Friday, February 11, 2011

Let's talk iPhones, shall we?

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Now that iPhone is on Verizon, so many of my friends have made the switch over to the greatest phone in the world! haha. I sound like I'm in love with my phone and well, I kind of am!  I was a touch-screen hater for a long time, and refused to change from my beloved Blackberry forever, until Hank finally convinced me. And I am so glad he did! If you're into social media, blogging, photos, you name it...the iPhone IS for you. It's the best.

And one of the obvious best parts about it? The apps! So today I thought I would share some of my favorite apps with all of you- and let me know if you have some favorites too!

1) Diptic

Diptic lets you take images from your photo library and combine them to make collages. I usually then process them via Instagram (my most favorite app), which I'll talk about in a second!  Here are two examples of collages I made in Diptic the other day. Love this app!

2) Instagram

This app is all over my blog, and with good reason. I love it! It's another little community, which is always fun (find me: danihampton), and it's neat to see everyone else's photos too. It's super easy to use; all you do is upload a photo, choose from one of the many filters, and wa-la! New, pretty photo!

Laur's Bach. party

This is a must-have app for me because I adore my big Kindle, and this is just a mini-version of it so I can read wherever I am with ease. It syncs from your main device, and you can also download straight to your phone. There have been so many times where I am waiting in the doctor's office, in the car, etc. that I've used this great app. It basically means you always have your books with you whenever you go! Awesome.

BEST THING EVER! This app makes it possible to watch any of the instant play options right on your phone. Super handy for the gym or again, if you get stuck waiting somewhere. 

ShakeItPhoto is a fun app that turns your photos into little polaroids- you even shake your phone to process the image! I love the crisp white border and the look of these photos!

my handsome hubby

Other apps I love: 8mm movie (just got this one), Tumblr, Pandora, and Pocketbooth! 

Do you have any favorite that weren't listed here?


  1. Pocketbooth, camera bag, photo folder,and Gilt groupe :)

  2. I really want an Iphone when I next upgrade, mostly for the cool apps! I love the instagram, shake it, and also mostly I want it for the PETA app, that you can search up products, before you buy to know if they are cruelty free, etc..that would be really handy!

  3. Love those apps! Cartolina is really cute too, it has cute designs for e-cards. Also pocketbooth is fantastic!

  4. Oh you're making me jealous! I've always wanted an iPhone. I just don't have the money for the data plans. So I'm going with an android for now. Hopefully by the end of the year though I can join the iPhone train! =P

    The Sweetest Life

  5. You listed some of my favorite apps up there. One of my favorite is MyFitnessPal, because it's a super easy way to track my exercise/calories.

    The iphone has so many amazing photo apps, it's overwhelming!

  6. ok, i JUST got an ipod touch today at my doorstep and i was curious what apps to download. I did get the Kindle and Netflix app, and I love the Feather Report so far.

    I'm such an Android nerd, but after realizing i use my mac, ipod, and now this ipod touch, i'm realizing i may take the plunge!

  7. instagram, pandora, GROUPON!!!!, yelp, southwest DING, and my most entertaining = FML. Seriously, if you're ever having a bad day, read FML and it will make you not feel so bad. they are freaking hilarious!

  8. I have two pages of JUST camera apps. I really like 360. It allows you to take a 360 photo. SO COOL!

    Incredibooth. Angry Birds. Damn You Auto Correct. Cut the Rope. Etsy Addict. Groupon. Osfoora (Twitter). Smart Hands (Baby sign language). US Weekly. Yelp.


    I love my iPhone. So. Much.

  9. thank you for allowing me to geek out and express my love for my phone:

    hipstamatic + instagram -> fun photos
    8mm -> old timey videos
    dragon dictation -> turn voice into text
    fb + twitter (hootsuite or twitbird) -> social media
    evernote -> note taking (voice, photo, text) that syncs with your computer
    find iphone -> to locate your phone if lost or stolen
    pandora -> personalized music mix by artist/genre
    shazam -> identify songs that you don't recognize
    google -> voice search feature is cool

  10. bad, bad post... i'm so desperately wanting an iphone. i just can't afford one. when you're a student you have to choose between investing in tattoos or things you need for survival...

    and actually your instagram pics made me think of getting an iphone for the very first time. :)

  11. I love Hipstamatic and just got ShakeItPhoto - can't wait to try it out. Thanks for the suggestions! x

  12. I'm so desperate for an iphone but have to wait for a upgrade in november! I've had a blackberry for years and it's so disappointing that they are so far behind! There's hardly any cool apps available and the internet is rubbish! I'll be converting! X

  13. These aren't photo ones but I love them anyway:
    - Skype = I'm in a long distance relationship so this app has saved me so much money on phone calls!

    - WhatsApp = like Blackberry Messenger but this connects to all Android and Smartphones. My bf has a BB and I have an iPhone and we use this to message each other a lot.

    - Jamie Oliver recipes = great if you want to make something fast.

    - ShopListFree = this shopping list app is wonderful and lets you tick things off as you go around the store so you don't have to rummage in your bag for a pen to cross things off anymore!

  14. It's like this post was written for me...I just got my iPhone Tuesday, and I want to become Mrs. iPhone...I'm head over heels in loooooove. ;)

    Thanks, mama!

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  16. I love this post! Made my day, I'm super happy I have found two new goodies :) Diptic & Pocketbooth.

    Some I like are: Viper, Instagram (to followe: eloisebabos), PopSugar, Etsy Addict & Polarize

    Thanks a tonne for sharing, woohoo :):)

  17. Oh! I used to dislike Iphone, a lot!
    (I don't like to use the "h" word)
    But now, I can't hardly wait to get my own!
    Too bad they are a bit expensive in Brazil...

    PS: I would LOVE "shake it, shake it like a polaroid picture!" Hahahhaha!!!

  18. angry birds. it is totally addictive. the expressions on the animals and the noises they make are hilarious.

  19. i like my iphone, i have an old 3g and hopefully someday i can upgrade to the 4, i like that its really user friendly and meshes well with mac

  20. I love instagram too! some of my other favorites are kindle, redbox, starbucks, twitter & words with friends :) I also got epicurious which has a million recipes and it's so easy to just have my phone handy in the kitchen.

  21. AH!! Thank you for posting this. I'm getting an iPhone next week, and am still having troubles saying goodbye to MY beloved's time though. Ha ha thanks for confirming it is actually the greatest phone ever.

  22. It took me 2 years to convince my husband that we needed iPhones (the clincher is the map feature because I get lost...a LOT) My go-to apps are...
    - ShakeItPhoto, Hipstamatic, ToyCamera, QuadCamera
    - WhiteNoise (for travel)
    - Pandora, Public Radio
    - The Weather Channel
    - KidsDoc and Total Baby (for the littles)
    - ebay, Etsy Addict, Groupon, Meetup
    - RunKeeper, UnblockMe, Sims 3

  23. I just got my new Verizon iPhone a few days ago and I has changed my world haha. This is a great post for me because I'm so new to the iPhone world. Yesterday I blogged about one of my favorite apps.


  24. Ahh! You have me missing mine so badly! We had to switch to Sprint when we got stationed here because AT&T doesn't get reception here for anything - and obviously they weren't available with Verizon yet. I love all of your phone photos - and I can't get over how adorable Henry is. I think he's a perfect blend of the both of you!

  25. great post! I am loving all these suggestions and am loading up my new phone now.

  26. Hipstamatic is my favorite camera app.

  27. I love PictureShow the most out of all the camera apps I have, and TumblrGear is a good tumblr app for reading and rebounding your dash (Tumblr for iPhone let's you post, but I don't like it as much).

  28. I LOVE Instagram!!!!!! My new favorite app! I just started following yours!:) Mine will be tinod

    And thank you for the diptic idea! Love collages!

  29. i'm obsessed w/ hipstamatic lately. so many combinations! they're endless. :] i also love bbc news, and seafood watch is pretty neat, lets you double check that you are eating ethically.

  30. thank you for all the great camera app info! thank you thank you!! =D

  31. I'm thiiiiiiis close to getting an iPhone. And I'm pretty sure I'm the last person in the universe who doesn't have one yet.

  32. Oh jeez, iPhones flipping rock. I need one. Now. ;]


  33. Apps I love:


    Great post!

  34. I don't have an Iphone but I have an Ipod touch and I love the livestrong app so that I can still track my eating/calories.

  35. I got mine not to long ago and I am seriously sooooo in love.

  36. PERFECT TIMING!! I just got my phone last night. I am so in love + overwhelmed with all the apps!! I can't wait to read these comments.

  37. your little man sure is a cutie.

  38. Oh no! Don't give me any more reasons to switch! I love my Samsung Reality...I love my Samsung Reality...I love my Samsung Reality. Damnit. Not working.

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  40. Mine's in transit... should be here by Monday! :)

    I have a question about Netflix... how does streaming on your phone work with you using up your GBs of your data plan? Can you really watch movies that way without using all of your monmthly plan up???

  41. thanks for the recommendations in your post and in all the comments. i love my iphone. my husband jokes that i'm attached to it by an umbilical cord :)

  42. I love my iPhone too! We are on AT&T but want to switch to Verizon later this year.

    I love:
    Grocery Gadget
    Gas Cubby
    P Tracker Lite (pre-pregnancy)

    Thanks for the recommendations, I just downloaded Diptic and Pocketbooth after reading your post and comments!


    I don't even have an iPhone but I do know that it's amazing :)

  44. I am planning on upgrading to an Iphone when my contract is up, and I am so glad that you did this post! It's convinces me even more to get an Iphone! But, I know that hipstamatic is also an awesome app.

  45. I went and downloaded SO many of these! Thanks so much everyone! :)

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  48. Hipstamatic is my favorite camera app.


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