Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy birthday, Suki Su!

Yesterday was one of my very best friend's birthdays! My darling Sarah turned 29, and we celebrated in style at La Bocca Pizzeria in Tempe. I decided to drive down just for dinner, and it was really fun to surprise her! Her boyfriend Andy got all of her closest friends together for the dinner party and it was just such a fantasic time. Henry came along too of course, and he was such a good baby. I was a bit stressed bringing him, since La Bocca is one of those restaurants with a quieter ambiance at night- candles, low light, and lots of couples on dates...but he was wonderful and only cried for a short time. Other than that he was in heaven being held, and of course seeing his Auntie Suki. There was a ton of good food, and the evening was topped off with a birthday tiramisu! Everyone else went out in Tempe afterward, but my little man and I hopped back on the I-17 and headed up the mountain home to papa. It was such a fabulous night though, and it made me so, so happy to be able to spend Sarah's birthday with her. She's the kindest, most loyal, wonderful friend in the world and I love putting a smile on her face. Happy birthday to you Sar, I love you always!

Here are a few photos from the evening:

Andy and Sar

bff <3

blowing out the candles


the ladies, and Henry too!

cake in face!

so cute

loves her

love her

Uncle Andy and Aunt Sar


  1. looks like a fun time!! how great is it that you're able to hang with friends and bring baby H along for the ride?! he's gonna be quite the ladies man!! hahaha

  2. Your little man is starting to look so much like his daddy!!

  3. Looks fun! And can I just say, Henry is getting HUGE! Such a handsome little guy.

  4. Looks nice!
    Baby Henry is growing well
    I see.
    He is so handsome!

  5. that place looks pretty cool! i like the art on the walls and the colors.

  6. Looks like such a fun time! I bet it must be so nice to be able to go out and bring Henry with you and he be such a little angel. ♥


  7. Are you sure you're not sisters?!

  8. Man, Henry is getting soooo big so fast! I'm sure you've noticed... what a cutie. Yay for birthdays :)

  9. Did she ever work at Mikey's Hangover?? She looks soooo familiar!

  10. Oops... **Mickey's Hangover :)

  11. How weird. I know one of the guys in those pictures!

  12. IF you whiten your teeth i would really like to know how you get them so pearly white!!!!!!! make a beauty post?

  13. Molly-I worked at Mickey's for like five years! Did you work there too??