Sunday, February 20, 2011

Saturday in photographs

Today was a great day, and a special one, because little Carter turned one! I can't even believe that the he is already a year old- it seems like only yesterday I was meeting him in the hospital for the first time on his actual day of birth! It only makes me realize how quickly Henry will be one and that makes me a little excited but also quite sad. At the same time though, it's a great reminder to cherish every day and every stage, right? I think so. But any and all sadness aside, today was awesome! Autumn had a jungle themed party, complete with animal hats for the kids and a bounce house! Everyone had a blast.

After the party Hank surprised me by driving down to Phoenix after doing a cert. class, and my parents watched the little guy while we went on a date. It was SO much fun and so nice to have some "us" time. We went to Green for dinner and then got frozen yogurt. Delicious!

Here are some photos from today:

getting ready while my mama watched Henry
getting ready

If someone would have shown Autumn, Erin or I this photo back in our sorority/college days...we would have been in shock. It's amazing to think we all used to be at NAU together, and now we're all mommies to these beautiful little darlings.
the kiddos

Henry and Kyler, best friends!  Kyler is 6 months old- they're just almost exactly 3 months apart.
bff <3

Henry and Kyler, best friends

mama time

us again

Libby and Henry...this is Autumn's wonderful Mom and someone who is like a second mama to me. She's seen everything in my life, from me meeting Hank, to being at our wedding, being there through the pregnancy, and now here she is, holding Henry. So awesome.
Libby and H.


Autumn and me

jungle party!

Shirls, me and the babies

Autumn and her birthday boy!
mama and the birthday boy

animal hats!


Happy birthday Carter!
Carter's 1!

at dinner- my handsome date :)
my handsome date <3

at dinner

vegan spicy "chicken" sandwich at Green, my fave!

car photo


frozen yogurt!

date night

family photo, 2/19/2011

annnd me and my big baby! How I love him so. Not the best photo but I always want to remember his size, so in a few months I can compare. He's sleeping in his little co-sleeper next to me and I love hearing all of his baby sleeping noises. I'm about to join him.
me and my big baby :)

Night all! xo


  1. Love the top you're wearing and Henry is getting so big!

  2. omg! that little man is growing fast! you guys are such an adorable family...i think the baby fever is back...bring on the babies! haha! p.s. green and frozen yogurt? so jealous right now. xo.

  3. Love the top too! Lovely family and Saturday.


  4. Cuteness overload! You have an adorable family and I love your outfit!

  5. So cute! what a wonderful night out.

    kathleen xx

  6. These photos are great. I love the last one of you Hank and Henry. Such a pretty family!

  7. ummm Henry is pretty much perfect. I love his little jowels (sp?) and that polka dot top is pretty perfect too!

  8. always the cutest outfits :) and oh man, henry is a big ol baby! i just love him.

  9. @Meesh one day we will double date and it will be amazingly fun!

    @everyone! thank you, Henry is blushing from the sweet compliments :)

  10. I want to reach in to those photos and give Henry a cuddle. He is a gorgeous little man!
    And, *love* the polka-dot top.

  11. Such a cute top you wore!! Sounds like you had a wonderful Saturday. ♥


  12. you're all such cute, stylin mamas!

  13. what a post full of cuteness! That picture of the babies holding hands is just so sweet, and your pola dot top is super adorable!

  14. Such a beautiful family! They really do grow fast though. I remember giving birth like it was yesterday and Alyson is going to be 6 months old in about 2 weeks. I'm going to have to start planning her first birthday at some point!!! lol

    Also that's amazing you are still friends with the same people from college and now you all have babies. So cute!! :)

    The Sweetest Life

  15. Okay, so after seeing those flats again... did you get them from Target recently? I want them so bad!! I went looking at their website and then physically went in the store, but couldn't find them. Can you help?

  16. cute babys :D I like the color of his clothe ejeje!! you look pretty

    take care

  17. Saw you twitter about braid pics. I tried them aswell and was very surprised! Hair up all day and no headache!

    Also saw your pic of you and Hank sayin hi from 2/3 of the hamptons, From that pic you can just tell what an awesome nice smile lil Henry will have :D Hope you had a nice weekend.

  18. Great pictures!I need copies for sure. The ones of Kyler and Henry are so cute. I love the hand holding one :)

  19. Look at all those beautiful babies! :)

  20. I'm a newbie to your blog, and I just wanted to say hi. Your blog is so sweet, and you have the cutest baby! And it sounds like you had a great weekend, very cute photos.

  21. ~ hello. i am new to your blog, first-time visitor, in fact. i just came by mama style, via somewhere! i was just oozing with jealousy of how darling you are & your great wardrobe when i saw you in this polka dot shirt from h&m that i also own, i nearly died with excitment that maybe, just maybe i am just a snitch as darling as you are. but older, :)

    how pathetic this all sounds. keep up the work, i love watching all you young*mama blogs.


  22. your skin is so beautiful! im very jealous :)

  23. oh my! you are just cute as a button! and your family is so adorable :)