Sunday, February 13, 2011

What are YOU excited about?

{image via weheartit}

I'm excited about a lot lately, and I think this is partially from the change in seasons- even though it's still February some of our days have been quite spring-like. When winter turns warm, and when summer turns to fall, I feel happiest. I feel inspired. And I feel optimistic about all that is to come. Summer and winter are great too, but there's just something about fall and spring that feels so right. So today, here's what I'm excited about:

-the random warm days scattered amidst the colder ones. Sunny afternoons and longer days.
-the first smiles from baby Henry in the early morning. They melt my heart.
-the "almost laugh" he's working on. All of those little sounds and squeals.
-our summer trip to the East Coast, I can't stop daydreaming about the fun we'll have.
-date nights on the boardwalk at the Jersey Shore. Yes, that Jersey Shore. My beloved Jersey Shore!
-spring time clothing- skirts and shorts and sun dresses - oranges and grays and mint greens. Lots of stripes and florals.
-getting our house put together, spending time decorating and making it a home.
-the upcoming blogger meetup, and getting to meet so many of my favorite friends.
-on the same note, getting to meet so many new people I don't yet know.
-trying out new recipes with Hank- we're choosing one per week from a new cookbook so we can build up our arsenal of go-to dishes.
-thinking about Henry's future, looking forward to so much.
-my new lipstick on the way from MAC "Shy Girl." I tried it the other day with my sister, and it's the perfect everyday color.
-my sister's wedding, in exactly one month. I can't wait to see her walk down the aisle.
-today's plans: spending the afternoon downtown, Henry's 3 month photos, and maybe a hike too.
-the kale we are having for dinner tonight. Have you ever had kale? Sauteed, steamed, etc. So good. And so good for you!
-the fact that Cadbury eggs (the hard-shell ones in the purple bag) will be here soon if they're not already here. They're my one candy weakness.

And I'm kiiiind of excited about this cuteness from Friday, too:

So, that's my list! What are YOU excited about?


  1. Thanks for this prompt! I have put together a list of what I'm excited about.

  2. Your posts always make smile and your positivity is infectious!! :)

  3. Mmmm. Mini eggs. Those are my favourite chocolates, too. Have a great weekend!

  4. Awww I love Henry's one-eyebrow-dr.evil look so very much. I'm excited about road tripping to some hot springs tomorrow with my man for reading break, and excited/nervous/FREAKING OUT about hearing if i get an interview for nursing at ubc :\

  5. I love your list! Among all the other spring-related items...I too am looking forward to Cadbury Eggs! No one else ever seems to know what I am talking about...they always think it's those big foil wrapped ones...but it's the little hardshell guys in the purple bag that I grew up loving!

  6. L-O-V-E your list! :) Positivity is infectious.

    I am excited about...
    -Our 1yr celebration of marriage coming up in March.
    -The fact that my mom & baby sister will likely get to come visit for two months this summer.
    -Also excited that my in-laws get to come visit in a week.
    -I am reading "Little House on the Prarie" to Ev for her bedtime book.
    -"Crunky" bars - hilarious name for a Japanese cholocate bar that is similar to the states' "Crunch" bars. They're delicious.
    -Weather getting warmer even though it wasn't cold to begin least to these old Midwestern bones. The island's weather is downright balmy (even at its worst) compared to back home.
    -We got a new MagicJack to call back to the States with...fab.
    & so much more! :)


  7. MINI EGGS ♥
    we have those here year round, they're my all time favourite!!

    I'm excited about Valentine's Day, doing some Ice Carving with my class on tues/wed, then my school Semi Formal on thursday, then my little brother's birthday on friday! Going to be an amazign week :)

  8. I'm excited that next week will be my last week of teaching in my old school building (built in 1935!) before it is demolished and we move into our new place. There will no doubt be plenty of tears shed but also lots celebrations, photos and memory books to be made with the kids! Exciting times ahead! xx

  9. I love how happy and optimistic you are! It totally spreads. ♥


  10. I love your list! LOVE Cadbury eggs!!! LOVE THEM!!! They already have them in stores here.

  11. thanks for visiting my blog! I'm loving yours and- ps- Henry is the best baby name ever:)

  12. Those gums and the way he lights up when he sees you! :') It's the sweetest ever!

  13. Oh my dear gaaaaaaa', Hank & Henry are soooo cute together. I was seriously laughing out loud and saying "awww" as I watched. I feel like such a loser haha.

    I can't wait for spring/summer either. It's literally ALL I talk about these days. (Canadian winters are bruuuu-tal!) And I'm the same about being happiest when the seasons change from winter/spring summer/fall. Must be something in the air...

  14. dani that video is adorable! he's starting to really smile and laugh! i love it! sounds like a lovely weekend<3

  15. those eggs are the best! you have so much to be excited about.
    that video is too cute. he is seriously adorable!

  16. YUM! I LOVE those cadbury mini eggs. i try not to buy them because i think i could eat an entire bag!

    i'm excited about starting my internship in a rehab hospital in 4weeks and graduating with my master's in june! hurrah!

    p.s. i LOVE your blog! :-)


  17. I'm in total agreement re: the changing seasons. Chicago is beginning to thaw and it's nothing short of exhilarating... I will admit to opening a window or two when it hit 44 degrees today!


    all this grace and charm

  18. I love that there's the odd warmer day now, it's nice to get out of the house and not be freezing cold and get rained on.

  19. That video is adorable!

    I am looking forward to dress weather also. As my dress collections is growing, I find myself becoming more and more excited.

  20. omg his little face is so cute!!! love love love <3

  21. I'm excited for spring because of:
    -no more bundling up to go outside and play
    -being able to spend more time outside because it won't be so cold
    -the trails near our apartment opening up so we can go on long walks down them :)
    -more trips down south to visit family, and a trip to Ottawa <3
    -my growing baby bump!
    -my little man turning 2 {although this is also scary lol}

    And finally...just the SMELL of spring. so alive and refreshing!!!

  22. I've seen a lot of these lists about and have been inspired to start my own :) thanks!

  23. I'm excited about planning for college over the next year. But really not excited about going to school tomorrow after being out for two weeks due to snow!
    You've inspired me to do a list of things I'm excited about on my blog:
    I'll do a post tomorrow evening on things I'm excited about!

  24. absolutely one of the most ADORABLE things I have ever ever seen! That warmed my heart and made my evening!

  25. Can I just tell you how adorable Henry is? I love the way he responds to the whistle! And the little noises he makes. So precious! I made my own list here:


  26. Awe, that video is TOO CUTE! I just want you to know that I was watching this while my 2 year old was going potty and when Hank started to whistle, my girl started going "wooohoooooooooooo!" (Trying to whistle.)

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  27. i'm most excited for spriiiing! a easter-colored everything. especially nail polish :)

  28. Jeeezhus! That is so damn cute :)

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