Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday, on a Monday

When we bought this house in the fall, one of the first things Hank said was how excited he was to finally be able to have a proper Super Bowl party. Although we've watched it every year, we've always lived in old, historic homes that were too small for any large gathering. So, this year was the first of many Super Bowl parties and it was a great time! I absolutely love having people over, throwing parties, and just having our friends all in one place. Nothing's better, and I was so happy all day to be surrounded by so many people I adore. And to top it off, it was a great game and the team our house was rooting for won. Awesome!  Here are some photos from the day:

more food

watching the game
Adie and me...and a fork.
Adie and me

Adie and Addison's avocado pie. I was scared to try it because Erin compared it to an avocado/key lime taste (weird right?!)...but it was incredibly delicious. Pleasantly surprised.
avocado pie made by Addison and Adie

Mike and Tom...and Tom's hat. ;)
Mike and Tom...and Tom's hat ;)

Addison: "magic"
Addison: "magic"

Adie and Marilyn reading
reading with Marilyn

The Sandbergs came! I was so happy to hear Lisa's voice as I was in the other room feeding Henry. "Is there going to be ANYONE over 30 here?!"
The Sandbergs stopped by!

JP and Addison

little family picture- Henry is huge!
Henrys and me

Silvia (with baby James in her belly), Marilyn, Adie and me
some of the ladies

Henry sleeping on his Aunt Brooke
Henry sleeping on his Aunt Brooke

Brookie, H., and me. Thanks flash for making me look like a ghost.
Brooke and me, and Henry too


We brought the couch from the front living room into the family room...awesome idea.
we brought the couch from the front living room into the family room for more room :)

Marilyn and Henry hanging out



  1. Love the photos! The guy who's caption read "Magic" love his hair-do and glasses! haha! You looked fantastic, girl. ♥


  2. mmm all the goodies look good. i spent superbowl sunday at home watching SVU eating junk.

  3. What a pretty Kissing Frame! Glad you all had fun. :D

  4. How fun! I'd love to host parties, we need a house to do that first though haha!

    The Sweetest Life

  5. that Henry baby is looking awfully "delicious" ;)

  6. I see what you mean when you tweeted about a single girl's dream! So many boys in one room! ;)

    Looks like a great time and how fun to have so many good friends close by!

  7. It's weird to see people gathered to watch the game and it's LIGHT outside! Hahah...this is how you know I'm from the east coast. ^_^ Fun pix!

  8. i just thought the same rachel said!

    ... and so many good looking gyus!

  9. Avocado pie?! Any chance you can get the recipe? :)

  10. what a fun day!! I loved the last pic

  11. You look like you all had a great time. Me and the Mr really wanted to watch the super bowl but being in the UK, it didn't start till 11 pm :(

  12. I love the beards and mustaches going on in these pics.. they look awesome.

    And henry is huge! I gasped when I saw that pic! In a good way, of course :)

  13. aww those were some great pics! Wish Jeff and i could have been there!

  14. looks like a ton of fun! so much good food and so many wonderful friends all around. i bet henry was loving the noise and extra attention!

    your family photo is adorable :)

  15. Ahh that looks so fun. I can't wait for our first real home. Living in a trendy downtown apartment is okay, but I want a real house!