Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thank goodness it was Friday!

 heading to lunch

What a great day! I spent the afternoon with some lovely ladies and it was so much fun. It was a little mama/baby meet up, and we enjoyed lunch, lots of girltalk, and topped our day off with sweets and cupcakes. Perfect.  My friend Natalie is due so soon, so it was great to be able to see her adorable and pregnant. We did lunch at Joe's Farm Grill out in Gilbert and I can't say enough good things about this place. It's a really interesting restaurant. It's surrounded by farmland, and they use local, fresh food that's in season whenever possible. You can learn more about the Agritopia project and the Grill by clicking here, and I definitely recommend doing so- I was fascinated to find out the concept of this whole area. Super neat. And back to the food, last time I was there I had the grilled chicken sandwich and sweet potato fries, and today I had the hamburger and salad- it was delicious! I really, really need to remember to bring my Nikon when I go places and actually take a few minutes to snap some good photos- I'm starting to get annoyed with myself so I am not going to make that mistake again! But anyway, after lunch we walked over to The Coffee Shop to enjoy some sweet treats (my pal Chelsea actually blogged about it yesterday if you'd like to hear more about it). Natalie and I split a birthday cake cupcake (so good). It was really just the best day- it's refreshing to be around a group of mothers who are super like-minded. I'm not religious by any means and most of the Mom's groups I've encountered are more religion-based, meeting via church, etc...which is absolutely not for me. I have a few friends who are in Moms groups like that, and like I always say- to each their own, but that kind of thing just isn't up my alley whatsoever. With that said, I'm looking forward to hanging out again soon with these wonderful gals!

After lunch I hurried home to Prescott so I could get ready for our date night, and was greeted by a mysterious package at the front door. Upon further investigation I saw it was from one of our dearest friends Alex, and it then hit me why he asked me the other night while we were texting, "do you like presents?" haha. Oh, Alex. When Hank got home we opened it, and inside was an amazing amount of sweets from his bakery in San Francisco, Miette! OH LORD was everything good. And yes, don't worry, I sampled one of everything.

So, after getting super full on sweets, we dropped Henry off at Hank's Mom's and went over to Wild Iris for tea and (more) sweets. I indulged a bit too much (okay a lot too much) today and let's just say I'm already looking forward to a long walk tomorrow with Henry. Yikes. But anyway, it was so much fun. We spent two hours just drinking our coconut tea, splitting a slice of citrus cheesecake, and talking about everything and anything. I feel so lucky to be married to my best friend, and I love that we can sit and talk for hours and hours. While there I also ran into two old students which is always wonderful too- they were pretty much the cutest things ever and it warmed my heart to see them doing well. All in all it's been a really great night.

Tomorrow morning Henry and I are heading downtown to enjoy breakfast with my sister-in-law before she moves to Portland for a month for floral school. How neat is that?! I'm excited for her and I know she is going to have the best time. So tomorrow is a bit of a farewell breakfast before she heads to the airport. Afterward you can find Henry and I walking around town, trying to work off some of the sugar I consumed today. ;)

Here are some photos, taken with my point and shoot Canon and my phone.

Jen and Anita

Lola Birdie!

Anita and me

lunch at Joe's Farm Grill

Henry snoozing away

ladies and their babies (and Scarlet in Natalie's belly)


birthday cake cupcakes, so good

present from Alex, thank you again sweet friend! Love you tons.
a sweet surprise waiting for us at home

sunset from our front yard this evening
sunset from our front yard

coconut tea, seriously AMAZING! Adie introduced it to Hank, who introduced it to me...and I can't wait to drink it a lot more often. Love it.
coconut tea

the citrus cheesecake. Yup.
citrus cheesecake

date night, tea and sweets

I hope you all have a fantastic Saturday! Until next time, xoxo!


  1. Oh my, too many photos of delicious treats - I'm having an imagined sugar rush.

    Sounds like you had a most wonderfully spent Friday!


  2. Looks and sounds yum!

    Check into for a moms group in your area. It's non religious, I've made many friends in all the place we have lived.

  3. I was trying to figure out why Joes Farm Grill sounded so familiar to me even though I'm in VA and then I realized from their website that I saw them on Diners, Drive-ins & Dives on the Food Network! So cool. :)

  4. It's only 7am and I want those cupcakes.....

  5. That's awesome that you've found a group of like-minded SAHMs. So important. Fortunately, in Chicago, there are lot's of non-church related mom groups, which I look forward to joining someday.

    PS: I'm on a raw diet until I say "I do" next month... Those cupcake pics are doing me in. I'm so jealous! :P


    all this is grace and charm

  6. looks like such a beautiful day with friends and cupcakes!

  7. This entry definitely made me want desserts all day! I absolutely LOVE your blog! I look at it everyday, and it gives me inspiration for mine! If you have any tips for me, since I'm a somewhat new blogger, I'd love it!

  8. That citrus cheesecake looks so yummy, even though I don't eat dairy. :( I have a question for you. I have been following your blog for several months now and you have mention a few times how "religion" is just not for you. I have an intense curiosity about other religions or how people have gotten to the point of defining what they believe. If you could answer why/how you got to your decision to not be involved in any religion I would love that. I won't be using your answer for anything other than my personal curiosity. If you don't want to answer I understand and if you feel more comfortable you can send your answer to Thank you Danielle! P.S- I can't believe how chunky and cute Henry is getting! I wish I could pinch his little cheeks through the screen!

  9. So many yummy treats in the post. And I love that yellow top you're wearing. Have a great rest of the weekend!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  10. Oh wow I am hungry now!! Sounds like you had a fabulous time. I completely understand about the religious-based group stuff. I'm just not that type or stuff, I mean obviously I'm not a mom or nothing but still in general it's not my thing at all! =]


  11. i love days like that, i had one today with my bestest :) it is so nice to be around loving, like-minded people!


  12. the citrus cheesecake looks devine.

  13. EEKK!! That is my favorite new shirt from Old Navy (the yellow one you're wearing.) I've worn it every week since I bought it - it looks fab with purple and some red lips. ;)

    Love your blog!

  14. you look beautiful in yellow! and those cupcakes look yummmm!

  15. cute pictures as always! i love your yellow shirt and how sunny and bright the photos are. i always accidentally edit mine to look so gloomy and grainy.

    oh, and citrus cheescake? OMG. i want sommmmmeeeeee!

  16. That looks like such a good weekend...those snacks look delicious! Also, yellow looks great on you - lucky you to be able to pull it off! :)