Tuesday, February 8, 2011

a special second February giveaway for my readers!

Hi everyone!  This month I have an awesome treat for all of you in the form of a second giveaway for the month of February. I have some awesome new sponsors who are offering some amazing gifts, and I thought that since this is the month of love, I'd break my "one giveaway a month" rule and extend another fun chance to win.  And actually, there are 6 chances to win! Read on...

To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is answer the following questions in a comment, along with your NAME and EMAIL. This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.

1) What would you spend your $100 Tea Collection credit on?
2) What would spend your $100 Wonderful Walls credit on?
3) Which Rockabye Baby CD will you choose if you win?
4) What will you use your chalkboard thought bubble for?

Four questions, and six ways to win!

1) Tea Collection, the maker of gorgeous children's clothing and now, women's clothing too, is offering up a $100 credit to their online store to one lucky winner. You can spend the $100 however you'd like- on some of the super cute little boys' clothing, or maybe a few of the to-die-for adorable girls dresses they have. If you haven't visited their store, trust me when I say you won't be disappointed. Total cute overload...and they're QUALITY clothing too, which is always amazing.

2) My Wonderful Walls is a business run by a family in Tennessee, and they produce awesome wall murals for kids, nursery murals, and nursery decor. They recently sent Henry a beautiful, personalized canvas as a gift (see below), and I absolutely adore it. The colors are crisp and bright, and the quality is just wonderful. I am so excited to extend their giveaway prize of a $100 credit to their shop to all of you!

Additional links:


3) Rockabye Baby! is another rad company that produces lullaby renditions of baby's favorite rock bands. They recently released their Weezer album, and I'm anxiously awaiting my very own copy so Henry can share in the amazing-ness that is Weezer! In the meantime, you can check out the first 30-seconds of each of the songs by clicking here. "My Name is Jonas" and "Say It Ain't So"?! Amazing. And in their own words: "Dreamin' of a holiday across the sea to escape baby's cries? Why bother? Take control of the good life. When your little troublemaker gets cranky, let our gentle renditions of Weezer's biggest hits transform your nursery into an island in the sun. The perfect situation isn't only in dreams." I love that. So, Rockabye Baby is offering up 3 CDs to 3 separate winners. So, so cool.

Check out these sites as well:


4) And finally, Red Velvet Art and Rachel Denbow are giving away one chalkboard thought bubble to one lucky reader! I posted about my very own thought bubble yesterday, and I'm sure you could think of a million ways to use this awesome chalkboard of possibility! From RVA's website, "As seen in The Knot magazine!  Great as a photo booth prop for weddings and parties or a message board in your home." Really neat.

So to clarify, in one comment, answer EACH of the four questions above, and leave your name and email address! Easy!

Good luck! I'll choose 6 winners in two weeks, on February 22nd. xoxo


  1. 1) The playa playdress,scribble dot skirt,and the Montaner Flora Top.
    2) Flower Garden Theme
    3) The Weezer one!
    4) My wedding!

    Brooke Hostetler

  2. 1.) adorable dresses for my friend's baby girl
    2.) a cute print for my friend's baby boy
    3.) definitely the beatles!
    4.) my sister's wedding!

    mollie k.

  3. AH! Such a great giveaway!!

    From Tea Collection: I'd get a TON of boy tshirts and pants for the little guy.

    From My Wonderful Walls: I'm making Jack's new bedroom car themed, so lots of cars!

    Rockabyebaby CD: Definitely The Cure lullaby cd

    & the super cute thought bubble: LOTS of fun family photos :]

    Thanks, Danielle!

    Amanda Smith

  4. 1) Their tunics look lovely! The L'eixample Tunic is my favorite :)
    2) My friend just had a little baby boy and I think the Dinosaur Days Wall Mural Stencil Kit would be perfect for his room when he's a bit older!
    3) Beatles as lullabys ? I would use that even for me! Friends' babies mightttt also be able to borrow :)
    4) I think I'll bring it into my lab for impromptu photo shoots when the boss is out of town!

    Sarah Baum

    Thanks for all your hard work to put these together!

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  6. Well...

    1.The boardwalk hoodie sweater & sidewalk surfers for my little dude to look rather studly.

    2. Trasportation canvas wall are because above meantioned little dude loves himself some trains.

    3. Beatles...either one

    4. I'd probably use it mostly around our house...but would be on a mission to find dorky ways to use it because...well lets face it...its awesome.

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  8. Um... so loving this giveaway, lady!

    1) The Tea Collection credit would be absolutely perfect for me to snag some cute "going out" outfits for Eisley! All of their pieces are stylish and not overly girly... perfect! I also love the little "surfista" tee. I'd have to grab a tee for Emerson as well.

    2) I was instantly drawn to the under the sea themed stencil kit. I'd probably use the stencils to refresh the kids' room with new wall hangings pretty often!

    3) Gosh, I so cannot pick! For me, it's a toss up between Beach Boys, Beatles, Marley, The Cure, The Ramones, and Weezer! Okay, that's like half of them... I guess I'd have to let the husband pick, as he's the music man.

    4) Definitely would use it for random pictures for the blog, family pictures, etc. :)

    Lindsay Wingate

  9. 1) What would you spend your $100 Tea Collection credit on? I am newly pregnant and would get my future little one some unisex body suits.
    2) What would spend your $100 Wonderful Walls credit on? Probably the Forest Friends wall stencils
    3) Which Rockabye Baby CD will you choose if you win? Radiohead for sure!
    4) What will you use your chalkboard thought bubble for? I would use it to take fun family photos!


  10. 1) An assortment of adorable things for Kaetana!

    2) Flower clock canvas.

    3) The Beatles one. :)

    4) Photoshoots. Of baby, me, when John & I get married. Anything and everything!!

  11. 1) Barceloneta Wrap Dress
    2) Forest Friends Wall Stencil Kit
    3) The Beatles lullaby CD
    4) Dinner menu for tonight

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!


  12. 1) dresses for my sister in laws little girl
    2) I would get anything space themed for my son "Judah' or as we call him "Judah the Jedi" he needs his own spaceroom to practice his force skills
    3) totally the beatles, I sing the beatles tune to anything to Judah i.e. yellow submarine but I sing "we all live in a stinky submarine" thats when he stinks and I sing this daily
    4) I do the 365 photo w Judah and this would go perfect for my blog http://judahs365dayjourney.blogspot.com/2011/02/day-19.html can't you just picture him with a chalkboard with the mustache :-)

  13. 1) montaner flora top and the little citizens gift boxed set
    2) the dinosaurs
    3) the beatles one!
    4) i would leave cute messages for my darling on it in the morning.

    -jessica k.

  14. 1.) The Sunny Days mix & match for my daughter.
    2.) The flower garden theme for my daughter's room.
    3.) Pixies!
    4.) It would go in my studio, where all awesome things go.

    Heather F.

  15. 1. handsome clothes for my son Sebastian.

    2. space theme since Sebastian is totally into Buzz Lightyear right now :)

    3. definitely TOOL!

    4. my engagement pictures for next month!

    Anita Hulitza

  16. 1) What would you spend your $100 Tea Collection credit on? I'm expecting my 2nd baby girl ANY day now! I'd love to get some matching summer dresses for the girls, they'll be 19 months apart!
    2) What would spend your $100 Wonderful Walls credit on? Love the Forest Friends theme, it would work perfectly into the girls room.
    3) Which Rockabye Baby CD will you choose if you win? The new Weezer!
    4) What will you use your chalkboard thought bubble for? For monthly pictures to watch Ivy grow & for silly family photos.

  17. 1) Tea Collection: the Gallo 6-piece set for my new little one! The guitar t-shirt is adorable.
    2) Wonderful Walls: "Forest Friends" theme. I have pretty much decided that Miles Phoenix is going to love bunnies and deer (at least while he's little and then *maybe* we'll switch courses to robots or something).
    3) Rockabye Baby CD: I was originally going to say Bob Marley but Weezer seems too good to be true!
    4) Chalkboard thought bubble: impromptu photo sessions, late night musings, and to let my husband have the opportunity to read my mind.


  18. 1. The El Museu Romper, The Boardwalk Hooded Sweater and the Novillo Romper for my soon-to-be born baby boy
    2. The Forest Friends wall stencil kit
    3. Elvis!
    4. A photo prop for fun family pictures

  19. What a fun giveaway!

    1. Jardin playdress, Kimono Robe in Plum
    2. Polka Dot theme
    3. The Cure
    4. For cute messages in upcoming maternity photos.

    Brooke D.S

  20. U.S residents only? that makes me sad :(

  21. 1)dueling tigers pj's for my little guy (on the way)
    2)farm theme, how cute!
    3)The Ramones for sure
    4)to tell my hubby how much I love him...

    Mindy Kane

  22. 1) Songbirds PJ's & that cute green romper, for my future little girl :)
    2) Forest Friends decals.
    3) The Beatles!
    4) My wedding!

    Sarah Peracchino

  23. 1. Village Floral Jumper, the Leaves Pajamas, and the Bootcut Leggings.

    2. Forest Friends Wall Stencil Kit.

    3. Coldplay!

    4. To leave my hubby love notes in the morning and to write down the evening's meal.

    Jennifer C

  24. 1) They have some adorable plaid dresses in the sale section...hmmm...
    2) I like the Underwater collection in the Canvases...my kids Love whales and dolphins.
    3) Bob Marley
    4) Photo shoots with the kids...writing love notes to my hubby...anything and everything, so awesome!

    Ariel Wilkins

  25. 1) Painters Plaid Shirt, Country Road Hooodie, Tortuga Graphic Tee. All for my handsome nephew.
    2) I'd get a print for my little nephews room. Probably underwater themed. :)
    3) Either Bjork, Bon Jovi, Weezer, or No Doubt
    4) I'd use the chalkboard bubble to write my boyfriend and family cute messages. Or for a more practical use I'd use it for the grocery list

    Robyn Griffee

  26. 1) Either pants for myself or something cute for the munchkin I babysit
    2) A print for my friend's little peanut who is still in the oven
    3) haha probably Kanye... or the beatles
    4) EVERYTHING. i love them!

  27. 1) What would you spend your $100 Tea Collection credit on? A couple of onesies for my almost here baby boy!
    2) What would spend your $100 Wonderful Walls credit on? Dog themes!
    3) Which Rockabye Baby CD will you choose if you win? SO many choices...Coldplay, No Doubt OR Kanye West
    4) What will you use your chalkboard thought bubble for? Probably just for leaving random love notes around the house:)

    Erica B

  28. 1) There was a cute striped cardigan I'd probably get.
    2) Forest friends theme!
    3) I'd let my friend who actually has a baby choose this one.
    4) Leaving my boyfriend notes or picture taking adventures.

    murder by jill at gmail dot com

  29. 1. Any of the plaid!
    2. Definitely a print for my friend's new little boy.
    3. The Beatles, of course.
    4. Love notes for the hubby. :)


  30. 1.) shoes for my son.
    2.) forest friends theme
    3.) already have the beatles, so probably the pixies
    4.) anything I can think of!

    Julie Weaver

  31. 1) handsome little outfits for my best friend's baby jaxson that's coming! my little nephew :)
    2) a pretty print for my future baby, to start a little collection for them.
    3) oh man - either nirvana for my best friend, who loves kurt cobain - to make jaxson enjoy with her! or kayne west - because even if he's a jerk, his music is pretty fantastic and that would be fun to hear his rap like that :)
    4) my friends, using with the last packs of polaroid film that i have!

    saratakesheart (at)gmail (dot) com

  32. 1. Jardin Ruffle Twirling Dress, Citizen Cord Pant
    2. Any of the transportation canvases
    3. I have the No Doubt one but I think Weezer would be a great addition!
    4. I would use it for little notes for the hubby and cute pics with the kids.

  33. Love your giant giveaway.
    1. Cuddly sweater & a romper for my little man (Owen, born November 7)
    2. Forest friends mural...something about trees and squirrels make this mama smile
    3. Honestly I would have a hard time choosing! We were given the Rolling Stones-such a great CD. We'd also love Bob Marley, Radiohead, & Kanye West. Or, I could gift Journey to my expectant sister-in-law.
    4. Monthly photos with Owen.

  34. 1) Awesome little boy tees for my bambino
    2) A print for my nursery
    3) Definitly Weezer, we just bought Bon Jovi which is great too!!!
    4) My best friends wedding

  35. 1) My (preggo) sis loves this site, so I would spend every penny on my (future) little nephew!
    2) Again, I would spend this buying some nursery decor for my (future) little nephew.. specifically the forest friends stencils!
    3) I would choose the Beatles CD hands down!!!
    4) Actually, I would use this for the photo booth back drop we are planning on having at my sister's baby shower!

  36. 1) adorable Mix & Match sets for my baby boy coming this April!
    2) A print for Max's nursery - rockets to match his crib bedding!
    3) BEATLES
    4) Taking funny pics of the two kiddos.

    Emily Barna

  37. Ahh, what a fun giveaway!

    1)Szekely Print Dress, Pajarito Graphic Tee, and Montaner Flora Top
    2)Forest Friends Wall Stencil Kit
    3)Elvis, Journey, or Queen
    4)To leave my roommate sweet messages everyday

    Alex H.

  38. 1. either a dress, a tunic or a skirt...they're all fantastic!
    2. I love the Noah's ark themed canvases. I would totally get those.
    3. Bon Jovi all the way
    4. I wish that I had had one to use for my senior pictures, but if I got one now it would be for my blog or just to goof off and have fun with my friends...


  39. Oh man...

    1. Clothes for my three littles one. Oh how I love their dresses!

    2. Forest Friends!

    3. Marley!

    4. Thanks you notes for my kiddos birthdays!

  40. 1) What would you spend your $100 Tea Collection credit on?
    I would spend it on the barcelona tshirts and jeans for my little nephews :)
    2) What would spend your $100 Wonderful Walls credit on? I would get the dinosaur stickers they are awesome!
    3) Which Rockabye Baby CD will you choose if you win?
    The rockabye black sabbath- how awesome!
    4) What will you use your chalkboard thought bubble for?
    To take cute photos and blog with them!


  41. 1) I absolutely adore the scarves they have.
    2) I'd get a cute girly print for my new momma friend
    3) One of the Beatles Cds
    4) I would leave cute messages for visitors around the house!

  42. 1. (for my baby cousin) Village floral skirt, Brasov pullover, Picasso bowtie top.
    2. (also for my baby cousin) Forest Friends wall mural stencil kit
    3. (and again, for my baby cousin) The Beatles!
    4. (this one is for me) Fun photo shoots with my friends, and my to do list.

  43. um, love this!!

    1) I would buy these dresses for matilda: the country road dress, the tori shirred neck dress and the guell tile print dress - SO CUTE!

    2) The Forest Friends Wall stencil kit - i'm in LOVE WITH IT!

    3) The Beatles or the Weezer one!

    4) Photo shoots, photo booths, and more!!!


  44. 1) Some sweet unisex baby clothes for our little one arriving in June! (We're waiting to find out the sex!)
    2) Some canvas wall art and maybe some polka dots
    3) Probably renditions of Journey! ha! Or maybe the Beatles... Hmm... :)
    4) Mostly for photo shoots for my blog but I'm sure it would be put to many, many different uses!

    Meg Brothers

  45. 1. a bunch of dresses for my little nora-bean. [: i love the playa playdress!! and with some salt water sandals...so summery.

    2. stencils and canvas wall art.

    3. it's a tie between beetles, eagles, bob marley and queen.
    (i can't handle so many amazing options.)

    4. makeshift photobooths!! especially for my wedding in august. [:

    this is an amazing giveaway. i love that henry has inspired you so much. kiddies are the best!


  46. 1) i'd spend the tea collection credit on my little girl, liv!
    2) i love the cloud decals!
    3) toss up between bob marley and aerosmith!!
    4)i'll leave myself little love notes <3

    alissa c.

  47. 1) What would you spend your $100 Tea Collection credit on? my goddaughter who often used her adorable imaginations.

    2) What would spend your $100 Wonderful Walls credit on? any since my friend is expecting & her husband & she have hard time decide what to decorate with so this will be helpful!!!

    3) Which Rockabye Baby CD will you choose if you win? i will rather to not win this one, since i am deaf & cannot enjoy the music much as you do.

    4) What will you use your chalkboard thought bubble for? since im deaf, GREAT way to communicate with people who cant sign!!!

    alicia jilbert

    :) :) :)

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  49. This is an amazing giveaway.
    1)I'd mix and match baby boy clothing for our son who is due April 4th
    2)The forest friends stencil kit and paint!
    3)The Elvis and Queen cds for sure.
    4)At our wedding next may for a photobooth. And fun pictures and notes for the rest of the year.

    Casey Johnson

  50. What a great giveaway!!
    1) I would love to get my kiddos some summer clothes and the fact that most items coordinate makes it super easy!!
    2)My daughter and son share a room but have opposite "themes" on their sides so I would get them each a canvas
    3)We have so many already, but Im sure my husband would love the Kanye one!
    4)My sister's baby shower pictures!!!

    Maeghan Del Rosario

  51. 1) i would gift the credit to my friend who is pregnant.
    2) i would choose the flower garden and polkadot theme for my daughters room
    3)the bob marley cd would be PERFECT for my pregnant friend
    4)my daughter would absolutely love the bubble chalkboard. here friends love taking crazy pictures. maybe she would let me borrow it sometime...
    angela white
    angelawhite67 at gmail dot com

  52. 1) I would love to say I'd get something for my little lady, but I think I'd have to get the La Rambla dress for me!
    2) I would get the 3 panel tree canvas with my daughter's name on it or the Birdhouse canvas, with he name as well. Adorable!
    3) SO many to choose from! I'd pick Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin, any of The Beatles, The Cure... Oh my!
    4) I'd put it above our bed with some lovely saying about my husband & I.

    So many great give aways! YAY!

  53. 1)Since I don't know yet what I am having I would buy a wrap one piece for a going home outfit and then a little girl dress or little boy two piece outfit!
    2) The forest friends theme stensils
    3) Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Smashing Pumpkins
    4) Telling the rest of the world we are pg with #2!

    Jess S.


  54. Wow! I am so excited about this giveaway! We are expecting our first baby in May and seeing all of this stuff just makes me even more excited for getting the baby stuff ready!
    1)I love the Jardin play dress, flamenco dot romper and the barcelona crop pants for a girl and the moon print bodysuit, the cut off cord shorts, and citizen cord pants for a boy. (We still don't know what we are having.)
    2)The Fab flower theme and space themes are my favorite themes so far. I also like the 3-panel flower power tree mural.
    3)Wow! Either the Coldplay cd or Bon Jovi. lol!
    4)I would leave notes for my husband and myself and probably use it for some games we've made up!

  55. ...oops, also:

    Jennie Garcia


  56. What an awesome giveaway!

    1. I love Tea. I would get some new shorts for my two boys.

    2. The dinosaur days theme would make my 4 year old's day.

    3. Pixies

    4. For family photos & fun :)

  57. 1. Oh hands down the Dragonfly 5-piece, love the idea and the fabrics!!
    2. I really like the Splended Garden stencil paint kit - it would be sooo pretty in so many places in our house.
    3. It's a tie between Pearl Jam or Queen! (Though Weezer would also be awesome!)
    4. What can't you do with a thought bubble?! I'd use it for birthdays, it would make for a fun 365 project too!!

    - Andrea
    - aahfolsom (at) gmail (dot) com

  58. 1. all the sweaters for my new little nephew
    2. DEFINITELY the forest friends. So cute!
    3. Probably Beatles, although the Kanye one definitely has me curious...pretty sweet.
    4. Anything and everything but mostly for my photo shoot coming up! Eee! I want one so bad!!!

    amymorby (at) gmail (dot) com

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  60. 1) some adorable clothes for my 3 month old son! (I think he's just a few days older than Henry!) I love the boardwalk hooded sweater and the wolf tee.
    2) I like the clouds, Noah's Ark, and Under the Sea!
    3) The Beatles. Or Coldplay. Or The Ramones. there's too many!
    4) Pictures with my son to send to his grandparents. Or on Skype.

    Thanks for this Danielle!!


  61. 1) What would you spend your $100 Tea Collection credit on?
    i have never been to this website! love!!! i am LOVING all the dresses!! i'm thinking my little e needs... probably one of each. :)

    2) What would spend your $100 Wonderful Walls credit on?
    i totally want the forest friends wall stencils... CUTE!!

    3) Which Rockabye Baby CD will you choose if you win?
    this is a hard one --- beatles, coldplay, u2, bob marley(e totally started dancing when coldplay came on... so i guess she decided for me!!)

    4) What will you use your chalkboard thought bubble for?
    what would you NOT use it for?! blogging, fun photo shoots, etc etc etc!!! :)

    christen krumm

  62. 1. La Rambla Dress
    2. Forest Friends theme
    3. Led Zeppelin!
    4. my to-do list :)

    dollfacecreatures [at] gmail.com

  63. What a great giveaway!!!

    1) I'm in LOVE with the Escarabat Tee, so that is definitely on the list!
    2) The Dinosaur walls... my son is sooo into dinosaurs right now!
    3)Beatles. HANDS DOWN. (All of them are so sweet though!)
    4) I can definitely see some cute xmas cards and photo shoots with one of these! :)


  64. 1. some pretty/handsome clothes for baby (we'll find out march 23 what we're having!)

    2. canvas wall art for baby's room.

    3. i have to go with journey.

    4. i can think of so many ways to use it! announcing baby's gender...name...arrival.

    Lesley Gordon

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  66. 1) I would buy all the little rompers! So so so cute!
    2) The floral delight tree would look so pretty in our baby's room.
    3) Bjork! My husband and I love her and the renditions are actually really pretty :)
    4) I would use the thought bubble for family pictures but also in my photo biz! This would be a perfect edition for portraits and wedding candids!

    I forgot to add my name/email in my comment!

  67. such a fun giveaway!!
    1) the la rambla dress (i would get something for a baby, but we're still waiting! Ü)
    2) the polka dot stencils! so cute!
    3) queen! most definitely!
    4) hopefully a baby/baby announcement in the near future! lots of fun photoshoots and cute messages to my hubs!

    so fun! thanks!


  68. 1. Baby boy sweaters & a tunic for mama
    2. Paws Park Stencil kit
    3. coldplay or no doubt
    4. monthly pictures of the baby!

  69. These are some fantastic sponsors!!

    1)I would probably get the Stomp and Splash Rainboots for my 2 1/2 y.o godson, along with the incredibly cute Origami pajamas.
    2)The Bugs and Blossoms kit for my friend's ultra-girly 2 y.o. daughter.
    3)This is a toughie-so many good ones. I'd have to choose between NineInchNails, Elvis Presley, or Bob Marley.
    4)I would use it to teach dialogue in literature to my 5th grade class~for my reading/writing practicum.

    Courtney Askew

  70. 1) I would buy my god son (first nephew) that plaid flannel hoodie & a boxed set. They are all cute.

    2) Dino Days - my brother is moving away to another state but at least my nephew is now getting his own room - i want to help decorate, he is 8 months♥

    3)Beatles or Coldplay for sure!

    4)Ok, the chalkboard, I would totally have to keep that for my door. Cute mssgs :) or even photos! :)


    kristin maciel

  71. 1) The little citizens gift set and anything in the lotus print collection
    2) I really love the Forest Friends stencil kit
    3) definitely the bob marley
    4) love notes to the hubs

  72. 1) I love the tunics and the little boy T-shirts.
    2) The forest friends wall theme! So cute.
    3) Elvis or the Beatles.
    4) decorating my kitchen

  73. 1) I'd buy presents for my cousin's son... I love, love the Surfer Stripe hoodie and the Stomp and Splash rain boots.
    2) The Flower Garden theme! Soo pretty.
    3) Guns n' Roses
    4) Photo shoots with friends and family!

    Kaleigh Hayes

  74. 1. dresses/onesies/legging for my friend's soon to be born baby girl!
    2. forest friends stencil set
    3. Beatles and Weezer!
    4. I'd use it for fun pictures with my son

  75. This comment has been removed by the author.

  76. 1) What would you spend your $100 Tea Collection credit on?
    A: I just found out im pregnant again and i would definitely start stocking up on little baby clothes again.
    2) What would spend your $100 Wonderful Walls credit on?
    A:Oh, definitely a little mural for my daughter's nursery!
    3) Which Rockabye Baby CD will you choose if you win?
    A: Say it ain't so!!!

    4) What will you use your chalkboard thought bubble for?

    A: oooh my favorite, to write our daily dinner menu's before each day.

    Maribel C.

  77. 1) I LOVE the Barcelona Beach collection. Perfect for our own surfer baby! He also needs shoes.
    2) A mural, since we live in an apartment and can't paint. It would really help take away some of the white from the walls.
    3) Weezer!
    4) Memos to my hubs and cute remarks for our guests in the guest room/office.

    Spencer Schultz

  78. 1) I don't know if I am having a boy or a girl, but either way I would score some adorable clothes.
    2) A personalized canvas
    3) Weezer
    4) I would use my chalkboard in every way possible!

  79. 1. I would buy a few presents from the Global Fund for Children section so that some of the money could be donated.
    2. The Forest Friends Theme
    3. The Beatles
    4. I would use it for my engagement photos!

    Emily Stivers
    ejstivers gmail com

  80. 1) I would get the baby boy boardwalk hooded sweater and the country road hoodie for my sweet sweet godchild!
    2) The "serene sea" and "totally turtle" canvas kids wall art
    3) I love love love rockabye baby!! I've already bought the Aerosmith and Guns N Roses ones as gifts this past year! I'd love to get Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, or Radiohead or Queen!! Ahh too many good ones to choose from!
    4) I'd use it in my engagement photos! Then I'd just use it all the time for anything and everything!! ;)

    Lacey Yocham

  81. so cute!!!

    1) beautiful dresses for best friend #1's identical twin girls due in 2 weeks!!
    2) cute print for best friend #2's 4 month old boy!
    3) the cure for sure!!
    4) the talk bubble would be great on the fridge to remind me what it's out of!!

    kira dunlap

  82. 1. anything for tea collection, I love it all, but most of all the dresses for my 2 yrs old.
    2. forrest friends are tooooo cute!
    3. the beatles!!! lovelovelove
    4. I would use this to leave love notes for my hubs.

    michelle gregg

  83. This comment has been removed by the author.

  84. 1) I have a running list of things I want from Tea Collection- some of my favs are the Tori Shirred Neck Dress. the Etched Print Ruffle Dress, the Painters Plaid Tunic and the Carrot Fit Denim Pants.
    2) Totally the Forest Friends theme
    3) We already have the Cure and Radiohead, which my kiddos love, but I still want so many...maybe Bjork, No Doubt or the Beatles? So many to choose from!!
    4) I have been wanting one of the little chalkboards so badly!! I would love it to write little notes to my kiddos or love notes to the mister.
    Btw- I had a baby girl a week before your little guy was born. Such a handsome little man he is. And your blog is just lovely. =)


  85. 1. Chinese Jacket for my little boy on the way,playa play dress and definitely the painters overalls!!
    2. The fab flower theme! Very cute!!
    3. Kanye's!!!
    4. It would go great in my living room. I would write cute messages for guest to see! :)


  86. I love the Roackabye!! I just sat in bed rocking out to lullabies, when my husband finally walked in and asked what in the world I was doing... :)

  87. From the Tea Collection I would buy a couple sweet dresses for my newborn niece.
    I would definitley have to go with the Forest Friend theme from My Wonderful Walls
    I'd definitley pick the Journey CD for my baby
    I'd use the chalkboard bubble at the photo booth for my wedding



  88. 1. Szekely Print Shirt, Country Road Plaid Dress, Canvas Roll Up Pant, & Active Pants

    2. the forest friends theme stencils! and paint

    3. um, how freaking awesome is that? definitely led zepplin.

    4. parties!

    thanks so much for the opportunities! great giveaways :)

    katherine dot devargas at gmail dot com

  89. Holy smokes. What great sites.

    1) Either onesies or one of the sweaters for my baby boy.

    2) The transportation theme stencil kit would be perfect for the nursery.

    3) The Beatles! I sing Beatles songs to my son on a daily basis.

    4) The chalkboard bubble would be great for our backyard wedding this summer.

    Tiffany A.

  90. Oh la la this is great!!

    1) I love tea! I would get tons of little boy gear

    2) woodland creatures!

    3) beatles!

    4)family photos :)

  91. 1. The Jardin 6-piece set or the Sunny Days 5-piece set.
    2. The Paw Parks theme.
    3. Bob Marley.
    4. For my son's 1st birthday party.

    Malou S.

  92. 1) The Sunny Days 5-Piece Set
    2) Flower Garden Wall Canvas- something with my daughter's name on it for her nursery.
    3) Tough choice- either Bob Marley or U2.
    4) I'm totally going to use this to take pictures of my daughter for her grandparents- they live far away and she can tell them she loves them in a photo!

    Courtney W.
    courtney and erik at g mail dot com

  93. 1) What would you spend your $100 Tea Collection credit on?

    Something for my sweet baby girl Penelope coming in April!

    2) What would spend your $100 Wonderful Walls credit on?

    I don't really have a theme for Penelope's room, but the polka dot theme is super cute!

    3) Which Rockabye Baby CD will you choose if you win?

    The Cure!

    4) What will you use your chalkboard thought bubble for?

    I'm a photographer so it will be great for photo shoots... I can also use it for pictures of Penelope to send to grandma and grandpa!


  94. 1)Tea Collection: GFC Little Citizens Tee, GFC Little Citizens Hoodie & Active Pants
    2)Wonderful Walls: "Under the Sea" Theme Ocean Wall Mural Stencil Kit
    3)Rockabye Baby: Lullaby Renditions of The Beatles
    4) Chalkboard thought bubble: We have a giant poster on the wall of a baby chick. Me thinks chickie needs a thought bubble!

  95. 1) Hojas del Mar Tunic
    2) Anything from the dinosaur theme section
    3) Definitely Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of The Beatles!!!
    4) Lots of fun leaving note for friends!!!

  96. This comment has been removed by the author.

  97. 1) the doodle sneaker and some cute rompers and bodysuits for my baby boy!
    2)forest friends stencil kit
    3)the pixies!
    4)i'd use the chalkboard in my studio to jot down my to do list.

    thank you!
    marie bee


  98. 1) Keepsake Gift Boxed Set is so sweet in navy! + Little Citizens Bodysuit

    2) Forest Friends Wall Stencil Kit for Kids Rooms + Cloud Wall Stencils

    3) Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of The Beatles

    4) To write sweet nothings to the hubby when he wakes up.

  99. 1.Flora geo playdress
    2.Dinosaur stencil kit
    3.Rockabye renditions of the Beach Boys
    4.Photos with my 8mo old daughter!

    Amazing giveaway!

  100. I want to win!!!
    1. I would def get some dresses for Zoe. Artists is super cute
    2. The forest stencil is incredible.
    3. Weezer for sure.
    4. I could use that board for Ezra's 1st birthday party!

  101. 1) I would so get the Modernista tee from the women's section! AH! so cute.
    2) one of the farm theme prints for my boyfriend's soon to be nephew. sigh:)
    3) DEFINITELY the Kanye West cd! I'd totally keep it for myself. Haha:)
    4) Cute photoshoots with my bestie!! <3

    xo Haley Tyson

  102. Lovely giveaway!!

    1. I could go nuts on the dresses for girls, but for my boy I am loving the classic kimono robe/sweater. Adorable!

    2. The forest friends set is the perfect thing for my daughter's forest themed room. Owls, birds, butterflies, trees is what she already has. :)

    3. Beatles. Always.

    4. I have been wanting one of these to start using when my son starts kindergarten this fall. Use it every year on the first day of school with their new grade written on it. :)

    Amanda Carlson

  103. This comment has been removed by the author.

  104. I really want to win!!!

    With the Tea collection I would get my little 3 month old "Justus" some outfits which he is in need of.

    I would really enjoy a a canvas from the transportation theme like a rad motorcycle for the new nursery.

    As for the Rockabyebaby cd I would have to make up my mind between Greenday or AC DC.

    Finally the chalkboard bubble would be used monthly for Justus's monthly pictures and also on family pictures taken before my husband gets deployed. just think it might be fun to do :)

    Lucy Eckstrom

  105. This comment has been removed by the author.

  106. 1. I would buy Chloe a dress and Carter some shirts

    2. I would get both of the kids their names in art (theme to be decided on their new room decor)

    3. The beetle for sure!

    4. Fun pictures with the kids :)

  107. opps Autumn Loop


  108. 1. Outfits for my gradchildren

    2. Ocean theme

    3. Beetles

    4. A super fun photo shoot

    Roger Brandt


  109. 1. Outfits for my little lovies

    2. Flower Garden theme

    3. The Beetles

    4. A friends wedding

    Jeremee Quijada

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