend, and an amazing handbag too. It shocks me to say this, but I can't wait to go again!

And last thought- speaking of Adie, we are starting a ladies craft night as soon as The Bachelor is over. Yes, we are THAT cool and plan our evenings around a tv show. Hello, it's the Bachelor (and Emily better win). But anyway, since I've become a Mom I feel like all I ever want to do is craft and make things, it's wonderful. So we're getting together some awesome gals to come over to my house for an evening of good food, friendship, and creating! Exciting.

And now...on to the links! Enjoy.

This week I was featured on a few blogs, so definitely check those out: I shared a post during Jamie's love week, the sweet Nirvana featured me in a fitness post, my crockpot chili was on the darling Ali's blog, and I did a Mama Style feature on James' blog! I've been quite the busy little blogger.

I love a lot of the detail in this gender-neutral baby shower!

The sweet Kelly Ann sent me this video. "Oh Henry." I love it so much.

Now that I'm a mommy, I know what an amazing gift it is to have a child. A lovely lady by the name of Angela (and her husband) are having an adoption auction to raise funds to adopt from Taiwan. The auction ends tonight at 9pm Eastern time, so hop on over if you have a moment. And good luck Angela and family!

Loved this article about co-sleeping to crib and making the transition.

I never thought a wreath made out of paper cups could look so good!

I am OBSESSED with this cake! I want to make one tomorrow, just because. Such a cute idea.

This artist's reason for "making stuff" is awesome.

Liz posted her DIY jewelery organizer! Super cute.

I've been looking for a cute recipe box and cards for awhile now, and I am loving this one!

I swear to god I reblog EVERYTHING Jess posts on her Tumblr. So good.

My new blog pal Cassie is having an awesome giveaway for a great cause. Check it out.

I am such a sucker for a cute peter pan collar, and Diana kind of hit the jackpot!

I am loving this round up of floral art.

My pal Marcella threw her daughter the sweetest 1st birthday ever! You definitely need to take a peek.

No-fry, homemade churros? Oh my god. I need them, now.

I love playlists, and I especially love playlists entitled "Music for a Slow and Cloudy Day."

So. If I was to get married again, I would totally enter this giveaway on my friend Melissa's blog. It almost seems too good to be true...but amazingly, it's not! Engaged people, go enter!

Oooh, two of my favorite ladies coming together- I love it!

And finally: blood orange olive oil cake. Doesn't that just sound enticing?

Have a great weekend everyone! Love!


  1. Awe shucks... Thanks for the link love. (But I think you meant to type "tumblr" not "twitter". Ha!)
    And p.s.?
    Why am I up so late reading blogs? Sheesh.

    Love you!

  2. hahah...the same reason I'm up writing blog posts. UGH! I need to go to sleep.

    Fixed it! ;)

    Love you mamacita!

  3. you always look so glowy!
    it's absolutely stunning. :)

    i love this week's links!
    you always share some really great ones.

    i hope your sweet family has a wonderful weekend! :)

  4. lovely links!
    i'm also a fan of the uk skins, halfway through season 3. i somehow find the british humour dead funny.
    have a great weekend x

  5. Great links - that paper cup wreath is amazing.
    I've never watched Skins but some of my friends are addicted to it, wish I'd watched it when it was on TV here! x

  6. For another great series check out the Aussie show "love my way". It's amazing.

  7. Oh man! I am totally feeling this post. First, the 1st and 2nd seasons of Skins UK were soooo good. The end of season 2 gets a bit weird, you will see, and season 3 is a completely different cast (Tonys sister and her friends) so I stopped watching after that. Cassie was my favorite character("Ohhh yeahhhh totally") and Chris was cool too. I'm glad to hear you enjoy it cause hardly anyone I know gas seen it. I was able to convince a few of my guy friends I play video games with to watch it and they got hooked, that's how good it was! Second, I feel you on getting the Spring Excitement! I'm so ready for this harsh Jersey winter to be done and to get out and just do stuff! Plus, wearing Spring shoes is a big plus. Sorry for going onnnn and onnn but I just had to give you a virtual high five! Love your blog! (my captcha is "bolog", how wierd is that?)

  8. aww I love your posts! sweet friday yea! skins s1/2 is great fun. The newer ones i fell out of love with , i think because they have a younger cast / im older now boohoo! hope you enjoy them!! p.s LOVE LOVE LOVE your peter pan collar!! xcx

  9. Thank you for this list! I'm going to check out all of them because i trust your taste;) My first stop has to be the playlist one! Music to start off my Friday.

    Also, I agree...the warm weather inching in is lifting my spirits too! I'm in happy mode :D

    Have a great weekend!

  10. I'm from the UK and a massive Skins fan. (Haven't watched any of the US version though). Makes me very happy to hear compliments about our telly from someone from the states! Keep going with it. And 3rd and 4th series (although with new characters) is still good. 5th series... not so much. Treasure it while you can. x

  11. omg. I LOVE Footballers Wives. The craziness of that show got me through the stressful times of grad school. My roommate and I used to watch that show, eat chocolate and drink wine. It was fabulous. Great links too! Thanks for sharing. Love your blog!

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  13. Great links and cute photo!! =D


  14. Have you seen this recipe box from Rifle Paper Co.?

    Pricey, yes. But so gorgeous! I've been debating just buying some of the recipe cards which are just as adorable as the boxes to hold me over for awhile hah.

  15. I plan my life around the bachelor AND yes, Emily better win!

  16. I'm completely obsessed with UK Skins. I love it, and have always been a big fan of British television.

  17. I know exactly what you mean when you say "feeling like yourself again after being pregnant." It's ag reat feeling isn't it!? Not that pregnant is bad you're still yourself, but somehow different. I guess priorities have shifted.
    Anyways great blog!

  18. So jealous of your craft night! I wish I had friends in my area that would do craft night with me but alas here I am sitting at my craft table alone :(

    I haven't got into Skins but I agree UK TV is so much better I might have to check it out

  19. Awesome links! Thanks for sharing. I'm really digging the floral prints at Design is Mine.

  20. What a great bunch of links! Thanks for sharing these. Im also in the mood to make a pretty cake this weekend now.

  21. Love UK Skins! I watched 20 minutes of the US version and had to turn it off. I'm on to season 4, and even though the cast changes, it is really good the whole way through. They are are starting to film season 5 and I can't wait!

    Great links too!

  22. I am *so* glad you got the thrifting bug! Can't wait to see you blog about some thrifted finds.

  23. I was just checking my google analytics and saw that I had a ton of referrals from your blog, so I thought I would check it out! Thanks for the link. So excited to read your blog....great stuff!

  24. Sorry...that last comment was actually from me. I didn't realize my husband was signed in on my computer! Once again, thanks so much for the link!

  25. Just realized that my comment never posted! THANK YOU for the Links to Love shout out :-) The auction was a huge success!!